What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • An update to a current feature would be useful...a better tutorial or better instructions on rock mining, so people know they have to mine a rock all the way to completion before it will regenerate. Otherwise some of the players continue to think that if they leave remnants behind that they are helping others, when in reality they are keeping the rocks from regenerating. Let's not start off Eleven with people grumbling that people are being rude by only partially mining rocks, when those players actually think they are being kind and leaving some behind. Granted grievers will cause grief, but let's ensure the nice players aren't unfairly being thrown into that group.
  • Ooh, I would love to see the phone app - where you could continue to learn skills and see your avatar - back. It was nice to feel connected to Glitch while in out and about, especially during work breaks.

    Being able to play on my iPad would be fantastic as well. Easier to carry around my mini than my laptop.
  • @Eva the game is in flash which isnt compatible with Mac ( although ive been told you can modify dunno i dont have a mac), Eleven is a fan recreation project of Glitch, and is all volunteers, not associated with Glitch btw, but Glitch had more than a few Apps though and outside websites to do a bunch of things, add / monitor skills, wardrobe, Routes, Auction Apps, Craftybot was meant to work from and App too but he wasnt finished, and i forget what else, hopefully some of these are developed for here as well.
  • @Lyrical Dejavu - Flash works on Macs, just not iPads or iPhones. There are browsers apps you can download or buy that can use flash. A specific app tends to run more efficiently though. I'm aware that Eleven is a fan and volunteer recreation. I was only familiar with the app that monitored skills though! I'm hopeful that they will be developed here as well. :D
  • @b3achy Not to minimize anyone's feelings about mining, but I honestly never understood that upset! If you come across a nub, just mine what remains and move on! Typically streets have several rocks and the old one will regenerate before too long!

    Maybe my status as an animal lover and lumberjack by trade just diminished my passion in the area, but it's confused me for a long time how passionate some players were about nubs and other mining slights : P

    Though I imagine a more comprehensive tutorial would be EXTREMELY helpful : ) There are a lot of things that it would be very helpful for glitchen to know!
  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" I know what you mean about the 'wars' on the forums over people who didn't mine...it always made me shake my head too. I just used to run around Ur and mine the nubs, no biggie. But given that it created such a negative response to people who just were clueless, thought we'd put it here as a potential idea for improvement.

    I want to say at one stage the tutorials made it clear to mine an entire rock or it wouldn't regenerate, but over time as the tutorials were modified they took that part of the explanation out, which is when all the issues arose since most newbs assumed nubs could regrow too. And it seemed to be a typical 'act of kindness' by the newer players (because they thought they were helping by leaving a nub), that was totally misinterpreted as grieving by the older players (since nubs will never regenerate). Would rather keep Eleven positive for those newer players than driving them out with accusations because of a misunderstanding.
  • @b3achy Yeah it's definitely good to have everything on the table. It was sort of a perspective problem for me occasionally. I was such an insane player (Over 2000 hours in Glitch oops) greeter and in live help and everything that I sort of just knew the game like the back of my hand and I would be baffled if someone didn't know some piece of information. (More than likely a more obscure piece of information than I imagined.)

    Though it wasn't generally an issue because I didn't particularly mind a lack of knowledge : P Just passed along the info with a hug and a splank etc.

    Definitely the tutorial is something I think should be talked about at some length once we're at that stage in development. I liked the direction the tutorial was moving toward the end, where it didn't entirely feel like a tutorial because you did have a whole island to explore.

    I'd like to see a tutorial sort of like Runescape's where there are little levels that explain each of the games skills and some of their intricacies just so that everyone has a working level of knowledge to start the game off with.
  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" I'm with you about probably needing to go through the various tutorials and supplement some areas. Agree that at least initial capability is critical in our McGeneration world of to do everything McNow. However, I'd think some more of these nuances could be emphasized during the quest lines, so people aren't bogged down in the tutorials, but as they learn a skill, maybe they can't do all skills until they get a new level of basic information (like they do with plant, animal, and cooking skills).

