The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • That's beautiful! I wish I had better decorating skills now!
  • I'm sooo impressed by how gorgeous everyone's houses are :,) I miss my Humbaba emblem. I'm so glad I have an Animal Crossing addiction to feed until I can participate in this.
  • I think it'd be pretty cool if, after Eleven was up and running, room dividers were added as furniture for Housing. Some would just look like artificial dividers, because, you know, some people like having just curtains or something to divide their rooms, but some might maybe look like just a wall?

    Pillars work for now, but it's something to think about to allow for more variation in the future, I suppose.
  • I think it might be a perspective problem?
  • image

    Some things don't change! Poor elek wasn't paying attention to their energy levels & died in Cebarkul -- fortunately I could get there to celebrate their life with a jug or two of hooch!
  • @"Scarlett Bearsdale" Eh, Glitch housing perspective isn't perfect. I'd say it could work if it was set to just be a side view if it's in the middle, and "halfway" to the normal wall angles if it's in the left or right areas.
  • Back at the beginning of the current release I spawned on Rappam Rolls and found myself under all the plat(form) lines (a known alpha issue, not a surprise, resolved by jumping up so you can move normally). It was fun to walk along the bottom edge and hide behind the scenery.

    The surprising part was that there was someone else on the street when I spawned. That player garlic-kissed me (as one does), and promptly died. I was the Kiss of Death! :-)

    So I celebrated (also as one does), and this is the result; I call it "If they're dead, why am I underground?"
  • OMG, that screenshot and story are one of those things that's just so uniquely Glitch/Eleven. I laughed so hard.
  • Amazing Lill Missy! You have been so busy, looks great!
  • Thank you. :) I'm having a blast!
  • I can't stop playing with my pickle...... >.<


    I've been wandering the seams and distant lands, enjoying casual strolls through all the beauty that is Eleven / Glitch. Feel free to visit the link below if you wish to see some old familiar loved places.
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    Some things are better left unexplained.
  • Since our vanity and wardrobe are limited, I've been wandering around making my own.
    If you look through the pics you can see a pirate, and astronaut, a superhero, a borg, an ugly glitchmas sweater, really big bell bottoms, new years eve glasses, a giant mask, and some hats that don't fit well.

    Here is a collage of some, and a link to my album if you want to see some closer up.

    For more:
  • @snarkle, I LOVE this. So creative!
  • @snarkle, you are BRILLIANT.
  • This was at a Toxic Moon party earlier today, to celebrate @railroadbaron 's birthday:

    And this was me, trying to fill an empty pig pen in Kipacre Greens :
  • Snool is still cool ...
  • Few events bring enough of us online to do group badges, but when everyone is showing up to make Pi, I grabbed them all up and got them drunk for an Epic Blowout!

  • People got really enthusiastic about Pi Day this year:

  • Happy Easter! or Secular Egg Day!
    In 3 short days we will get to run the streets squeezing every chicken near to death and Harvesting Eggplant trees until they are overflowing. Only to gorge ourselves on chocolate eggs! We are all hard at work feeding little chicks to replenish the streets with livestock and fertiledusting eggplants until they bust for the event. With so few of us inworld, things sorta die off, sadly. With this once a rl year event, we all have a new vigor and are excitedly anticipating hunting eggs. :) I know that we will all be posting here and sharing this joyous event with everyone waiting so patiently in line to join us.
    To be continued.......
  • It's easter! Which means eggs and chocolate bunny prizes! I didn't take any pictures of when I got the set but I'm sure someone will post that. I do have a snap of them hanging in my house.

    And my finished house that I will now tear down and remake all over again.
  • Wandering through Uralia yesterday I re-noticed the owl swing in Ilmenskie, one of the many bits of whimsy that make Ur so special:
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    so good to see all the pictures, brings some great memories
  • I'm sorry all, I have been away. I will try to get some of the Easter pics uploaded soon.
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    There's still some weirdness around dying, so things can get a bit tautological.


    The bogs are so warm, and moist, and secluded... and that music... I... uh... celebrated myself.
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    I raise you, mine goes to eleven:


    When they said they wanted alpha testers I don't think this is what they had in mind.

  • Holy Mackerel! If you were a badger, then you might have been obsessed over strategy and rules for breaking kitchen tools, well with the help of Ladyceres, we cracked the code today! Many of us thought you had to completely break your kitchen tools, but we proved with SCIENCE that you, 1. HAD to repair to 100% and 2. you could deplete the tool to under 50% rather than break it.
  • I have finally gotten around to taking down everything in my house and I'm redoing it in my own style. This is the most charming part of my house so far in my opinion.

  • We should do another Parade of Houses soon, and post here
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