Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • Are we allowed to bunny hop in the conga line? If not, are butt feathers compulsory to conga?
  • That is a fact. Buttfeathers are indeed a requirement.
  • I don't have any buttfeathers but I do have some killer laborer shoes! I'll join in this conga line!
  • Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger!

    I wonder how long we'll be conga-ing?
  • *grabs octopus hat and grass skirt* I'm ready! is this the line?
  • *stands in line doing a little dance* OK, who hid the porta potty's.!!!
  • *dons his octohat and grass kilt*
  • *rushes to find coconut bra and butt feathers. decides against grass skirt cause it's too swishy to hear cowboy boots jingle.
  • mean this isn't where I join the nekkid train?
  • That depends on your definition of nekkid. We don't have glitchen yet so technically it's Schrodinger's Glitch. It's naked and clothed at the same time.
  • Schrodinger's Glitchen! Nekkid or NotNekkid! I love it! I would bet that whoever opens the box is going to be shocked no matter what happens. And, by the way, pardon me. I have been wearing this sushi for years now. I know I am less than fresh, but look at how many hundred of helikitties I have following me around!
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    I had a dream about being in Ur last night! It was freaking fabulous and felt like coming home. I am so excited to get to join, even if it's months away. I wasn't in the original alpha, and only came in at about the first third of the original beta, and I still loved it more than any other game I'd ever played.

    I still want to pet cherry trees when I drive by them in real life.

    (I will say that I'm a bit nervous about having access, though. Since the game closed I've started my own business captioning TV & film and I now work from home, so I'd have pretty much constant access, whereas before I was hindered by pesky rules about playing games on work computers. Knowing how much time I spent in Ur before, I think I'd be a little worried about my livelihood, heh! Did any of you juggle working from home and playing before? Any tips/tricks/warnings?)
  • ...I never _did_ get the Glitch Train achievement...
  • @Circe, I was self-employed the whole time I played Glitch (and still am), and what I did was when I found myself going broke or running out of soap to sell, it was probably time to get off of Glitch for a while.

    ...not saying this was _effective_, mind you, but it's what I did.
  • @Circe - I just be sure I put in lots of hours -before- playing anything. Once you've put in enough work then you won't feel guilty or have any reason not to play. One idea is to set up office hours. During those "office hours" do all of your work. Before and after those hours are free time!
  • @KANYE it's good to see you again!
  • @Circe Starting in December I too will be working from home. I read a few articles that suggest showering and getting dressed like you're going into the office every day helps?? Also apparently having a separate space for work and another space for game time :) I don't know if any of this will help but I surely hope it will help me when the time comes :O
  • I don't know that I've ever had experience bug testing, but I wanna be a part of it! I can't say I recognize anybody's names (kind of a loner while playing Glitch, sorry guys!), but I was there for sure, and I'm very good noticing things and taking notes! That helps, right? :D Also, can I get the people here in the conga line coffee or something? I do coffee runs!
  • @Murgatroyd I'll take a Mabbish Coffee! or a snow cone if that's too much work :)
  • @tis There ya go, one Mabbish Coffee!~
  • Anyone have a Cloud 11 smoothie? *settles into place in line and patches a very worn-out biggest bag*
  • All this talk about something to drink while standing here waiting makes me thirsty and all I can see is that water cooler over there...hmm nope will just stay thirsty. (Plus I don't want to lose my place in line.)
  • *passes out care packages with stew, meditation orbs, yoga mats, and savory smoothies*
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    Oh, I would love to say that I would keep gaming and work separate, but I just know how much I love this game. It would be very tempting to run it in the background.

    I've been doing the work-at-home thing for 2.5 years and I'm still struggling to find the right balance. If anything it's more that I work TOO much. This comic from The Oatmeal perfectly represents my issues. (It is a bit NSFW language-wise -- unless, of course, you work at home! Yay!)
  • Oh they really pick people if they post to the forums a lot? If so I need to get busy..
  • I know several games that have started out on fb then after they developed a following opened a ,com site. I wonder if this has ever been considered as a option to build fan base?
  • @BoxySister Before the game closed down there was a link you could share on Facebook or Twitter to show or tweet what you did in the game. I am willing to wager that Tiny Speck was considering trying to build up a fan base via social media.
  • We have - it's not much because it's not the "real" site. The page you logged into before coming to the forum is where all the real content will be hosted as it's developed. The current alpha players have an "enter the world" button when they log in, although not much else! Eventually you'll see a similar landing page like you did when logging into
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