    I'm sure some thought that my plethora of alts was me trying to 'game the system' somehow, but frankly, as things changed, such as tutorials and such, I often just wanted to see what a newb experienced. I would notice there would be some issues that would arise and many of us older players would think the new batch of players were acting like doofs, but then if you went through their tutorial, you'd realize, OH, they don't cover that aspect of game play anymore...no wonder they are clueless. Many never took the time to walk a street in the newbs' shoes...

    Eventually, there were people in high concentration rock areas evangelizing to the newer players 'to mine the entire rock' thinking it would help, and it would really turn some off, or even cause them to be contrary because someone was 'correcting' their gameplay. I think someone had even come up to me in one of my alts 'to instruct me', and I have to say, even though they were nice about it, I was bit turned off myself. Also, many newer players didn't have huge energy banks, so mining an entire rock was completely draining, so many were doing just enough to get the initial quest done.

    I sometimes thought that as great as Glitch was, there could be a bit more understanding than accusing...however, if we know everyone has the same level of knowledge, whether it's mining rocks, or replanting the stuff you harvest, or do as much as you can to fix resources you broke on another player's street...it helps...granted some will always chose that alternate gameplay path, but at least most people will know the game is about cooperation and random kindness.
  • "And it seemed to be a typical 'act of kindness' by the newer players (because they thought they were helping by leaving a nub), that was totally misinterpreted as grieving by the older players (since nubs will never regenerate)"

    Exactly what I thought (even today) that should be done, I played daily for 6 months and never noticed that. Thank you B3achy for explaining :-)
    I was remebering the glitch tutorial, I laugh so much remembering the beginings:
  • It seems to be spoken about a lot in this forum but something I never really gotten into but wished I did -- homes. I really preferred exploring over settling down since I was more of a loner player, not making many friends. But I would really like to live in a community this time around (and make a lot of friends).
  • @b3achy That's probably the better idea. Just let the tutorial offer the bare bones and make the initial quests even more of post-tutorial tutorials. If all of these lovely bits of info were included with the quests I'm sure things would be a little smoother!

    Though at the same time I also see the other problems you mentioned. Sometimes things aren't motivated by a lack of knowledge at all. Sometimes people just don't have enough energy to use mining I all over the place, and sometimes a player just gets distracted and TPs out before finishing their mining, or goes AFK and gets kicked. Things happen!

    And then some players really do just do things deliberately, though I can't help but think there are more malicious griefers to be than serial nub leavers ; )

    But yeah I thought that sort of emergent gameplay (evangelizing at new players about rocks.) while terribly interesting, probably wasn't terribly helpful?
  • Oh! oh! oh! I have one! :O
    It's probably already been mentioned and I will check if it has soon-ish but:
    I want helikitties to be pick-able! :O We all wanted helikitties at our homes so much! Remember?
    It would be even better if it could follow us around while we travel, like a pet! :3
  • just one last opinion on the mining rocks, obviously a animated tutorial would be fantastic, but seems very difficult to do, and our devs have more important stuff to work on, so why not include some educational/funny texts on the remarks that rocks say when they are mined, seems very easy.
  • @rasamalai Love the idea of picking heli-kitties...though i think I'd like the option to leave mine at home or on my home street...they get so whiny after you hit about 10 blocks of streets...and all that meowing can really get in your nerves (having fond memories of my cat who followed me when I was 10 or 12 and out trick or treating for Halloween (nearly 40 years ago)...after a block, he started howling because he was tired...I was bummed because I was getting a good haul of candy, but we had to cut the night short and carry the cat home...lol).
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    The upset about unfinished rocks, i never understood either, it just seemed perfectionistic to me, also the lower lvld players they often couldnt mine a whole rock due to small energy tanks, telling ppl that you much finish a rock is up there with you must pet and water before you harvest any tree etc, its telling someone what to do and how to play. While it would be nice for them to, its not a must. Itd make more sense to have a beginning quest that goes over this kind of info though, whether they do so shouldnt be demanded however
  • One feature I would like to see in Eleven is DANCING! Remember those parties when everyone just stood there?! And after a while one glitchen after another just started nodding off. A little dancing would add to a party mood!
  • I love the dancing idea. I also want to be able to fly. It could be a potion or something so it wouldn't be all the time. I just want to soar over Ur.
  • With respect to nubs of rock, maybe a rock could give a shout out to a player who has not completed it to let them know. "Hey! Finish mining me please, then I can regrow" kind of thing?
    Also, things I liked, piggies, pigggies, piggies! Also quests and building my tower. I liked the sloths! Sorry!
    I am hoping to spend some time inside the wood trees, we had such a wonderful party when the first one opened, and then it was such a lovely atmosphere inside later on and soothing music. People were good at watering and sprinkling them to help others.
    I liked the very bouncy rocks in the new lands in Kloro and swimming in Jal, (I loved Jal!)

