What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • Suggestion: I wonder if you can turn a pocket salmen into your Blender and make a Bass-O-Matic shake? hehehe
  • "Wow, that's terrific bass!" image
  • I'm not sure if this has been said already, but definitely Jethimadh tower, I used to spend so much time in there finding the secret eleven hiding spots. There were also a few doors that said 'under construction' that had been there since the beta days and never opened? Wonder if Tiny Speck had any ideas they never got around to, but I would love to see them covered in the game.
  • Kittens and puppies. No seriously, I think it would be a huge draw. Pigs, chickens, butterflies, kittens and puppies. We'd have to figure out what resources kittens and puppies would deliver, but it would be awesome to have them and especially if they came in a huge variety of colors.

    Like maybe you catch them and make them into pets for people, teach them tricks. Tricks as a resouce?
    Or you can breed them and get wackier colors, like a paisley cat?
    Maybe they have different positives, like dogs can follow you everywhere and sniff out things. Cats maybe can make you feel good if you pick them up.

    You could collect or build resources for the pets, if the pet option works, like pet beds and blankets, pictures of your pet, the ability to name them, balls of string and frisbees to throw, and more.
  • I'd also like a 3d sculpted and cast version of the Magic Rock that can hold my wacom pen. That would be some of the spiffy swag we can make for the game this time. Like maybe Cubimals for real?
  • Can we make neighborhood gift boxes that are like those community library boxes (take a book, leave a book) ? It'd be fun to leave seeds and stuff in there.

    If it had an indicator of something in it, like the door shut instead of open, that would also be cool.

    And I loved it when we filled the streets with butterflies. Maybe some way of making it easier to give things to people? Community trading? We might need limits on how many free things you can take to prevent non-nice people from taking advantage of the nice people.

  • Some story based quests would be just the bees knees. There were hints at the possibility of such, but they were always just snippets. The world was so rich, I always wanted to see my character in the middle of a grander something.
  • feature: better storage bags.

    cubimal case that holds all the cubimals ever.

    toolboxes that can hold all the tools.

    seed bags that can hold all the types of seeds.

    special "magic santa bags" that have like 2 or 3 inventory slots, and those inventory slots can be filled with bigger bags.

    a bag for emblems that can hold all the emblems you'd need to iconize.

    a special bag so you can hold all of the icons.

    just some ideas. so you have the ability to carry more stuff around and are not always going "home" to do stuff.

    CoU implemented the most spectacular crab packs for music blocks which is really cool (music blocks are auto-stored in it), it would be extra useful if it could hold all of the music blocks plus the crab headphones.

    basically - better carrying around storage is my suggestion.
  • I agree with htebazile, mobile storage has always been an issue. It always seemed that you had to leave some things at home that you then needed when you were out and about.
  • I always loved alchemy maybe you guys could expand on that
  • I would like an upgraded Loomer. We had Splendid Spindles, and upgraded spades, picks, etc. but were still cranking away with the awful hand loomer.

