Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?

I am very patient. *stands in line PATIENTLY*


  • Someone may correct me if I'm wrong but I believe by signing up for the forums, you are "in" the line. Right, alpha peoples?
  • I believe you're chosen by participation on the forums. I think LadyCeres said that they hope to do a sort of contest thing too!
  • I'm led to believe you're interested in receiving an "Invitation to 'Eleven Giants' Alpha". Is that correct?

    It should be possible to sign this off. But one quick check, do you prefer:
    * Hairy hats
    * Other hats
  • Happy to see KANYE. You missed the big concert--it was terrific. Should be up on YouTube in not too long.

    Please pretty please may I be in the beta? I was in the original Glitch beta and, um, so I should totally be in this beta too.

    Hairy hats.
  • Hairy Hats for me, most specially Yeti hat :D
  • It's a trick! Those bureaucrocs can't be trusted! They'll lead you into dark alleys! They'....mmmmmarfddffff...
  • *turns around slowly* hmm I thought i heard something just then . .. no one here *shrugs I must have been hearing things? *shuffles closer to Supershero*
  • @KANYE I believe they are talking about the Glitch Soundtrack Release Concert ( ).
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    I believe there's a line that we stand in! I'm standing in it the hardest right now.
  • *claws her way back to the line*
  • *stands. looks around. scratches butt. looks around.*
  • I can't believe we may actually get back in the game, I miss my green hair and fluffy dressing gown.
  • *participates heavily*
    *distributes RK and pumpkin pies to everyone in line*
  • mmm, pie... you can really taste the .14.
  • *accepts the random kindness from Tis (Hiya n Hugs :D) tears springing into my eyes hardly able to believe I'm holding one again, Thank you! The pumpkin pie is slipped into a rather threadbare bigger bag* Looking along the line, spots Sweet Tangerine looking rather ruffled, Ahh haa *Random Kindnesses Sweet Tangerine*
  • I'm not much of a forum poster, but it's killin' me not to be in there breaking things. You need me on that wall!
  • *stands next to Faereluth and whispers*

    Should I use the old "Don't you know who I am???" line?

    Or maybe the "Mab and I go waaay back, so please check the VIP list again." name dropping tactic?
  • *hugs Joe tight* :D both are worth a try sweets :) Offers a quick prayer to Mab :D
  • *jaw drops* oh my !! I can't b . . . * faints into Joes arms ( tee hee ;)
  • I seriously cannot wait for the servers to be able to handle all of us playing! I want to run and jump and butt scratch with all of you! I was one of the original beta testers with my sisters and mom so I am very excited to be able to explore with them all over again!! :D
  • Not much of a forumer here either... I just hope someone remembers the name kat65 and says, "Hey, we need her in here again! :-) She breaks things real good!"
  • If there's a line I've been in it since I crept out of the cave of desolation and the region of no hope.
  • I've been trying to think of other ways to get new players in that doesn't have to do with how vocal you are on the forums/social media - it was just the most logical option when we were just starting out. I am not certain we're ready to add a new batch just yet, but hopefully when we do, it can be a bit more random.
  • I tend to be more of a lurker when it comes to forums, but if this is the best way to start playing again, I guess I can try?
  • Having forums and reading your posts is almost as good as being an Alpha. Or a Beta.
    It's probably like being a Gamma, if anyone knew what a Gamma was. (Maybe it's a Tii thing?)
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