The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • Oh, I want to play so badly...
  • Oh wow. I'm so very's been so long!
  • Miss this game and all the wonderful Glitchen.
  • Love it! Can't wait to play again.
  • Is there anywhere we can donate?? I would be over the moon happy to support the development.
  • Ohmigosh, I loved this game so so much - this warms my heart. So great to see it coming back to life! Seconding Athena, I'd love to support it too if possible!

    Miss this game so much, can't wait to be able to play if possible.
  • On the note of contributions, I would be willing to help with art assets in the future; I have recently branched into vector-based art, which is generally Glitch's bread and butter. I recognize that such need isn't really a particularly immediate concern, though, and that I haven't proven myself in any form.

    I should post some screenshots here. Perhaps I'll find another adventure to narrate in a hammy fashion.
  • @Seeen: Give it a go! I'd love to see you create assets for your gemstone idea. Who knows, it may even make it in to the game one day :)
  • This makes me very, very happy. :')
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    The rare image of Slathered Grendaline.

    "Gather Jellisacs until you get a 'super harvest', then take them to a Shrine to Grendaline and slather the Shrine in Jellisacs."

    Bonus, they added some more looks this reset so we'll look a bit more distinct now. (Whose original avatar is this?)
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    And now we see the origins of Vampirebaron, scourge of Ur!
  • That is such a pretty sight!
  • Ah, the lovely memories :)
  • Would dearly love to be able to play in this magical world with all my Glitchy friends again.
    Anyone know when more alpha invites will be sent? And how to get on the list?
  • La Voyage doesn't work yet in Alpha, but Joey, one of the devs tried to see what would happen if he added the Purple One to his street, it disappeared almost immediately, it knew it wasn't meant to exist yet, but in that brief moment I used my eyeballery skills and snapped this shot. Even though it was just a still image, no spinning or poetry, it was nice to see it after so many years.
  • I think we need a "May the forth be with you" post with some screenshots please :)
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    Rook attacks don’t fully work, and this is the first I’ve seen this the whole time I’ve been here, but we did see the head up top and we were able to try to stun it.




    And I did get to add to my collection of “costumes.”

    Then he followed me home, so I made a chair out of him. image
  • This s so amazing. I think about playing Glitch all the time and how sad I was when it didn't make it out of beta. I'd love to alpha test this. Has anyone seen any updates from the developers? The last one I can find is from September 2016
  • I can't wait. I found this site by chance. I was wondering what happened after Glitch and if anyone was taking up the game. I'm so stoked that Eleven is being working on. I hope it's still being worked on and will go into Beta soon.
  • Eliana, Still being worked on and lovingly being nurtured. Hang in there and keep a smile. :) Welcome Home btw.

  • I haven't played Glitch ever, but this game sounds really fun. I played some of Children of Ur, but it will not load for me :<
    I'm looking forward to open beta or open alpha, or anything where I can play.
  • Still hoping this will come back.
  • Should I be able to change my appearance in the game? I can't seem to do it.
  • @MaryEllen Please post all alpha related questions and gameplay discussions in the Alpha sub-forum to avoid confusion :)

    In answer to your question: Yes, but only through "Your looks" which is accessible in your iMG menu or through the shortcut (Shift+L).
  • Oops, thanks!
  • Groddle complete!
    Did it!
  • Feels like home eleven!
  • I miss this game so much! Looking through these photos brings back so many memories, it's crazy to think Glitch closed almost five years ago. I can't wait until I get the chance to explore and go mining in Ajaya Bliss again!
  • I shall wait as long as it takes for this beautiful game to come to fruition again.
  • So many memories when I see these screenshots. Especially how the whole layout looks is so nostalgic looking! <3
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