    What about a super duper Luscious Loomer to work with?
  • Porches for our houses! :D
  • Perhaps the sloths could spit out the occasional rivet or screw (like the dirt piles give loam), and they could be used for building other things, like maybe gardening sheds or maybe even machine sheds.
  • Quests quests and more quests please :) Maybe more food, seasonal and not, more items you can make for sure.
  • More purple :) And more strange trips into the desert.
  • And distilling. And the little alligator creatures that you had to buy a house/subway permit from. And the subway. And teleportation skills, so you and your friends could click a button and *poof* you are at your house. So much to add...
  • I'd like the ability to make books for notes and/or TP scripts. I'm thinking a book that I could carry with me in a bag slot that would hold 16 notes, or I could put it on a shelf as decoration.
  • Would really love a purple gem added to the game ,Amethyst would be great to add to the purpleness already in there :)
  • 1. Ohhhh I LOVED strawberry seeds! I agree bring them back!
    2. I would LOVE Christmas TREE'S to decorate! Putting lights on them....decorations...mini cubi's....and being able to GIVE presents! Wreaths on doors!
    3. The other thing that I'd love is stepping stones, garden furniture! ...and Balconies sound wonderful with planters....! Can't wait to jump off of them!
    4. PONDS for your yard.....and fish to put in them. We could fish at each others yards.....and players have different type fish in their pond. FROGS....catching frogs around the ponds....cook frog legs. Reeds to plant and harvest and use for weaving baskets.
    5. More things to do under water - catching lobsters with traps....traps had to be built. Bait put in traps. Your own key to open the traps.
    6. Birdhouses for your yard! A parrot that talks in your yard, like the Garden Gnome.
    7. Chicken pens and pig pens....didn't we used to have them?
    8. Instead of a notebook that you carry as a bag.....make it into a book that you store on a shelf. Its all I can do to carry and clean out the bags that I have as I always seem to need more space and using a slot for notes would take away another slot.....however, being able to put it in a slot as well as a book on a shelf to open and read would be flexible and fun. I also would like to be able to COPY and PASTE to it....like in the Scavenger Egg Hunt.....you copy each note and paste it into the book for your own reference! (Like a word document)
    9. BBQ.....outdoor cooking. Cook a chicken on a spit or a pig? Cook or grill meat.
    10. A DOG.....like a butler -- that can follow you around. Have training for the dog. Dog shows....dress up a dog.
    11. Crabs./clams....on the seashore.....that you have to capture and dig for. Different type crabs in different lands....blue...red...green.
    12. Schools of Shrimp......you have to WEAVE a NET......throw the net. Capture the shrimp.
    13. New and different furniture. Being able to make your own style and sell it.
    14. KITES.....making a kite....coloring it with dyes. Using different type tails. Naming them. Kite flying contests in the Ancestral lands.

    My brain can go on and on.....just food for thought. Love you guys!
  • Ohhhh, a NEW tree....a NUT tree! (a NOT tree) Squirrels inhabit them - (Squealers) . NOTS on top of different foods give more energy.
  • The squealers can steal the Nots if you aren't fast enough picking them, then you have to chase them to get them back, or their lost forever and you try again., a friend can help catch the squealer.
  • You have to make a NOT grinder, that requires a metal wheel in it, and plastic made with alchemy chemicals, and mold it in a mold carved out of wood and baked in an oven.
    OVENS.....for cooking and crafting....
    making POTTERY.....finding clay.....potters wheels. Bowls to hold cherreis, fruit, nots, veggies. PAINT...made with alchemy chemicals. Brushes that you get from fox's to paint with.
  • OHhhhh.....BUSHES.....blueberries, raspberries, etc. You can pick them in fox country. OH, and GRAPE VINES.......growing grapes.....making a wire wall....with tool. Plant vine....grow grapes....and then MAKE WINE....red and white... VAT to squish grapes..... get juice...then use Hootch to ferment it. Use in cooking, and for health.
  • Add more info to teleportation scripts. Besides the street, info could include what vendor and shrine are there.
  • Not sure if it has been mentioned before but it would be nice if we could transfer items from our full inventory to cabinets in our houses without having to go there and drop stuff every time we're full. We also have the pigs, chickens, etc , what about adding new animals like rabbits and birds? I'd love to have a pet bird in my house.
  • I think what impresses me most about the posts here is you can all remember this stuff. I pretty much have no recollection of half of the features in Glitch you're talking about!
  • More drugs! I love purple flowers and the Purple Journey, and I'd love to see more hallucinogenic recipes.

    Purple + Honey + Bun for Trippin' Sandwiches - eat it and see the world through one of the snaps filter options (either a specific one, or rotating at random) until the buff wears off.

    Shiny Elements + Apples + Hooch for Sparkling Cider; get a mini-sparkle powder effect when you drink, and a trail of sparkly stars that lasts until the buff wears off.

    New tool: Smoking Pipe! Make smoking blends from various herbs. Get different effects. A Pipeweed Pouch can contain up to 16 stacks of smoking blends, and maybe also hold the pipe itself in one of the slots. Could blow smoke rings, blow bubbles, make a cloud of smoke, and so on.

    Purple Haze blend: Purple + Hairball; kicks off some music and makes your clothes flash different colors.

  • Lots and lots of "easter eggs" My favorite part of Glitch was discovering all the hidden and cool places that you really had to look for.
  • The mail delivery yoga frog!!
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