What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • Thanks @ladyceres - what's the difference in the numbers, since I'm just looking at the forum profile number. Does that mean they sign up/register for an account, but then never visit the forums to create their profile? Curious!
  • Yeah - they sign up and activate the account, but they don't click through to the forums. This could be largely due to that bug with the single sign on, but I think a lot of people are signing up to reserve their name, but are still keeping us at arm's length until we can come up with something more tangible.
  • Ah, thanks again @ladyceres for the explanation. Makes sense. I have one friend who mentioned they had 'signed up', but I can't find them on the forums, so that explains what's up with that! And yes, so many have been burned by their favorite games closing (Big Seas Games, Faunasphere, Glitch, Nord, etc.), that many are a bit timid to believe that this is really going to happen.
  • Teleportation and Potions, my favorite things! Can't wait to sell my brews and teleportation scripts again.
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    I think each region should have something unique to gather from it. Each land type should either have a tree/ bush / rock or animal unique to the area. It gives more reason to explore as well as giving reasons to revisit. So water has something, caverns, mountains, plains, desert, bogs, etc etc etc. It also makes the areas seem more alive imo
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    Don't remember if these were already brought up, but I was just thinking about this today, so posting here so it gets captured...

    Something for later in the game development - in general, we need more group/community projects in the game. The feats were sometimes too disjointed from the game itself for my tastes. However, they were a solid attempt to have people working together on things...though most of them got awfully competitive rather than cooperative which saddened me. I also wasn't a huge fan of the feats time limits because sometimes I wasn't around when they started or were held, so I couldn't participate. Having a few feats where anyone could do them at any time might be nice. It would be fun to have feats again, but know those are a long way off.

    Also, having some repetitive group quests might help with collaboration in the game...maybe something that could only be done on a certain set of streets...sort of like the games, but with less competition and more cooperation.

    Also, there needs to be a way to select which instanced location you are going to for the in game games/races - I think the tickets helped with this, but I was thinking more for games like the GoC. It would be good to have a way to make a new location where anyone could join you for the GoC, or make a new location where, if you have a set of friends that wanted to play with you, you would only accept them into your instance. (I didn't play the games too much, so maybe this was eventually implemented...but if not, it would be cool if it could be). Also, for that game it would have been cool if there were open instances if you could see who was in the ones that still had spots for open players, so you could pick who you wanted to play with rather than be randomly assigned.

    (This would be completely new, but something to ponder) In a previous game that I played (Faunasphere), we had these constructs in our home areas where others could put in the equivalent of currants and get a special item that was assigned to us (I want to say there 8-10 different special items randomly assigned to players that would be manufactured by the construct depending on how many currants I initially put into it, and how I set it up). As the owner, I had the ability to build these constructs, but I needed patrons to level them up to make them larger (in FS they were 'totem poles') to hold more special items in stock. Then there were these towers (called canopies) in centralized hubs that would accept only the special items. The more items you put into the tower hubs, qualified you for a chance at a raffle for a different unique item (often something to decorate our home areas or other useful in game items). The raffle ran every 4 or 6 hours, don't remember which at this point. While Eleven/Glitch and FS were two very different games, this type of construct had a unique effect of tying the home areas (home streets), to the main part of the game (Ur) because you could only get those special items from other players, not in the main part of the game, but if you wanted to donate to the tower for the prizes, you had to go back into the main part of the game to get to it. Each of the towers in the game provided different prizes. I'd think something similar to this would be useful to better tie the homestreets to Ur; however, it would need to be newly developed for Eleven...however, I think there could be a very quirky equivalent idea done to get people to bounce between homestreets and Ur.
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    The thing about Feats is that they were sprung on us. Due to this not everyone could partcipate in all of them. But the spotanaiety of them was a very nice change of pace from day to day, gathering, leveling, crafting. In a much different way than quests were and those were a break from basic gameplay as well. I would hate to get rid of them for that reason alone or to change the nature of springing them on us either. But more minigames, quests, party spots, party items, more ways to help ppl. would be great. As well as more end game stuff but i see end game stuff revolving around, Groups, Group Homes, Temples, and more flushed out Holiday & Events.
  • I liked the spontaneity of feats, but never felt like I had a shot at ever making a difference. Not sure if it was the flat out uber competitive spirit or the fact that I hadn't a hope in Hell of ever even placing on a leader board. And I have no idea how the folks who did were able to do so. I was part of one of the last street creation projects and it was kind of the same thing. Everything moved so fast fast fast. And It seemed chaotic and not fun. Maybe if I had been around earlier and actually knew what was going on and how it worked, it would have been different. But as it was, it just seemed like the folks who knew how the system worked somehow got an advantage that I never figured out how they did it or what it was.

