What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • Everyone has such great ideas. While I loved my new house, I really missed being on a street with neighbours that you bumped into. It was a way of making new friends.
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    Yeah. I agree with @Mer
    I really do miss my little loft home. I understand this wouldn't be very sustainable, due to new players joining every day, but public housing really emphasized the community aspect of the game.
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    This has probably been mentioned previously, but I was thinking about it recently...I'd love to see more complex skills trees. I loved that the cooking skills weren't as linear like most of the others (they had integrated inter-dependencies). I'd like to see complex crafting skills trees. And especially new skills that allow us to do something more with the things we collect / have...especially the crystals and gems and barnacles/barnacle powder and Urth blocks. I'd also like to see the machines make more items (like we used to have three Urth blocks instead of the current one). I'd like to see options for clothing making, hat/shoe making, accessory making. In general, I like to see non-linear complexity because it caused me to have to figure out the pattern/process and I always like it if we can build things in game for ourselves rather than purchasing them. Oh, and I still want olive trees and olive presses so we can make our own olive oil...though since this is Glitch/Eleven...maybe the olive oil bottles just grow on Olive Oil Bottle trees and we can pick/collect them (although even better if we could gather sand on a beach somewhere and put it into a new machine called a furnace and make the glass bottle to hold the olive oil and salad dressing; or jars for all the sauces; glasses for cocktails; etc). Of course the furnace could also be used for firing ceramics/pottery that we make with clay for various dishes.)

    ETA: Since the trants already have specific resources for collection, maybe the olive oil would grow on bushes...maybe certain resources like olive oil, soy sauce, salad dressing, and oats are gathered from bushes...though frankly, it might be cool if there was a shuck option for the grain to produce oats and then you'd have to figure out if you wanted to use your grain for oats or flour.
  • I love those ideas! I am especially fond of the clothing idea. I think it'd be awesome for that to be added.
  • New trees.

    Fur Tree gives fur for I dunno yet
    Shoe Tree gives you something to help you run faster maybe
    Mug Tree lets you change your face somehow for some reason or something

    You get the idea
  • Dunno if this has been mentioned yet: I would love to be able to search my bags. Or at least organize them.
  • You can search them! And there is an upgrade that lets you sort your bags - sort of like you can set a bag to a type of resource and anything you pick up will go there automatically until it is full (like a spice rack or tool bag).
    But what I would like is the ability to make some inventory slots "sticky" sort of - so that they retain one of the item that is currently placed in them. So, for instance, one sparkly rock stays in each of the six slots in my mining bag I want dedicated to sparkly, when I grind the rest. That way nothing else gets randomly sorted into those slots but I don't have to go through the tedious process of dropping one and dragging it into the right slot.
  • I am such a doof. Thanks SB. Good suggestion, too
  • I'd like to see a grain collector be added at some point. We have milk and meat collectors, but no grain collectors.
  • Even more potions would be AMAZING! Also new locations would be pretty cool too. Lyrical Dejavu, I think the idea of the temples is great! There should be more things to do with the giants in game.
  • TREES! PLANTS! I remember having a mighty call to agriculture playing Glitch, especially on my home street. What I loved most, though, was giving away tree seeds to as many people as I could. Weird, because my character was a strapping fishman pirate... guy, the last creature you'd expect to love trees so much.
  • I want the "group hikes"...love getting together and bouncing around
  • And to be able to put our houses on streets
  • Yeah, the get together stuff was fun, but I always seemed to miss out because of time zones. Many a late night was had, thinking just ten more minutes - which turned into a few hours.
  • Please add me to the list of people that loved their newer home streets but also loved the old community aspect of stepping outside their house door and seeing their neighbors traversing there "neighborhood" street. ( i met some COOL people that way, they just happened to move onto my street and we became friends ) .
    I think someone already mentioned a wish to merge the 2 ideas, by having a "gate" . My gate idea : For example, I go to a regular standard street ( ie, not a big vendor, not a spice run street like in ix , etc) , let's say, Anrasan Glance in Alakol . ( http://www.glitchthegame.com/locations/alakol/LLI17VIKLJ02BSV/ ) . Once on Anrasan Glance you'd see a housing district sign ( like a large street sign) , called Flirtatious ( like a Flirtatious glance, ha!) that will take you to a Neighborhood Street,called Wink Street.
    This Neighborhood Street , (which would be like our old neighborhoods where you could see the outside of everyones houses and see them entering their houses ,etc,have a few resources to use) would be the same Alakol theme , and would contain GATES that you could see and walk by and walk to , gates but not houses. Like a garden gate ( a NEW thing to build!!) that could be custom built like a house or tower, with a sign as to the owner, then when you walk to the gate and when you click on the gate , that would take you onto the individual players "home street" . It'd be great if the gate sign automatically displayed/told what resources were available on your home street. Perhaps , the gate signs could be voluntarily color coded to indicate that your home street is on a particular resource route. (**is there an FAQ somewhere that explains some of our terminology for the players who joined glitch near the end??? If not, I would be happy to work on a terminology FAQ!!!** ) Your home street would still be imagined as just the custom background theme that you want (regardless that you are "located" in Alakol area.) That way we'd still be able to have "street parties " with our neighbors , in a common area ,of the "land" of our choice, but yet still be close to home. It'd be great to still have street signs on your home street that would take you to 3 of your friends home streets directly, even if friends live in a different land.
    Any thoughts? Is that too much clicking? or redundant ? or would you like to see the 2 ideas merged like my idea ??
    PS. I also love the idea of having a vacation home in one of the old houses , the hard part would be choosing WHICH one to get! I loved almost all of the old housing designs ,even though they were not able to be decorated as much.
  • I would love to have a way to see which Upgrade cards I've already purchased, like I could see on the skills list which ones I've completed and the achievements list which ones I've already obtained. Right now, I'm often confused if I have a specific upgrade or not because I can't remember which ones I've purchased.

