The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • Glitchen visiting May Soup

    Followed a couple of Hyperspacetime Doors and found myself in May Soup. Every single time I visit, I'm amazed at how pretty it is.
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    Those screenshots make me so happy! I was totally enamored with Glitch and didn't dare hoping (to hope? English is my third language, sorry) it would ever come back. Now I know, I'll enjoy waiting.

    Edit: Is there a way to donate money? I'd love to support the team the only way I can.
  • too many bears in Berebere  Scald

    Someone had way too much fun decorating Berebere Scald.
  • Hello everyone! I am so grateful this game is being resurrected!!!! I used to play this back in the days, I would absolutely love to be a part of it again! Please let me know if you are accepting anyone... I am always available and I am able to play this daily and report any problems. Thank you for the good memories!
  • I think Berebere Scald needs more bears.
  • Snap taken from Konka Brink

    Konka Brink, with Jethimadh Tower in the distance. I forget how BIG it is until I see it like this.
  • All those bears looks like the sort of thing that LM would do!
  • Eris Lord Freedom's home street
    Working on home street and tower. (Tower is taller than this now.)
  • So excited to see that alpha still lives on! Wish I could help!
  • Sloth feeding in Gomed Essoni

    Sloths are still very into metal, and probably very hungry, since Alphateers have other ways of getting building supplies. So I thought I'd throw some metal rods at a sloth even though I don't need snails.
  • Although we can't complete these missions, you can trick the Deimaginators (I steal their contraband).
  • I'm so excited. I found this game around 8 or 9 months before it closed and, being a pre-teen at the time, who was very VERY excited about video games... I was heartbroken. Keep up the hard work!!
  • I am seriously so ecstatic to have found this site, and to see my beloved Glitch being resurrected! I haven't stopped thinking about this game since it closed. Seeing all these screenshots from the Alpha testing takes me back to the wonderful times I spent inside the beautiful Ur. I cannot wait for the game to be ready for players. If I could get into Alpha the next time it opens would be amazing. If not, there is always Beta!
  • I just want to play =(
  • I know how hard everyone is working on this project and a massive thank you for every ounce of effort as I know it is a project and not your full-time jobs but is there a goal date in mind to open up the game? I'm jumping up and down every day waiting for news on when it will be opening to other players and I think I might actually spontaneously combust with the anticipation.
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    This Chicken gig is starting to pay off!

  • Love all the new screenshots since I last checked in. :)

    I really got an itch to play today; I feel like it's exactly the game I need right now. I'll keep holding on and waiting and hoping to once again run through a Glitchy world of amazing and relaxing.
  • Every few weeks I go looking for a replacement to Glitch in my life. Nothing has quite fit. Today I peeked into this forum after being away so long and I see all these screenshots ... no words. I'm so excited to be a part of Eleven someday. Thank you all for working to bring Glitchiness back into the world!
  • I drop by on this forum every few weeks, and just knowing Glitch will live again makes me very happy. Thank you!
  • Lotha Harte during the recent Zilloween:
    Five glitchen jumping in the heart; comet overhead
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    When Juju Bandits had enough of your bs and decide to recruit a new member :D I still haven't figured out how to upload images in posts :X
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    Hoping to be able to play in the future still after following the project for over three years now! I still remember growing those yellow flowers..

    EDIT: Thought it was 2 years but turns out it was 3 lol
  • a glitch under the influence of purple flower
    Eating purple flower in the mountains of Aranna...
  • All those snapshots... It reminds me the original game, that I used to play four or five years ago. Didn't heard of this until today, but I still remember how I loved every bit of that game.

    I really really long to play this new game. I don't know when the game will be available or if there are going to be more alpha/beta testers (I hope to be part of it), but I want to say that I'm very glad this is happening. :)

    See you in the new Giant's worlds, petting pigs, planting flowers (and eating them...), going to hell and more generally jumping around and having fun. :)
  • These screenshots have me super emotional hahah which is hilarious since it's just a game.
  • Server is down right now, but I did manage to get this during this reset:

    numismatizer, Dragon class
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    Here's a photo of the Adar Bar & Lounge I set up while we're waiting on the server. Enjoy responsibly! :-)

  • Eeeeep! So much cute!
  • screencap of hooch

    Operation: Flood the World with Moonshine is a go.
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