The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • @"jerk nugget" you can drink wine of the dead and get to activate spinach. And there were occasional times you could be alive, like if you died exactly at new day and I think then you could eat or pour potions etc.
  • ooooh thank you! i'll bring some with me next time and try it out. 
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    Not exactly alpha testing, but I thought some people would appreciate some screenshots I took while exploring Flash alternatives. For anyone wanting technical details, I am currently exploring pixi.js as an alternative so we can maintain an easily accessible web client.
    The first attempt at creating a location looked like a complete mess! Turns out that deco placement is a bit more complex as each anchor is located at the bottom middle of each sprite with the deco rotating around the anchor.
    After fixing this, the location is starting to look a bit better almost covering the entire view!
    In the next attempt we also took in to account deco flipping. Some minor changes here but the gaps remained.
    Before fixing the gaps we sorted the deco priority (z-index). As you can see above the bushes, ground decoration and ladder are now visible!
    After adjusting the code to accurately position each deco, we have a location layer that matches the original game! We can repeat the same process for each layer to fully build our location, but lets add a background first...
    Perfect! Now lets repeat the process above to each layer...
    We now have our final location! While it looks pretty accurate the colours seem a bit off compared to the original. This is because we still need to apply a filter to each layer which allows us to adjust the contrast, saturation, etc.
    After applying our filters we now have a finished location! 
    Mini disclaimer: These screenshots were taken a year ago, and do not reflect our current progress in bringing you a Flash-free experience. We may decide to go in a different direction before we give players something they can get their hands on. We can also provide no ETA as all of us are working in our own spare time along side our existing commitments. That being said, here is a more up to date screenshot of my own personal experimentation.

  • @Joey very cool. Who is the the ice nubbin dude?
  • @snarkle stoot! They only show up on the admin client but I'm using them here to note a missing item asset. Here's a bigger version ripped from the SWF used in Glitch.

  • that'll teach me to not zoom in! i didn't even notice at first glance lol. i was too busy admiring one of my favorite streets in glitch/eleven. very cool progress work as well. 
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