    I would like to see more group events/feats that required cooperation/helping and joy. Those are great.

    I would also like more clarity around the super competitive events that explained what you'd really have to be able to do in order to "win."
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    There wasnt a system to Feats. As there was no notice of any sort. They were random, meant to be that way really. It would be announced what to do and how, when it was going on, not prior. People that had the day / days off were the top of the board but the rewards werent distributed horribly unfairly either, most people at least got something. Only on the plant and water one i did any good tbh, the rest i was in the average pile with most. The game was not competetive as a whole and most of the Feat things were BUT they were also group oriented , most of them were at least. Which means it took each other to complete it. The very few non group oriented ones were the ones where the rich or the ones that stockpiled lots of itmes were the top of the baord, there were fewer of these kind though, one they werent as much fun, and two due to them being item and not group oriented it was less fun and less fair. The dying Feat and the phrases Feats and the streaking Feats were some of the better ones IMO. Occassional competition such as Feats are fine or the minigames, but built in as a main component on an everyday basis would be a different scenario, ocassional like Feats was just a nice change of pace. They did start having them quite often but Im sure it was only becasue the game was ending and they were trying to squeeze content in before the End

    And thats another thing we only got basic instructions, all you did was do those instructions the more you did said activity, the better your rank / score was. That was it nothing else to it, repetition of those things was what you did. In many case people did work together, but that was on the group oriented ones, in most cases that was orignization based. A few you had to do X activity but do not repeat streets, people better organized simply organized routes to take, so that repeated streets were avoided, with the dying event, people made a ton of no-no powder before they started dying, you could take some steps like that once it was started and announced what you had to do, but really we were just given instructions, and that was all
  • I would love new rare cubimals and some sort of piggy back functionality maybe, similar to "Follow" but more dynamic for 2 people
  • I definitely think the feats were cool, but they didn't seem to be telling a story that made sense. They just seemed ramshackle and disjointed. I would love it if there were different feats that overall created a story of some kind. Especially if there were titles to win or something.

    But there could be a hall of records telling the story of Ur and every feat could be added.

    I loved the idea of artifacts, but finding them in a more organic way would have probably been more fun. Almost like you accidentally excavate them by exploring. Hat would definitely have encouraged re-exploring, even after getting the badge.

    I also think it would be cool to have a bit more permanency/seriousness to praying to one specific giant. Like, I loved Humbaba the most, so the idea of joining a real church of Humbaba seems like it would have been fun. Almost like a guild of some kind. But I don't know if that's TOO confining.
  • Kool Kat Face (B3), think by any chance you could make it do a parallel calculation that detects only active accounts?
  • More Higher-level quests. I reached Level 26 and I hadn't taken any quests in a while. I heard there used to be one where you went to a dark shadowy place and destroyed a rook Egg, but what about a Rook Attack that calls more experienced/players with the skillset to fight it, and then you're taken to a place to do some of the more...unsavory...things to protect the giants. It's a game that's mostly about farming/mining, so why don't we throw tomatoes at the Rook or have to fend him off with a concoction of no-no powder?

    What if little shrine/protection paper tape like you see in Studio Ghibli movies was around the Shrine to the god on that street after a battle with the rook?

    I'd love to access my inventory/the store to buy stuff using a phone app. I don't actually want the whole game available, but my inventory/house would be enough to either meet people and chat or do some basics like farming if I'm AFK.
  • I like the idea of throwing tomatoes at the rook. And it adds new flavour to that level of hell with all the tomatoes.
  • I'd like to see a left-handed control scheme. Despite not being left-handed myself, I think it would be a nice feature for those more used to operating the mouse via said left hand.

    So movement would be controlled by both WASD and the arrow keys, jumping would be both space and the right control key, and enter (used as a hotkey for general world interaction—a lot easier to use for pocketing salmon than trying to click them when you got close) could be both enter and tab.

