Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?



  • Been looking for a unique/niche mmo to play... I loved KWAAN when it was active, and this looks equally awesome. Can't wait for a full release, and would love to be part of testing if you're still looking for players :)
  • *Hands out free extra buttery popcorn to everyone in line* Don't give up faith Glitchens! Things might seem slow but we are progressing!
  • *happily nibbles popcorn while she waits*
  • I'd love to be part of the testing. I have to admit I don't have illimited free time to play, but everytime I play I will be sure to explore, report bugs and glitches, and make suggestions that I find ok (no need to spam the forum).

    By the way, finding bugs is something I really like ;)
  • *joins line*... "been here the whole time". T.T
  • *dances in line*
  • *stands in line....hands out purple to everyone waiting....*
  • Hugs KitchWitch! Welcome home and have some popcorn!
  • Welcolme Lil Missy to Eleven.
  • I'm here to join the line :)
  • *been standing in line for over 3 years*
    My legs are starting to hurt
  • Welcome Zeustal and passes CoduX a chair, thank you for patience. :) At least the popcorn is hot and buttery and free!
  • I do like buttery free popcorn. I'm so excited that this effort exists. I'm not saying Glitch closing down brought tears to my eyes, I'm saying I got a lot of dust in them around that time, for some unrelated reason. Eleven Giants could cause a sudden dust cloud, but in a happy way. I look forward to progress and participation.
  • Wait a sec.... I thought the line was over here!!!
  • *joins line & drowns sorrows in fermented butterfly milk hooch*
  • I'm moving from the front of the middle of the line to the left side of the top of the underside. If anyone was thinking of claiming that spot let me know and we can nose-wrestle.
  • I would LOVE to be a tester! I have such fond memories of Glitch, and I think we need it more than ever. *Stands in line less than patiently.*
  • You are so right @edithann
    We need this SO much!!!!
  • Not sure of the current status of Alpha but would love to get in and test.
  • I would love to test. Glitch was my favorite game of all time, and I've been waiting for someone to take up that mantle!
  • I'm throwing my hat in the... line?
  • Grab some popcorn Kittyinapot and get comfy!
  • Here's me, lining up!
  • Can we make the line into a "follow line" like we used to do?! Those were good times!
  • Hello. Lining up, too.
  • Huggs and welcome trychange and junuzbrzi! Put up your tent and enjoy the line! :)
  • Hot cocoa brewing outside my tent! Gather round and have a cup!
  • *Steps into line wearing a Mab t-shirt, a drink hat full of coffee, a giant foam finger, and waaaaaay too much enthusiasm for this game*

    Hello all! :D The idea of being able to possibly play Glitch again one day literally has me teary eyed! I can't wait to tell my husband because every time I am in a bummed out mood or feeling really depressed or having anxiety troubles I always tell him "I really miss Glitch" because it was such a great anti-depressant and calm/safe space for me! ^-^
  • This is taking so long!!~ Ive been here the whole time too.
    Wish we could get more updates.
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