The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • I was recently reminded of Glitch when someone mentioned the Glitch image in Slack, which made me want to check on these games again. How lovely to see all the images from the Alpha testers!
  • Until now, we hadn’t seen any foxes in 6 yrs. So in all the time I’ve been here, the rangers basically kidnap you and don’t let you leave because you don’t have a license or a brush etc.


    But now at one location, the foxes are being tested. You can light bait.


    And the fox appears, although looks a bit low on the screen.


    I wasn’t a huge fan of getting these badges, but nice to drag the brush out once again to grab some fiber.
  • where is this?
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    Oh oh oh!! I have been trying for foxes since forever. I have got through tons of bait but not a sniff. So glad if they are really back!!

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    Hooray, hooray! I have brushed a fox again! I had nearly forgotten how to do it, but got a badge for three brushes in ten seconds, so it soon came back!
    Agree that the fox seemed rather low down, but they did vary. Also, I may be misremembering this, but weren't some of them behind the bushes, etc.? I seem to remember waiting for them to appear in the gaps, but they were not all the same.
    Whatever, it is brilliant to have them back, even if only one. He will be brushed to death poor thing! ;-)
  • Thank you @snarkle. xx
  • @artoo Byssus Park in Cauda.
  • Some time ago there was a resources list of everything....trees, rocks, jellisac etc and where they all were. Think it might have been from Glitch era. I swore I had it bookmarked but can't find it.....anyone got the link?
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  • Yaaaaas that's it! Thanks so much @snarkle - I promise I've got it bookmarked this time!
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