    I want to say there was a lot of discussion about it at some point, and for some reason it didn't get implemented, but I'd also like to have an option to throw away an upgrade card so I never see it again in the stack. Here's why...if I've already completed all the cooking skills, I really don't want to keep seeing the Cooking Skills IV and V cards all the time. I don't want to have to purchase them to get them out of the stack (waste of iMG), but would rather have an option to just throw the card away to never see it again. Maybe there is a limit per day how many cards you can throw away, just like there is for redeals, so that people can't abuse the power to just get energy, iMG, and quoin upgrade cards only.
  • b3achy the old glitch webapp had a page where you could see your upgrade cards, IIRC? And I'm sure the eleven will too when the webapp is completed, maybe not when it is first rolled out.
  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" - I remember there being the list of upgrade cards like there is for the encyclopedia. I didn't remember it telling me which ones I already had, like the achievement and skill pages would...but maybe I'm remembering incorrectly. If it was there, then great...if not, it'd be a much welcome addition to the webapp.
  • I would like use to be able to entice helikitties to our home streets. Maybe through something like dropping snocones on the ground?
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    Maybe some new streets for Ix and Uralia? Because they always felt way too small. I loved the scenery in those places and I want more of that.
    And of course some entire new areas would be awesome. Expand Ur!!
    Oh, and please bring back An Autumn Day and a Summer's Day (were there any others?)
  • i second captain daisy , i really would love helikitties on my homestreet, on in my house, or in my backyard!! yes , please !!
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    The helikitties could be like strays, that if you pet them and feed them (need a feeding option for them), they follow you, and you can eventually get them home to your homestreet. As long as you feed them, they stay. If someone else gives them more love / food, they follow them. If you get them in the house, they never leave because they suddenly get skiddish of the outside world (and know a good thing when they have it). Would be nice if the helikitties came in multiple colors like real cats too.
  • I thought snocones would be a good food as the kitties were originally from the colder areas (I think). They are also a fairly valuable food so you'd have to really want a kitty. Maybe they could change colour (random) if you fed them enough rainbow snocones!
  • I loved the balconies on the modern houses in the old public street housing, and would love to be able to add a balcony to my home, when I am able to re-enter ur :D
  • As I was mining today, I thought of one feature I'd love to have. It would be so awesome if I could click on a rock once and have a "Mine This Whole Thing" option. Then I could just click and let my little Glitch pick away while I chat or make a snack or something. It could be an upgrade card or a buff from a food or drink item.
  • I hope I can still jump from my Alakol balconies. Spend many fun spinach bounce doing that. I remember in early Alpha - my 4th friend was Stoot (so clueless I did not know who he was) and I had trouble jumping up to a street sign. I was jumping and falling and all of a sudden I was "magic" up. I said "how did you do that" Stoot did not reply but did accept my friend request. LOL Thank Giants for spinach the helped me over coming my lack of jumping ability.
  • VORTEX OF RANDOM! I loved that place so much! (and maybe Rooks? I never got to fight one of those...) Ooh! And going to The Underworld/Hell when you died (it was annoying, I'll admit, but you gotta admit, it was cool and fun and pretty darn creative)!
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    Hi all! So excited for this project! A lot of my ideas are already in here. (12 pages of ideas! Wow!)

    I think only a couple people mentioned Crafty Bot, and I'm glad to hear that it will be back with the capabilities it had at the end. I really enjoyed it, and not just for kicking.

    @b3achy and some others suggested this, and I wholeheartedly agree. More quests that encourage collaboration with other Glitchen. And maybe quests to encourage higher level players to interact with lower level players, to help them out. Also more quests for when you get to a higher level. I was sad when I ran out of them.

    I really liked the routes that people set up with the old housing. I guess it would depend on how the new housing is set up to see whether that would work or not. I understand why the old housing with streets wouldn't work, because my street was totally deserted. But I like the idea of community streets. Not sure how you solve that dilemma of abandoned houses and too much demand.

    I liked having rare items. It did add a bit of competition to the game, but it was so gratifying finally getting all the music blocks. That's how I met @Cleops! She gave some to me at the end when some of mine were stolen before I could complete the set.

    And I really liked being dropped into the game in a central area in Groddle in beta. Had I come off my tutorial street far away I would have been lost. So good idea to keep those entrance points close to lots of Glitchen.

    P.S. Good to see that some things never change and that @KANYE is still yelling.
  • I would really like to have bees and a hive, and be able to make our own honey.
  • Suggestion: When a person is in HELL, their own personal learning skills is suspended (unless there are skills that can either only be learned in HELL, or involve the Narakan plains or something equally as spooky). Once they are ressurected, they can resume skills.
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