Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • There hasn't been a whole lot to update on for a while now. We're just playing as much as we can, trying to break stuff to see what still needs fixed. There seem to be a lot of little things that kick you out of game. Some of which won't let you back in without dev intervention. It definitely isn't ready for a wide release yet. There are some things that are missing still, but what is there is magical. I promise, it will be worth the wait!
  • @TheShafferMom Are you me? This is exactly what I do, too!
  • I'm definitely interested in how this goes. If the Eleven folk do another round of bringing Alpha testers on board, I run a software QA group as my day job, so I'm used to both the pain of being in early testing, and the joys of documenting bugs. My wife and I were insanely in love with Glitch back in the day, and I can't wait for a successor to really get in the groove.
  • You guys are smart to not do any kind of open launch. I'm sure thousands of people are lying in wait to get in.
  • I've been following this game since it shut down and have been lurking here on/off every few months to check on updates. I'd love to be a tester to help get this game running again. I miss the magical world of glitch!
  • **update of my original begging, er, i mean post of 2015** ehem... as one of many beta I & II players, mining, purple and donating to shrines is in my blood. i coolbettycakes (aka coolbetty) volunteer for elevengiants beta. i will play as tribute to stoot for helping me find my imagination again. hence, i bring imagination!able experience to the table. or shelf. or piece of lumber, not sure what i'm looking at here but i'm sure it's wood. (rubs it for luck. yeah i know "knock on wood " but seems i get lucky if i'm willing to rub it.)
    anyhooch, reasons to add me to the beta roster:
    1. nanookie certified tree tester - premier scout of climbable and hide-behind locations.
    2. expert level wandering, galavanting and dashing about.
    3. skilled and phenominal percher. especially where unexpected.
    4. experienced whisperer, pssssssssster and exclaimer!
    5. serious 2nd tier beta support. you break it and i'll help exploit it. in the nicest way possible. in the name of science.
    6. proven ability to organize naked conga lines.
    7. i always have paper. i can write the invites.
    8. because i really really really really really really really want to! i'm not above begging. beg beg beg beg beg beg. and
    i'm really hopeful. hope hope hope hope hope hope. and more hope. and soon! i'm hopeful for soon!
    9. and cause i miss playing more than anything else :)
  • I'm an introvert who misses his brief experience with Glitch, hopes this turns out well, and keeps forgetting to check this site for updates. Also, for anyone who needs tided over, enjoy the sounds of Glitch, or the few I could hold onto.
  • jumping up and down for Joy. Progress and soon VERY Soon I'll see my Glitchen Friends passing on familiar streets and can shout Howdy my FRIENDS
  • Welcome to all the new testers! Please be patient and bring Potcorn!
  • Yes!!! Been waiting so long to see Ur again ❤️

  • I'd almost given up hope and am thrilled beyond measure with this update. I actually use a snapshot from the last day of Glitch as my Profile on FaceBook, and I have my Profile plus a bunch of snapshots saved on my computer. I've used my little girl Profile image as my photo on various sites as well. Loved and still miss my sweet little alternate reality persona.
  • Omg! Omg! Omg! *knock knock* Can I come in and play? Meebleforp!
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