Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • Im in line as well and i brought cheesy sammiches and cloud 9 smoothies for everyone, personally its been too long and i cant wait to see my spikey haired little guy running around downing earthshaker potions and hitting the mines, lol
  • just reiterating my desire to be in line and bounce on the mushrooms. oh, and I have a lot of decorating to do. and ingots, always ingots.
  • I like all hats. More hats please.
  • I can't wait to play again!!! So excited this is coming back! I'll be in line, too!
  • I had no idea that someone had been trying to revive this as a project. Wonderful news. Please consider me in line to alpha test as well!
  • Little late but I am willing to fight anyone in order to participate in closed alpha!
  • I cried multiple times when Glitch closed!! I never thought I'd get to play it again. I wish I were further along in my CS classes at University so I could volunteer to help actually code and debug haha. I can't wait to play with all of you guys eventually!
  • Is it weird that I really want to mine rocks? Three years on and I miss this SO MUCH. I was a Beta Tester on the original. I wish I could code.
  • Oh! This must be the line for the game! :) *Patiently waits in line* Hmm.. *looks around* This line is not moving at all *scratches butt* I can't wait to play this game *swings arms back and forward* Can't *nods off....falls asleep in line*
  • Feels like we all have been waiting in line forever...But it will so be worth it to jump throughout the land again. I know i don't post in the forum alot and I hope someday soon we all can play.
  • I have popcorn and movies in my this the right one?
  • One day I shall bask in the warm fuzzy glow of running a mine route for 5 hours non stop. One day.....
  • While you're waiting, bring the game into your own world! Visit a farm, nibble the pigs. Pet the trees as you walk by. Fill your home with mountainous piles of debris you've collected throughout the day. Jump excitedly when you encounter a stranger and drop some food on the ground when they approach. Smile vacantly until they pick it up. If they ignore it, hit them with a piece of wood.
  • I'm not gonna nibble a real pig, thanks... seems like a bad idea.
  • Ohhhh... I don't know Djabriil........... nibbling real piggies can be marvelous! ;)
  • I'm not much of a forum poster either, especially as reading Glitchy stuff has an effect on me like ancestral nostalgia and I have to leave before it overwhelms me!
  • I take this is the line to get into the line, then. Well, seems like a nice spot to break. Hopefully, the spice seeds in my pockets don't grow into trees while I'm standing here....
  • Looks like I am at the end of the line for now.. but I am telling you guys if you are looking for someone to screw up and find glitches. I am your woman ( or glitchen)
  • I have been wondering for weeks now if I should say something, but I now feel compelled to point out that this thread kind of started as a joke and is definitely not a real line. It seems to have lost its jokiness and I really don't want anyone getting disappointed. When we have scope to open up the testing stage to more people, it will be very obvious and posted by an admin.
  • @ladyceres Lmao I thought the 'this is a fake line' was obvious. Hence my helpful advice for those of us waiting XD
  • Well I was starting to wonder if people had read through the beginning now that this is several pages long, so I thought a sanity check was in order. Plus, in a fit of excitement, someone could be like "ooh a LINE!" and not even realize that it isn't one. Carry on, Glitchen....
  • ahhhhh.... love to all the OG beta testers out there. I can still remember the day i got that email so clearly....
  • Captain Daisy wrote:
    I'm not much of a forum poster either, especially as reading Glitchy stuff has an effect on me like ancestral nostalgia and I have to leave before it overwhelms me!

    And I must say I concur! (wholeheartedly even; remember that one?) I'm very glad I finally got to sign up for the forums (there was a glitch in the signing up for the glitch experience, indeedy) and I'm over the moon that my original name was still available. I wouldn't have liked to have to become Goldie, not one bit.

    So here I am. I'm not standing in line, I'm queueing up. That all right as well, American friends? And you know, a British queue is definitely not a conga line! So please, let's keep it a bit orderly here, and no elbows please.
  • still here. standing in the line that doesn't exist. just don't tell my heart. it seems to need the hope. funny how this is so important to me.
  • Waiting patiently in the line that isn't a line.....
  • I want to wait in this line that is not a line! This is so important I can't wait to be in game!
  • Tick Tock... time is irrelevant... dream sweet visions of squeezing chickens and petting trees... the Giants are getting snoozy and beginning to drift off, nodding their heads and huffing back to wakefulness. Soon, the Devs will lull them into sweet dreams of a world filled with playful prancing Glitchen.
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