What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



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    The landscape bugs you might have seen in Eleven screenshots are due to a silly teleportation bug where sometimes the character lands below the plat line (the thing that makes the ground solid), causing them to be able to walk behind or over scenery that they shouldn't be able to reach normally. I can demonstrate some layer control and platforms if you're really interested in seeing how it works. But we are not suffering the same issues as CoU, where it was my understanding that they are not able to use the z-layering system at all, based on reports I'd heard from people who had played. The layers in Eleven behave exactly as they do in Glitch, so you are able to walk behind trees and through caves. Any other platform bugs will be handled during QA, and Jade has expressed an interest in going over some of the older hubs with her fine toothed comb, since she never got a chance to do so before.

    The biggest thing blocking us from implementing sitting would be having the character sprites to do so. We're hoping Kukubee will be up for some contract work, though. We will see!
  • @ladyceres-- Thank you for this explanation!
  • @"Ellen Fremedon" -- excellent point. You are quite right, I hadn't thought of that. <3
  • @ladyceres Yes very much thank you! That's my favorite stuff to hear about honestly : ) I'd love to see Kukubee come back to work on Eleven!
  • I really liked that companion website where you could automate your skill-learning without having to log on every time to get yourself to start learning a new skill (didn't it send you emails too when you had been enrolled in a new skill?). Good for making sure no valuable time is wasted when you're at work or sleeping! (I forget whether it was just online, or controlled by an iPhone app, or what... but either way it would be handy.)
  • I loved the notes, too. It was so great to find random notes on the ground, and leave my own. :) I also loved the fab furniture available in the new style houses, though I always did want a funky cottage. Being able to build floors and furniture was terrific fun as well. :)
  • What I loved (besides the notes, the exploration, the heli kitties, alchemy, meditation-based superpowers, and everything else) was that Glitch didn't try to force you into boxes. You were never asked to say what your gender was, and there was only one body shape, which meant that every type of self-expression vis-à-vis appearance that Glitch offered was available to every player. You only had boobs or a beard or whatever if you sought it out, and if you wanted to be a gray, faceless naked glitch, you could do that too. This was nice considering I found out by looking at the Eleven wardrobe (which lists file names) that some of my favorite outfits were "crossdressing," meaning if they were gender-locked I wouldn't be able to wear them, and some people feel more like Tii on the whole gender issue in any case. Plus, "madamsir" is the best title ever. It's just science. :P
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    I liked everything that used to be there. I didn't play that long, and now barely remember everything. But I remember I loved everything that was there. Please add that, and then people can go play around and explore and come up with new features. Glitch was my favorite game a few years ago, and I'm really hyped for it being remade. Also, there was a thread for some pretty cool ideas they were going to add you can find here-http://www.glitchthegame.com/oddsandends/qis/ The diy machine robots sounded especially fun.
  • Dunno if I should start a new thread for this, but I was thinking that I'd really like to see more customization of our home streets' decorations. For example, not just some set backgrounds, but being able to pick the sky separately from the foreground, for example.

    Maybe I want a sunset sky with the Groddle trees and a few Uralia mushrooms in front, y'know? Maybe I want a Uralia sky with swamp vegetation and highland rocks. Maybe I want a misty Alakol sky with an Ancestral Lands savannah and a profusion of flowers, like a garden path through the desert. WHY NOT? :DDD

    I would also eventually like to be able to add some platforms, but I'm sure that's something other people have already thought of. <3
  • Wow ... This would be amazing!
  • I just want to play it the way it was!!
    then maybe as it gets stable new things could be added.
    kinda like TS did with it.
  • It might be poignantly bittersweet to have some Ghosts of Glitch here and there. Ghosts of the old world before it was rebuilt.
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    New feature: I'd love to see an option where we can click on an item (like fruit, veggies, gathered resources, spices, etc), and it provides an option to see all the recipes that item is used in, and the ability to make the item from a menu selection (assuming you have the proper skills and tools to do it).

    For example, If I have a bunch of corn, I've love to be able to easily see all the recipes that corn is used in, and be able to make a menu selection to make that recipe from originally selecting corn.

    I would also like something that tells me which recipes I've made before and which I still need to 'discover' (maybe some sort of greying out of the recipes if I 'know' them (ie, they are in my available recipes list), but haven't discovered them yet (ie, made them yet)).
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    I want to be able to use the emote keys 1,2,3,4 while using the camera, so as to be able to capture just the right expression. (Currently, they don't work, and you snap out of afk if you enter camera mode).
    I'd also like to be able to turn snaps into polaroids or at least attach them to notes.
    (edited to note: you CAN take an afk photo if you wait to go back into afk after entering camera mode, if you're like, patient and stuff.)
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    What Scarlett said. *:) Cause, otherwise you pretty much just end up with snaps like this one (where mostly all have a happy/funny/cute expression; and you… well, just see here): https://www.flickr.com/photos/36563999@N03/6684307705/in/photostream/lightbox/ *:(
  • 1.the sellable box thingies (can't remember name right now) that you can place in 2.towers
  • And Machines.
    And auto-animal collection
    And plantable trees
  • Other than chickens all animals had auto collection machines, althougha chicken grain collector would of been nice as well. Plantable trees we had, minus paper trees, machines did you mean something other than the ones we had?
  • How about some way to tame a animal and designate it as a pet? or one pet per person something simmilar to the butler? I do not think an indepth pet system is warranted , something simple though would be nice
  • Getting on the subway! The Custom Build platform feature to build your own street. Quests.
  • Another random new feature: TP 5 gives you advanced map teleporting, where you can determine which signpost you TP in near (when there are 2 or more signposts) by clicking on the appropriate area of the street when selecting map teleports.
  • Add a fixed piggy feeder to the animal pens at the end of community gardens: I'm thinking sort of like one of those dial-a-handful of feed you get at petting zoos, but it fills a trough instead?
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    I'd like to see some advanced 'scrapping' skills. I like that you can do scrapping without any skills (which gives newbs something they can do to gather useful items for resale), but I'd like one or two advanced skills for maybe bigger drops of barnacles or ice. Maybe make the skill trigger after you get an achievement for scrapping a certain number of barnacles or ice.
  • +1 b3achy; also maybe some other things can be scraped with higher levels, some of the vendor-only items or new ones.
  • Leaderboards, more skills, butlers, new regions, more quests, voting on new features, craftybot (glitchy or no!)

    4. WAIT FOR IT....
    5. WAIT FOR IT........
  • Before "new" housing happened I lived in Shimla Mirch on Froughtful Fen in an apartment building. Those apartments had the best basements ever, with a "carved out of the earth" look to them. I'd love to see basements like this added as an option to houses. It was great to be able to raise animals, grow and farm indoors but still have the rest of your house up above. I'd also like to see subterranean options on towers.
  • While we're still in the closed alpha, I would like to see a counter on the main page showing how many people have signed up for the forums :) I'd like to see how many of us have made it back to the gates of Ur!
  • @EiraFae - I've got 1162 profiles on the forum link, as the total so far, but I know it's slightly lower than what @ladyceres typically has. I'm hoping to use some of newly acquired python skills to build a small directory of all the currently signed up players to give to the devs. However, a counter would be good for all to see.
  • Current registration count is 2108.
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