What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • Those that stuck with the game typically were either creative types, social types, or goal oriented, or explorers. Most were a bit of all of that. More than that though those that stayed the longest, had a ....um....quirky sense of humor? which fit with the atmosphere of the game rly well. I do think the original staff did have a large investment in the game but yes its a different mindset this time. Luckily for us the old content they did not have to pay for, and I'm still surpsied they let us use as many assests as they have.
  • The calendar is here http://www.glitchthegame.com/calendar/year-40/ with all of the holidays on it, in case you didn't have the link handy. I kind of liked the off-beat cadence of the months, it fit well with the way the rest of Ur ran :D I wouldn't mind seeing more holidays on the calendar, I wouldn't want to see the calendar altered, though, because it's the one that's been running since the start of Ur (or somewhere near that, I read an article on the wiki about it, but don't recall exactly). I wouldn't mind seeing a thread on what to do for them or lore behind them on this forum as a more specific off shoot of this generalized "features" thread, but I don't want to run off and start it so that I'm not stealing your thunder :P

    That's a pretty on-point community assessment. It's also that while being quirky, the game had elements that were more of the "adult" nature (Like No-No Powder and Essence of Purple) but didn't attract the type of community such things in games typically does (the exact opposite, in fact). Yeah, I am glad TS/Slack decided to release all of the assets, I think it shows that they really did love the game and regretted having to shut it down, it just was not sustainable within the purpose they set it up for.
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    Ah ok so thats the calender...well hey whats a Forum for...lol....ill make a seprate thread so we can start hashing out what we think the ones we already have should be for....plus other potential holidays. But yeah i wouldnt change the actual calender just add holidays if / when needed
  • I love info swapping :D I saw that new thread as I was cruising the forums before I left work. I'm about to head home now, I'll be dropping by that one when I get home :3
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    so many pages..
    hope it didn't got suggested already millions times..

    i think it would be nice to have the same calendar system there was in glitch
    and the most important part of it:

    it would be even nicer to have the new calendar set to have the same time as the one in glitch
    i mean, it's around 2 years since glitch has closed? what year should it be now in the glitch calendar?
    year 70? 50? 200?

    when i started playing in glitch it was year 24, it would help the feel of continuation to have a calendar which never stopped (even when the game existed only in our memories)

    edit. oh nice, just did read above me xD seems i wasn't the only one concerned with the calendar
    so it's already year 40 now..

    edit2. and now noticed the upper right corner of the main page xD surely i'm glad the answer came before my question :D
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    Alot of the game is tied into the calender both holidays and how the game reset for coins and img every new game day, cards shuffle etc, so im sure its part of it, plus the calender is active, and working on other fan sites already
  • thanks sano had that link already saved
    my concern was mostly on having the calendar in eleven be continuing where glitch stopped, and not starting again from year 1, but it seems it got already dealt with :D
  • @zean I loved the calendar too and had many similar thoughts! It totally makes sense that the calendar kept counting, because those missing years are part of our history...and the Giants'! Time will tell what they were up to while they were awake.
  • I loved Random Kindnesses, naming my critters, house hunting, decorating my /home, seeding community herb gardens with ALL THE PURPLE, hoarding 'Ticket To ...' tickets, being in the middle of a huge mining chain that crashes my laptop every single time ...

    I would love to see more of Jethimadh Tower. I mean, there were doors! So many doors! And I want to know what's behind them. I want to know which Giant thought up the helikitties, and if they were perhaps a little, ahem, 'Cosmapolitan' at the time? I want to find a Trisor lorebomb in a book, maybe, or once I die for the 337th time he and I have a nice chat about it. A couple people mentioned the note/book thing; can you imagine anthologies of poetry, personal histories, or oh my Giants SNAPS? Photo albums! I'd want my own library, at that rate. And it'd be cool to see a few more epic quests like the last pilgrimage of Esquibeth. Soooo cooool <3
  • I'd also like to see, if possible, a more intricate night/day system, maybe something with different bonuses/activities for moon cycles, but in the spirit of Glitch, the moon cycles should make absolutely no sense at best, and be preposterous at a minimum. I wouldn't mind seeing a half moon one night followed by 2 and a 1/3 moons the next.
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    A Glitch / Eleven day was 4 hours, and if i recall correctly (not 100% on this) each street is individual, so day/ night or rain / weather would have to most likely be added individually to each street, that and if its day / night then every two hours? itd switch? It makes more sense to just make a few new streets with various effects.
  • @Zean I love the idea that when Eleven goes fully live it should reflect the clock/calendar as accurately as possible since Glitch's close. Because geek. :-)