    I like the idea of celebrating the Giants. Fae did some wonderful things for Mab Day which made it special and fun. I would think that special buildings for the Giants would be something the community could work on together, with quests too.

    I agree with Lyrical Dejavu about the old housing, maybe some people were not always aware of the problems of streets of abandoned houses, and the difficulty of finding the new house one wanted. Perhaps some more customisation of the new housing would help, and maybe some ability for groups to create a common area between them to connect all their houses together, a bit like a street project?

    ps. also flying!!
  • Housing wise, (its on other threads )but.... if we can get a signpost for our neighbors and a seprate one for routes, that would be ideal. More customization of housing will happen over time, shortly before Glitch closed, the devs had pics of balconies, no idea if basements or room dividers were being done yet....so yes....theres no reason to think we wont get more in time here. Outer house designs we did get a lot more before the end. When it comes to old housing either have something like them for party packs, or some sort of vacation rental idea. And the devs did say they want to add Group homes / Club Houses eventually too. And a temple for each giant in world, even if the disciple idea never comes to be, is still needed, they need more presence than they have and we need gathering spots for holiday events + roleplay
  • I really think we should gain happiness for jumping. Even if it is just a point for each jump (or 1 point for every 5 hops). I feel like a giddy little kid when I watch my avatar jump, and it just seems like my avatar should be gaining happiness when jumping...
  • @b3achy Yes! Jumping for joy!
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    One of my favorite was a 'glitch' of sorts; where you'd click to interact with a butterfly (without clicking on an action): then, clicking inside the bottom chat [text box]: And, clicking once inside the game screen: And finally, just start walking / running / jumping; whilst a butterfly followed you, reflecting ur every move. *This could be repeated; thus having a band of butterflies on ur trail. *:.) It was lots of fun; and to free them, all you had to do was just click to interact with something (and click on an action key). *This feature was something shared by the players; not sure if the game was designed to do this; or if it was just a 'glitch'.
  • I'm sure someone has said this before but I really want to sit down. We could kick our legs as the equivalent to butt scratching.
  • I'd love some kind of physics engine for stacking things ; ) Drop a bale of wheat and then drop another on top of it, etc. Perhaps it only works with certain items to reduce the complexity of coding. (IE figuring out how round objects like bubbles should stack) Obviously that's super complicated no matter what, but I think it'd be a neat thing to have in the far off future : P Be able to make a grand wheat fort in Groddle Meadow!
  • How about a collapsible ladder for people who are not good at jumping? We could make our own with appropriate materials and skills.
    I know that there were people who couldn't manage jumping, so they could have an extendible ladder in their bag for emergencies?
  • @Grackle: Yes! Sitting! What if you lost energy and/or mood slower when you're sitting? It'd work as a sorta "pause" if you were going to be AFK for a bit. And of course you wouldn't be able to use any tools when sitting.
  • @Grackle, @Ariaste: It would probably be easiest if 'sitting' was a way you could interact with furniture; you could click on a chair or a bed and bring up a menu with a 'sit' option. I would think it would be harder to implement out in the world, though possibly some rocks could be made sittable?
  • @"Ellen Fremedon" -- sitting on chairs should definitely be a thing, but what about sitting on the ground?
  • @Ariaste-- I would love to be able to sit on the ground! But I wonder whether that might be harder to implement-- I've seen screenshots of some of the landscape bugs with glitchen wandering through things and out into space, and I know Children of Ur has had similar issues. It seems to me like sitting on things that the game thinks of as objects would probably be easier than sitting on things that the game thinks of as part of the landscape-- or, at the very least, that they might have to be designed and coded separately.
  • I always wanted to actualy sit on my chairs or bed, instead of standing on them. This would be wonderful.
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