Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • I don't intend to be a lurker, but I just don't have a lot to say!!
    SO anxious to help and/or play!!
  • Screw waiting in line! Who can I bribe?
  • Just discovered that Eleven is happening! Can't wait to see Glitch, I mean, Eleven with the spirit of Glitch!
  • Hey ppls if you dont know the wardrobe does work if you want to mess around with it.....and Hiiii!!!!!
  • *line dances*
  • Don't need to be a tester just wish you guys great success Tis a monstrous project P.S. I am most excellent at breaking things Great to see all the familiar names
  • Hi everybody, lot's of names I remember, I cannot wait to get involved with Eleven. still miss I still so much. I do hope I will be asked to be a tester, like I was in Glitch.
  • OH!! I am here .,.... Least I think I am......
  • I have popcorn {again} I can wait as long as it's some time soooooooon, I will be fine, just waiting sat here by the door, hoping waiting, did I say waiting? I'm fine honest. Popcorn anyone :D
  • *gasp!* Comfy!

    That's not what it looks like! It's obviously a bureaucroc plot!

    *slips dragon suit back into pocket*
  • *gives a look that intimates that he has compromising photos of all y'all and would really like to be in the front of this line*
  • So, is this the line?
  • Yes, except the line moves. It is sort of a conga line. And you have to learn to walk like a bureaucroc which is a little difficult honestly...and, wait! Hey! They skipped over my number! But, but, but...
  • Oh honey, numbers don't matter. We just trade for our current favorites.

    *offers #33 tab* What have you got?
  • *stands in line*

    *whispers* I'm willing to trade my conch to get out of this line and into the game. Shhhh.
  • I feel like I'm standing in line on Black Friday. The only difference is that I don't shop on Black Friday.
  • What's even going on ._.
  • oh its a conga line? i hope i get my glitch train achievement for this :33
  • I never talked about it much on social media because it was too depressing. Does it count if I work in tech and have done QA before? Can I maybe get in the line with that? lol

    PS Hi everybody! I finally found the sign up page.
  • *starts jumping impatiently* Bounder Tenured, here I come~
  • a conga line? any line as long as I get in
  • I'll conga with you all even though I don't need to wait in line :) Maybe I could do snack runs?
  • @EiraFae I'll stand close to you ! Mebbe I'll sneak in with you when you log back in.... :^)
  • Loving all the old familiar names! Just gonna get settled here... had so much fun in alpha and beta in Glitch, would love to help break things in here, too. Haha, I had KevBob and Araldia and Jade TP in and pluck me out of more than one Place I Wasn't Sposta Be... oh, the shenanigans! Miss you all terribly, fingers crossed this grand Feat reaches its goal!
  • Ooohh! I'm in for the conga line!
  • Got my lawn chair and sleeping bag, and plenty of butterfly milk. I'm ready for a long wait. In the meantime, I'll just socialize with my fellow line-waiters. Oh, hai, everybody!
  • edited January 2015
    as one of many original beta players, mining, purple and donating to shrines is in my blood. i coolbettycakes (aka coolbetty) volunteer for elevengiants beta. i will play as tribute to stoot for helping me find my imagination again. hence, i bring imagination!able experience to the table. or shelf. or piece of lumber, not sure what i'm looking at here but i'm sure it's wood. (rubs it for luck. yeah i know "knock on wood " but seems i get lucky if i'm willing to rub it.)
    anyhooch, reasons to add me to the beta roster:
    1. nanookie certified tree tester - premier scout of climbable and hide behind locations.
    2. expert level wandering, galavanting and dashing about.
    3. skilled and phenominal percher. especially where unexpected.
    4. experienced whisperer, pssssssssster and exclaimer!
    5. serious 2nd tier beta support. you break it and i'll help exploit it. in the nicest way possible. in the name of science.
    6. proven ability to organize naked conga lines.
    7. i always have paper. i can write the invites.
    8. because i really really really really really really really want to! i'm not above begging. beg beg beg beg beg beg. and
    i'm really hopeful. hope hope hope hope hope hope. and more hope. and soon! i'm hopeful for soon!
    9. and cause i miss playing more than anything else :)
  • I would do just about anything to play again. I'll test for hours. I PROMISE!!!!!!!! I'm not fabulously talkative on the forums, but I would be the best tester EVAR.
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