    Another idea that would be new for Eleven: Subways have long been covered in ads. We have notes already. Let's have a small # of slots on the subway that a note could be put in and it would stay for X amount of time. As it's an ad and being put up in a public space, it would be pricey to take up that space. The upside is that the text of a "subway ad" would be displayed to all riders without having to pick up and read the note. "Subway ad" notes would have an appropriate limit on number of characters. The community would enforce standards if needs be but I can't imagine that being an issue.

  • One small feature I liked was collecting items that dropped randomly, like the spices in parts of Ix, I miss taking snaps of beautiful locations too.
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    @FlatEarther I like the subway ad idea, I'd be even more enthralled if we could use both Unicode and ASCII, because I'd certainly have an ad reading
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Edit: hopefully it also spaces properly into le Lenny face
  • Curious with a question and I figured this was the thread to ask it: Does anyone know if the auction will be a thing again?
    I remember that's how I got my cooking ingredients last time when I was in the mines and too busy to run a route.
  • The majority of the code was released to the public, as the delivery frog was likely included, and he delivers from the Auction House, i would think something simmilar would be added. As for the calender it HAS to be included as how the game was built, img count and coin reset / mood / shuffle cards / all of that ocurred every four hours when there was a new day. Plus we had holidays tied into the calender.
  • Your welcome. No idea what set up they are planning for Auction though, but im sure well have something, even if its not right away. I do know it was stated that we'll have shuffle cards and they will work like they did so, they reset on a new day, along with img / mood/ coin count, so its safe to presume the other things that reset on a new day will as well. The 4 hour day was tied into how the game worked pretty tightly as all the main systems revolved around it
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    Favorite things; writing notes, emo hugs, catching fireflies, rainbow tonic, wardrobe, zilloween and moon parties. my butler, mining, cubimals, and decorating my house with collectibles, trophies and fish tanks. Finding hidden rooms, races, finding ghosts, conga lines, being the tree and fighting rooks. And stoot.
    Unfavorite things; being on my own street route felt very isolating. I missed having neighbors and did not enjoy street routes or trying to maintain resources with limited lifespans in my front yard.
    Wish list: more fast key ways to communicate (like high fives). I'd also like to say "pssssst " "hey!" "over here!" "come back!" "thanks!" "excuse me" "let's go!" "quick hide!" "Follow me!" "bye!" "Soon!" etc . . .
  • @coolbetty-- I really like the idea of those communication shortcuts.
  • @coolbetty I'm also really digging the quick chat ideas!
  • New features would be great! Get creative and enjoy making something new. There was a mini-game that the Devs worked on but never introduced into the game. Maybe it is included in the assets. I'd love to play it! It was a bit like Vollyball but the ball was a Piggie! There were two teams or several players and they hit that Piggie back and forth over a net. I wish I had a screenie but didn't get one :( It was so silly and I keep hoping it would appear. Like GoC, it required several players. Later they introduced GoC.
  • I liked it just the way it was.
    new things were introduced now and then and i liked that too
  • i hope we get to use our previous avatar.
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    I also had hoped for new mini games, as well as new party rooms , to be added, as it was only a few typically were played/used. The games however most were only for 2 ppl so Game of Crowns was about the only one played for that reason alone because it was for a larger group
  • Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but I'd like to be able to write personal notes for myself about streets, attached to the street, like "Cubimal vendor here!" or "Good iMG here!"
  • I'd also like to be able to see not only a path highlighted, but a glowing boarder around the street signs on the route when I choose to set a street as a destination. I think it might make getting around easier on newer people or those of us older players who have the memory of a goldfish :D
  • That would mean itd have to know where you wanted to go and what route you wanted to take, which sounds complicated to add, how about if on the map we can pick a location and lock it as " going to destination ____ " so we dont forget where we were heading, and can unlock the destination once were done with it ?
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" Maybe if we did it so that you had to select your own route, there wouldn't be any added route finding stress on the server, but you still wouldn't need to hit M every other street or so.
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