Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • @ladyceres Do you also have the hated red CLOSED sign we use to see during alpha and beta. We all HATED that sign.
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    @soymocha - sadly no...we just get a bland screen, but one of the Alphateers found a copy and posted in the thread telling us the game would be down right now (which was cool to see)...(and yes, that's why so many of us are posting the forums right

    @BoxySister - I was part of a game back in the day that started as a .com and went to FB (Faunasphere) and over night it virtually ruined the feel of the game. I think you can probably go FB to .com, but going the other way is challenging. We had tons of beggars and extremely young kids (under the TOS age often without parental permission) in the game, when previously it was a much more fun family oriented crowd with adults and supervised children playing. Considering the bawdy humor of Glitch and open chat, I'd hate to see it go the way of FB, since it seems to attract a much younger crowd who tend to not pay attention to TOS. Of course, HBM seemed to be able to make the transition from FB to .com, as did a few other games on FB. Just not convinced yet the reverse is a good idea...but maybe I just had a bad experience.
  • @soymocha We do have that sign! I believe it may see the light of day again, though I think some of us are torn on the matter!
  • I hope this line isn't too long! (;
  • I AM A REALLY REALLY GOOD QA/UAT TESTER. I have professional qualifications and everything! Pick me, pick me!
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    Fb games tend...key word here is tend. To be mass produced cookie cutter games, puzzle or building / farming taking up a large % of it. They also dont tend to be large games scale wise. Most games on there if not made by Zynga went to Fb either out of necessity or they were advised to, then later on expanded outside it. From what i understand Fb is rather restrictive on content as well. There were share buttons on Glitch for Fb and Twitter sites for exposure and sharing purposes, but thats as far as it went. For one thing the game is way to large for Fb and on top of that Fb would dictate what is allowed. Most likely that would mean deleting or rewriting a lot of content. Fb also tends to not care about enforcing anything in the TOS. In short even if the game was smaller scale, itd mean tailoring it to what Fb would want, something which is not really advisable. Fb most likely also has a profit scale they want met, and this is a volunteer project( no idea how this is implemented presuming its a factor to stay on their site)But this is most likely why most games have similar set ups on energy or other limitations, because there is a profit margin that must be met
  • @Circe, yes, I'm way more likely to work ALL THE TIME now that I'm self-employed than to goof off. Once Eleven opens I'll probably actually take more breaks, and it'll probably be better for me. :P
  • I volunteer as tribute.
  • Ohh please let me go back to Groddle~ Being Glitchless just makes me pine~
  • just posted this over on FB but i thought some here might enjoy it too

    "Bring Us Home"
    (to the tune of bring him home from Les Miserables)

    God on high
    Hear our prayer
    Eleven Giants of Ur
    Let us also be there

    Tho we are young
    We're not afraid
    Bring us to Ur
    Where we once played
    Bring us home
    Bring us home
    Bring us home.

    We're the Glitchen you have known
    Elven bring us all back home.
    Let us again mine and craft
    Sow our seeds
    Hug and laugh
    On and on
    For soon(TM) we wait
    Let us not fear this soon is late.

    We'll bring nono
    Purple too
    And sweet lullabys
    Just for you

    The Rook they took
    But You can give
    Return us home
    In Ur to live
    Eleven Giants hear Ur's plea
    Let us return to be with thee
    Bring us home
    Bring us home
    Bring us all home
  • Can I join the dance? I was, together with my wife, browsing the media content at, tears in our eyes, setting up wallpapers and ringtones to our Android Phones when she said "Shouldn't be there someone outthere trying to bring this back? It was so freaking fun is impossible no one loved it enough to do it", so I started a search and ended up here. I was part of the beta team on the original Glitch, I hope to join you guys in this new world. Peace!
  • truly hope the line isn't long at all :(
  • I have heard nothing but good about this game and can't wait to be able to participate!
  • @Islbwmn - welcome! It sounds like you are new to the game! Great to see you queuing up for some preposterous fun!
  • I am very excited that there is a community breathing life back into the experiece we all got from Glitch. I was in the Glitch very early as was my sweet heart. If you knew me, you knew me as Tuna Oddfellow and I believe Shava just went by Shava.

    We talk about beurocrats as lizards all the time and wished we could get some of that magic back. - Thank you for doing this and let me know when there is room for a tester or 2.

    Thank You,

    Fish Fishman aka Tuna Oddfellow
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    I Guess if you make a comment here you'll have a change to get picked for a new batch.

    So without futher ado.
    Let the lottery begin!
  • im still in line !!! brought everyone snowcones too~
  • I made cookies!!!
  • It's a good thing Glitchen don't need bathrooms. Otherwise this line waiting could get uncomfortable!
  • we don't!? I thought we did... so uh wh-wha-what the heck have I been doing!?

    *contemplates the uncontemplateable*

    is there a doctor glitchen in the house!?

    *flails and passes out*
  • *quietly raises hand* I'm going to stand here in line, too, if that's okay. I hope that's okay.

    I miss you, Glitch. So hard.
  • Wow! See quite a few familiar faces, glad to wait for an opportunity :)
  • The Cubimal Games? *steps forward, shouting* I VOLUNTEER!

    I've got some software QA experience--not games, though.
  • UH, I've beta tested lots of software in the past, including the original glitch. It's not a bad gig and I don't mind losing all of my super awesome stuff on a regular basis ;) Hint Hint

  • Is this the 'welcome, introduce yourself' area?

    I'm CoduX, formerly known as NiFi in Glitch. Wasn't really known or anything but yeah..pretty much 'just another loyal player'.
    Only JUST found out about this reformation of Glitch. I am so very excited to be a part of this!

    Reading through this forum..what memories! Most notable people that bring back memories are @Miss Melody
    I am happy to see you even though you may not know who I am or remember me but I remember that I was friends with you.
    Also my best mate Herb Herbally which I have no Idea if he has found Eleven yet (which I hope for!)

    Is there a members list I can check?
  • @CoduX - that would be really cool to have a roll call feature in the forum, and find out who is here... but there is something similar! Another thread is acting like a Roll Call - - and I see you've already posted there. :) Take a look there for your mates!
  • @berylcrest
    Thanks so much for your reply and support for the idea. I will definitely have another look there
  • still in line ;____;
  • *takes a number an stands in line* I'll wait forever.
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