    The original Glitch may have had this, but... frankly, I don't remember.
  • WASD definitely works! There's no other specific left-handed mapping that I'm aware of though. :)
  • I know this is completely counter to what Glitch became, housing-wise, but I LOVED the real estate pages. I LOVED seeing if the house I wanted was up for grabs. It was so exciting. I know we all get our houses now and can customize them, and in a lot of ways of course that's better. But there's just something about having a street of your own that you have neighbors on. I have no idea how those two ideas could come together but man I really missed that part when they got rid of it.
  • I do think there should be temples of some sort one for each giant. Mostly for roleplay and holiday activites. . Even if there is no official system each Giant should have its own temple imo.

    And i wouldnt be against a house buying system if its not the main housing system, so something along the lines of vacation rentals with each region having different styles to rent. But main housing has scaling issues which is why it was redone, anything that needs to scale need to be set up like that imo or needs to be rented to not have availiablity issues. Which a vaca home rental thats not the main house would make sense for
  • I liked having neighbors too.
  • New feature! Be able to select multiple items from inventory at once, for the purposes of moving or dropping.
  • everyone has such great ideas! the one thing that sticks out for me is how hard it was to be really social (especially meeting new people while exploring) after the housing change. i would like to see one large social event a month (remember eotw beta parties!). i would like to see the game provide support for holidays such as declare holiday in effect, offer specific treats or drinks and follow customs such as tradition dictates. ie. zilloween announcement with candy corn to purchase thru street vendors for door to door trick-or-treats and costume parade. i would want a street party as a permanent fixture each holiday. and last but not least have game driven invites/announcements for each celebration and directions how or where to participate (broken down into time zones). this might make it easier for people who don't have lots of friends or do but want more or are extroverts and want to play or introverts who want to just watch and giggle. i'll be trying to meet the ones who wants to follow me in a naked conga line or semi-naked sometimes b'cause hats.
  • A new upgrade or even skill: Cheese Monger. Lets you bulk compress milk into butter and age cheeses. Further upgrades make it use less energy and make it go faster.
  • a new skill to create and/or to customise clothing
  • I love @scarlett_bearsdale's Cheese Monger idea! The name is perfect.

    What I'd like to see: If we see the beads and artifact necklaces again (I hope we do, I liked making and collecting them!), I'd like to be able to do something with the beads and/or whole necklaces like decorate clothing or bags, or make one of those 1970s style bead curtains out of them.
  • I love all the ideas in this thread - @aeonium i also loved the real estate pages and waiting for my perfect des res to come up for grabs. the vacation home idea is so cool. You could have a mountain log cabin or a beach hut. I guess it would have to be much smaller, with just enough space to store a couple of holiday essentials.

    The temples for giants is cool too. Maybe a quest could be to organise some kind of donation party in them. Or weddings!
  • It would be very cool if there was a "city" in the game that everybody built together. Everyone could help build and upgrade buildings that would unlock features for everyone in the whole game. I am thinking of things like a butler school where our butlers could go to be upgraded. A public library where people could write stories/poems/whatever to share with people - with every floor, more people could add more stories. An art gallery where people could share screen shots. A fashion boutique where people could send pictures for new clothes or character designs and people could vote on which ones to add to the game. Perhaps a city hall where people could make and vote on suggestions for the game. Maybe a university where characters can learn to do game features faster (different from skills, but supplementary to them)- new classrooms would unlock as people build them. A travel agency where you can buy tickets to take you to weird locations. Temples that we can leave messages and offerings to the giants and build bigger and fancier as the community expands. Maybe do marriages and parties in the temples when you have met certain conditions. Marriages could make peoples streets merge, and you could also petition in the temple to divorce and make the streets separate again. Just some thoughts...
  • The holidays all need events , that are official parts of the game much like zilloween is. Plus announcing them while loading the game , or something simillar would make sense. And along with that i think each Giant should get a temple in world ( can be called something else ) , each temple would have items you can add for it depending on how much is donated from followers. Other public places would be nice too such as a Museum of Ur, library, or a bar/club, animal adoption, potion shops, restaurant, art gallery, plant nursery, clothes store, etc etc ( would all need to fit with the Glitch style of course) and these would also be managed by disciples of whatever Giant. I think in the end i just want more activites and to tie the Giants to activities in a larger way. I dont really want a city but instead want temples and public buildings to be spread out to encourage people to be in all areas and to encourage travel

  • Everything! lol, I seriously loved to decorate and I loved everything telling us stories, psst kid come here I have a story to tell you! The rocks and the trees told great stories, and the chickens weren't to shabby at it either
  • A piggy bank to carry lots of piggy chums at one go in one slot in your inventory, and for meat on the move.
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