Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • I am so excited to find out that Glitch is getting relaunched! I am still having my college exams but I really hope I can be part of the testing. Summer break is coming and I hope to be spending my 4 months long vacation playing Eleven! I missed this game so much, and I used to play this with one of my closest friends from high school. Maybe we can play this together again even though I haven't talked to her in ages since we entered university. :)
  • Any idea when Eleven will be hosting another contest to decide who will join the game? I'm very excited to give it another try. Even tho I miss the game a lot , I don't mind waiting because in the end it will be worth it. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep the game alive, Eleven team.
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    I am so ready to get Glitch back again. I spent most of my free gaming time with Glitch and was so disappointed when it all ended. Fascinating game play, beautiful environment, good friends.
  • @StarryNight I can't choose, I miss all of them. But I miss the helikitties the most!

    I've shown a friend of mine what Glitch is recently, and she's on the Eleven train too! We're all super excited for Beta release, and the game looks like it's going pretty well for Alpha. Keep up the awesome work, team!
  • While we're waiting in line, would anybody like some purple?
  • Party line games!! Quick - what number could you press to tell a person "hi!"??
  • Can I go nekked in Nexus wearing my bunny slippers again? Will I ever get my high heels? I need my purple hair!
  • I just want to run and jump and watch my hair fly in the wind again...............:):):)
  • At one point I was gonna play Glitch but then I was too late and ;;
    But seeing all these screenshots make me hyped to play the (re-made) game when it's finished!
    Maybe then I could finally see what it was like to play Glitch before.
  • It was awesome. And we are working hard to make it that way again!! Hang in there
  • i'll wait as long as i need to get back in there <3
  • If there is, I'd like to be in it. I miss the social aspects of the game. I was the founder of Uncensored Chat, a member of QUILTBAG, and I miss all of my people from both. It would be great to see if anyone is still around from either.
  • i like standing in lines
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    Edit: Redacted due to having noticed an unintended additional meaning of less than glitchy spirit.
  • For all those that are tired of standing in line and waiting to be picked just because you are part of some 'click',( which it seems to me is what is happening here). I don't mind a random way in to a game by trying to grab keys or requesting them for a request into alpha...but I haven't seen this behavior before. That being said ChildrenofUr is not restricting anyone's entrance. They don't have housing yet but it is definitely glitchy! So come play glitch on ChildrenofUr.
  • @Skarlet - that is exactly NOT what's happening here. There are lots of reasons we can't have an open random selection right now, and in fact, I have invested quite a lot of energy to make sure we pick people from the forums or who have engaged us on social media and not just people we know personally, so there's no cliques here. We're adding new people pretty much monthly. Development is slow going which is explained elsewhere so I'm not going to repeat it, and we know it's frustrating. Please do not imply that we're keeping things closed due to any desire to keep anyone out. The whole reason we're doing what we're doing is to bring it back to as many people as possible, or else we would have never gone public with our effort. Further negativity such as what you posted above will be removed from this forum.

    We were just discussing a new random way to let in a new group, since @KaiyonAlatar is going to Dragon*Con again, and I wanted to make sure that the random chance to join wasn't solely restricted to people who were in a geographically or financially desirable position to attend. For people who are willing to demonstrate a little patience and faith, please stay tuned for this news.
  • So nothing but honey and roses or I'll be banned...ahhh so THAT's how a person gets in! If all the negative posts are gone then that means everything must be good and then good people are picked and everyone is happy about who is picked...sorry now I see how it works. *gets notebook out...takes note* pish posh
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    Wow! @Skarlet, I can tell for a fact that's exactly not what's going on here o.O
    I knew NO ONE back in Glitch and I'm still not "buddies" with anyone (in the sense that you're implying you have to be).
    I can't get over your last two posts :O
    I had just come to post a link to Kayion's newest blogpost:
  • @skarlet you're a burst of sparkly sunshine and rainbows. Please consider what other people have said and have some patience, for Giantssake.
  • *brings out the picnic basket and sits down and has lunch*
    *motions for others to join while waiting*
  • Frashy, you're the best.
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    Oh, by the way (I got side-tracked) Kayion's new blog post talks about a way to get in alpha (that's why I was posting it here):
  • Yes! For those in the Atlanta, GA area (or those traveling to Dragon Con), if you can find me through Dragon Con weekend, you're in! For those outside of that area, we'll announce an even to allow some new people in soon, as well.

    (@rasamalai: Just FYI, I tweaked your post so the blog url would take you to the top of the page)
  • *stands in line* *waves at everyone ahead*
  • *Sidles in to the waiting line and gets comfy*

    Was so excited to find out this was happening, I was just thinking about this game yesterday and mourning it's too-early demise. I would love to return to Ur (and the firebog, I always loved the firebog).
  • Might have put my name down before, but not been on much. Pining for my happy place still, after all this time
  • *pitches tent in lineup and gets ready to wait*
  • Oh my gosh I just found out Glitch is coming back!!!!! This news make my whole month! Hopefully it will be available on Mac as well as PC?
  • Eleven is Flash-based, like Glitch was; it'll play on both Macs and PCs, but mobile support is low.
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