The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • So love this,so very jealous
  • Just wondering about a bit and was wondering when I would be back in the magical world of Glitch i went by Penelope Garcia and I miss playing it.
  • My tower is _almost_ done...

    The Shrine of the Even Toes

    tower 01 shrine even toes

    machine shop

    tower 02 machine room

    Al Fresco Cafe

    tower 03 al fresco cafe

    Tincture Palace

    tower 04 tincture palace

    Home for Wayward Cubimals

    tower 05 home wayward cubimals

    Icuuon Central

    tower 06 icuon central

    Bide-a-Wee (80s version)

    tower 07 bide a wee
  • I meant to post photos of my tower a long time ago. Thanks for reminding me, Kyleri!

    The Wizard's Parlor

    Ghost Town


    Welcome to the Machines

    The Sloth Who Came to Dinner

    1/100 Acre Wood


    Bricks and Vines

    The Oddly Specific Cafe
  • Was watching a YouTube video of Age of Conan gameplay and remembered 'that little MMO that was the best thing ever that I only got to play for like a week or something before they shut it down'... So I went on a video of Glitch and somebody in the comments said it was being rebooted from mined code :-O Well I never! Missed my chance to be in the alpha because the aforementioned discovery of this reboot happened just this very night, and the Alpha invitational closed months ago (or so I just heard). Really want to be in the beta though. Even if not that then just playing the finished product will be reward enough!
  • I love looking at the screenshots! I really miss playing.
  • Oh it looks so very much like I remember it. Seeing the screen shot REALLY makes me want to play!
  • ohhhh... the longing to be back is so strong! Can't wait for y'all to let everyone back in :D

    Go Alpha team, go!!

    I am cheering for you :D
  • Just a message of encouragement, I'm still excited, I can't wait to hear Rube's song one last time :')
  • So curious, how do we play? I've been on Children of Ur but heard Eleven is further along and would love to check it out!
  • When oh when ?!? I know I should be patient but it has been so long.
  • I'm thrilled to see this project, I miss my little Glitchen.
  • Am I going to miss Glitchmas again? That would make me sad.
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    My new home has been personalized! I am so excited!

    Now let me figure out how to post picture correctly...
  • Excitedly awaiting more Alpha photos!
  • Any activity lately?
  • Happy Glitchmas!
  • Happy Glitchmas to all!
  • is this the spot to try and get into Alpha? I was NeonTetra in Glitch, not sure if Rubie Slippers was a Glitch character, it's been way to long!
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    Is this the spot to try for Alpha spot? Pick me, pick me :)
  • Any testers out there got any updates for us. I'm thirsty for more......
  • I'm with Dubstepper ... sad I missed my chance to get in Alpha, but patiently waiting for Beta ... Would love to see a projected timeline if it's possible. <3
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    I'm trying to make a home that looks different from the ones I usually make, I was wondering if perhaps I could get some ideas for it here, would you like to help me? :)
    This is what I've got so far:

    "Bird's eye view"
    photo rasamalais House.png

    Entrance and Japanese tea room(?)
    photo Entrance and Japanese tea room.png

    Trophies nook and door to 2nd floor
    photo trophies nook.png

    Dining and living room
    photo Dining and living room.png

    photo kitchen.png

    2nd floor landing
    photo second floor landing.png

    photo studiopotions.png

    Door to 3rd floor and bathroom
    photo door to 3rd floor and bathroom.png

    photo bedroom.png

    3rd floor landing and workshop
    photo 3rd floor landing and workshop.png
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    All camera filters; a short slideshow vid to enjoy:
    *Camera Mode-Filters*
    **With Snapshottery upgrade, the ability to take snaps in camera mode is enabled; and then
    the fun begins^-^*; collecting every camera filter available.*:) {Normal, Boost, B&W, Holga,
    Chilliwack, Piggy, Outline, Ancient, Dither, Beryl, Fire Fly, Vintage, Historic, & Shift}
    Vid specs:
    Glitch |Downloads 'Meditation-Variation 3'
  • Dobak Fathom on this Zilloween:
    photo Dobak Fathom.png
  • Fantastic screenshots. I really miss Glitch.
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  • *cries* Wanna plaaaaaay...
  • CAN'T FREAKING WAIT! This game was so exciting to me, and I can't wait to try it again. I was heartbroken when it shut down. Any way I can get access to the Alpha? YOU'RE DOING GOD'S WORK
  • Thank you for the updates. How's testing going? Cannot wait to get in on the action.
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