Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



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    todays fashion update. while waiting in line for the most prestigious award a glitch could have, being chosen to test elevengiants, coolbetty(cakes) credits looking cool and collected to her stylist stoot and his unleashing of imagination during the time period known as "beta ll". but before exploring this coolness further she coolly flipped the script and it became all about her cool outfit and it 's cool homage to cool Illyana rasputina (also known as magik). coolbetty celebrates magiks inclusion in marvel comics original new mutants lineup reemerging in future expansions of the xmen franchise. for a full on magik flavor coolbetty(cakes) has chosen a (592) Skywalker_Coat in black, showcasing the yellow (367) plain_trimmed_dress worn on top of (701) leggings_pants in black and coolishly offset by a bright pair of 585 yellow rainboots. go magik!
  • Please if there is a line,i am standing in it
  • ::packs up some cheesy sammiches and cloud 9 smoothies:: Well, I guess I'll just set up camp right here. Maybe I can work on my herb garden while I wait...
  • As playing Glitch with some old friends who also played Puzzle Pirate together. I would consider myself a very skilled multiplayer gamer. I have been randomly googling for something with Glitch inspiration to come around, it is still in Alpha mode while I am a bit to itchy to wanna play, I think we all have to wait to either be invited or for it to be released. I just remember the old team speak times or Skype. Were you were chasing down your friends to hug them or spank them. A lot of late nights of just fun, this sounds like it will be wicked cool. Time to get my Skype back ready.
  • I'll just sit here and overthink some beans while we're all waitin'.
  • Is there a test one can take to stand in a line? Is there a test one can take to stand in a lion? Is there a lion in the sand? Is there a line one can stand in to become a toaster? Either way....I'll just be over here, gnawing on this tasty toast...
  • Mmmm.... Toast......
  • Beta Toast Taster...
  • Beta Toast Toaster

    *toasts toast to taste*
  • waves to everyone
  • I am also in the queue and being British I am very polite and will wait for as long as it takes :)
  • I've been looking through my old photos while I sit patiently waiting. We sure had some cool parties!
  • All toasters toast toast.

    But they can also toast other things. Who wants waffles?
  • Boo. I guess I'm late to the party. ;A; *sits*
  • Also waiting. Patiently (or something). Someone has to be at the end of the line, right?
  • BTW there is a Glitchen group on Slack , for anyone not there yet, Im not an Admin though so i sont have invite powers but...yes theres a group!
  • This game was absolutely preposterous! Yet, I have missed it very much. So, I agree (wholeheartedly) with what everyone else has said and am now waiting very patiently, and hoping it's not too late to join the queue.
  • :stands in line with all the other glitchen : Passes around Cosma-politans for all :P
  • still here amusing myself in wardrobe while waiting . today, in honor of bugs bunny's birthday, i'm wearing a pink (295) bunny_suit_hat with a lt. blue (860) military_coat over a demure pink (412) corset. to make this bunny celebration complete i'm wearing pink (511) bunny_suit_pants under a hot pink (458) hello_bunny_skirt with it's distinct bunny head detail reinforced by a pair of lt. blue (492) bunny_slippers. this outfit pays homage to the oft forgotten fact that the marine corps made this wascally wabbit an honorary marine master sergeant. bugs was the official mascot of kingman army airfield and the 530 squadron of the 380th bombardment group, 5th air force, u.s. air force. happy birthday bugs, i salute you.
  • I am so happy to see the game is coming back. I only got to play GLitch for a few months and was so distraught when it went down I couldn't play any other game for a while. You ever get like that? Like you read a good book or series and when it's over nothing else is good enough?
  • Well I'm here if you need me Giants :3
  • who's in the front?
    can we challenge them to a duel for their spot?
  • I like the duel idea lol jk. :D
  • I challenge jooo!

    *nervously cocks nerf gun*
  • If there is a line, let me take the tail end around to the front end and make a giant circle, and then like riders on a carousel we can all follow each other around while new riders get on and the old riders get off... Am I allowed to say get off in here? Sounds suggestive - and I'm not implying that any of us are old... Old is a state of mind...
  • I cry myself to sleep waiting, wishing, wondering when/if this will be ready to play. I miss my pumpkins, my chickens, my milky dripping butterflies. I miss senior pickle, what even was his purpose!!!?? I miss the cubimal markets insane inflation, I miss professor Rock, the maps, the music!!! I miss my friends Darius and Soupie! There are no games that compare to Glitch, nothing that looks and sounds as beautiful as Glitch, nothing that gets people working and playing and tinkering together like Glitch! Bring her back to me, I beg you, bring this beautiful wonderful piece of my life back to me. I need you now Glitch, more than ever!!!!
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    *Taps foot*
    *Rocks back & forth heel to toe*
    *Paces a little*
    *Sips drink* (Thanks for the Cosma-politan, serenitycat!)
    *Jumps up & down "Woohoo!"*
    *Repairs hole in shoe due to standing in line for many months*
    *Scratches butt*
    *Looks around*

    Please I can haz playtime now? =^.^=
  • nobody told me there was a queue! 8-) but now that I know here I am! Twiddles thumbs and hums Goodnight Groddle, wait do we have thumbs?
  • ::checks feet:: Yep, still here. :)
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