Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • I fervently hope that I get picked by whatever randomized or activity-based system is used when you guys take in the next batch.

    I've been waiting a while for this. I love alpha and beta testing new games, even if it can be frustrating and require writing a -lot- of bug reports >_>

    But even more, I want a chance to play this new reimagination of what was once my favorite game. I started playing Glitch really early on and had such a great time each and every day.

    Hell, before that even, I played Game Neverending. Which was not quite as fun as Glitch was, but I still enjoyed it :D

    Best of luck with Eleven, guys. I look forward to seeing what you end up creating someday. I just hope that, somewhere, in some little nook, there is still a little shrine to Stoot :3

    Panda Party, signing off~
  • Waiting in the "not a real" Line... standing on tip toes, jumping around,.... hurry, hurry,, hurrry I got ta go pee!!!
  • Go pee BoxySister! I will hold your place in line. ;)
  • If i jump really high in line, does that help? :)
  • Pick MEEEE!! Pick MEEEE!!!!
  • I am addicted to reading the forums, i cant wait till we get to see the world where we will live in, and hope i get to be a beta player, please please please i got to ask right..........
  • I am standing in line..I will stand all night I have my coffee :D
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    Still standing ....Here is an you are all resurrecting ...digging up and chopping and doing what devs do...can you look around the old balconies and see if I am still chained to one of them.. I could very well be dead..or buried or just plain hungry...Can you throw me a life line please and dig me out and place me onto one of your shiney new streets...asap ty x
  • and i was chained to Crystal so please have mercy on two old poor souls, we wont last much longer so please HELP HELP HELP.
    PS we are starving and to rub salt in our wounds we can see the veg growing in our gardens.
  • I would love to help. I can also throw in lots of creative ideas and if that helps inspire that's awesome and if not, that's fine too. It's all good! Fun Fun Fun. -- Angel Teri
  • HaHa Gillie :D x lol x
  • Hi Cryztal xx, well here goes for my creative idea i would love to have rain to harvest crops all at one go also the trees and would love to grow flowers to make baskets and bonnets and for decorating and dont get me started on the winter snow and Christmas stuff oh boy my mind is jumping ahead of me , i got to go lay down now after all the torture i put myself through, oh well i got to have patience so i keep telling myself, i am an old old woman so have pity pretty please, (i will do whatever it takes to get in the game) one can only dream, right......
  • I've BEEN HERE since the beginning of ELEVEN.....PLEASE let me test!!! Please!!! for hats....hmmm, lots of diamond tiara's.....
  • ohhhhh,.....ahhhh, fellow glitches thought I was very creative ....and Stewart even came to see my house and store!!! YOU need me!! grin. Let me in....knock, knock! grin.
  • HaHa stoot bought my icecream lollipops ( sno cones )and said it was the best in the whole of Gltchen Land and left me a ruby...:P
  • Hello Eleven, i just want to convey a message from my hubby he said he will pay a lot of money to get me off his hands he said i am even talking about Glitch in my sleep, i don`t believe it though as i get up feeling refreshed and ready to scan the forums and all my pictures of Glitch, anyway this is me talking now PLEASE LET ME IN YOU WONT REGRET IT I sorry to shout....
  • lolol's not Glitch it's wanna get us all thrown out of line with your yelling..tell your hubby ..will he pay to get me off his hands too lolol .. Cos he's rich and he is my adopted Daddy lolol..
  • haha Cryztal yes he said he would and I did address my message to Eleven but all my memories and pictures are of Glitch so I hope the team see that i KNOW IT IS ELEVEN, oopse see you made me shout again,
    i dream of nothing else but untill we are in Eleven i just have Glitch to remember.....
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    Stands up on tippy toes and peeks in the window ..Just a wee sneak peek plzzz :D,,Am only wee I won't take up much room,, :D x

    Nice save gillie lol
  • :D

    Shoutout to the IRC peeps! I haven't been there in a while but you were all very much nice and brimming with infos~

    Hope to play amongst ye all again soon!!
  • Waving...Waving Hi, Thanks so much for what you are all doing by bringing the game back it is wonderful and i cant wait till i get to walk through the streets again, just reading through the forums and seeing pictures of the world i just cant leave it alone but i am loving it ( baaa.. baaa) thats me crying oh well back to the forums..................
  • I'm still waiting patiently......
  • I have only just discovered that you are resurrecting what was the best game ever! I literally cannot control my excitement! Thank you so, so, so much for doing this. I have no idea how I'll manage to wait patiently but I'm just so happy to have got my same character name and looking through the forums is bringing back so many happy memories. I'm praying to all the Giants that the beta phase will happen soon.
  • You and me both, Princess; you and me both.
  • Are we there yet???? :/ Are we there yet???? :/ Are we there yet???? :/ Are we there yet???? :/
  • Which animal do you miss the most?
    1. Batterfly
    2. Butterfly
    3. Piggy
    4. Salmon
    5. Chicken
    6. Crab
    7. Sloth
  • I dreamed last night that i was harvesting cherry trees..... i want to get loads of CHERRIES!!!
  • Guys what did that scraper tool scrape again? I have a compulsion to scrape something right now...
  • I'm definitely not a patient person or a forum "party-er" but will do my best! I'm just super excited for it to be re-released because i miss milking those butterflies :'(
  • Pick me, pick me oh please do lol.
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