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    Glad to see someone other than me post about the badges - I try not to post all the new things so others can have some fun in breaking the news. I suspect everyone can see the awesome page that @Varaeth made, since it's linked to our individual profiles...

    On the login page for Eleven, try hitting the 'Achievements' menu (profile, Wardrobe/Vanity, skills and Friends are still works in progress). Don't know if it is activated for just Alphas, but I suspect it works for everyone (just if you aren't an alpha, you won't see much of anything at the top which lists your completed achievements, but you should see all the badges you still need to get organized by category).

    If you can't see it, let us know, and we'll post a screen capture... :)

    Direct link should be: (I see @snarkle posted a link above in her post, but it is the link to the announcement, (which if you aren't Alpha, you probably can't see) instead of the link to the page for the achievement badges)
  • I have also been chomping at the bit for a chance to re-enter the world of Ur. I've been poking around Children of Ur for a while, and I've loved the nostalgic feeling of running around the streets playing with things, but it's not quite the same as what I see here. I can't promise that I would be a diligent alphateer with all the responsibilities it entails, but I would certainly try. However, if I must wait for beta (which I'm sure is "soon" :) ), I'm happy enough to do so....
  • Ooh the subway :)
    Is it weird that the subway was one of my favorite places? Seemed to create some awkwardness while waiting for trains. Do I talk to the glitchen waiting with me? Stand silently? Jump around like a madman? Or sidle up closely and stare at them?
  • Lady's, Gentleman, and unidentified, allow me to tell you the story of "Artemis and the wall segments" Now, if you knew Artemis in the past life you'd know she HATES making wall segments and fuel rods. Down to the core does she hate it. Now on with the story,

    Now upon reading the update log and seeing that housing has been brought back, our brave heroine jumped right in and customized her house and butler who is now named Aphelion. She's adorable, I know I love her very much.

    Artemis knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to make the bottom level look as if you're under the house. She tried her best, gold star for effort to myself! But immediately, little Artemis set about building a second floor.

    She gathered the gas and the peat and all the things to make fuel!

    She hung out with Fred the sloth and asked for a leather vest with snails! (Sadly, I still don't have my leather vest but I got lots of snails!)

    Blah blah blah Artemis gathered more things and swore eternal love to Leroy the pig leaving Fred heartbroken but the final step was here... Five. Wall. Segments. Artemis braved Nottis for wood tree's and she braved Shimla Mirch for talc! Artemis spent three days (no seriously I've gotten these photo's over the past three days) until finally..

    Artemis got all the wood together! Artemis suddenly became very religious and prayed to every god she knew of (including the one she made up as a kid who smeared peanut butter on a tree so tree's could enjoy the smoothness) that no bug would happen. Finally, the woodworking machine stopped.


    Finally, Artemis placed the last three wall segments and kept praying. When suddenly, A NEW FLOOR APPEARED!

    Artemis then set about decorating the floor. How she loves that classic look with a hint of her own style! It was only then that Artemis needed to expand her house and realized that would mean more wall segments and fuel rods and planks. So Artemis did the sane thing, pulled the power cord, grabbed a drink and snack, and put it off for a later date.

    This has been the true telling of Artemis and the wall segment: By Artemis.
  • Believe it or not it took about an hour to sift through three days of screenshots then another 30 to edit and upload them. I now have a new respect for full time bloggers.
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    @Artemis - In Glitch, I always made my first floor look like an open basement like the underneath side of the big Alakol houses or the Bogs. Though I guess now it can be even more realistic since there is that glitch that currently allows us to have outside resources in our first floor rooms. (see her picture with the dullite rock). (FWIW, my top floor was always an attempt to be an open air roof top, since we never got our balconies back.)

    I may eventually get there, but I'm still just trying to get resources on my street (such a debate now between using iMG for upgrade cards or for cultivating the street with resources).

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and the story. Know you and others have been having so much fun with the woodworker...loved the picture where you were having a stern talking to it.
  • @b3achy The woodworker and I had a lovely talk about hoarding. It agree'd but it just can't let those precious planks go! ;)

    I hope we were alowed to show the glitch with the rocks. I forgot to ask but I thought the dullite added so much.
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    I've kept the original freebie house so far (no improvements yet because I'm trying to play as normal as possible without using our magical Alphateer tester doll powers), so I am still trudging through skills and such to get to the point of being able to do some upgrading. However, thought some might be interested in seeing how the hoarding is beginning. But I have to say, it's been so nice to have a private place to sort and organize all my stuff again. And I had forgotten how handy the attic was for sorting music blocks while collecting sets (and also for my beer stash). Can't bear to confine my butterflies around a stick so they have free roam of the house. The chicken at least respects the doorway boundaries.

    I will admit that I splurged and spent some of the provided credits to change the facade of my house. Will post a picture shoon. Didn't realize I've not taken an updated picture of it yet.

    ETA: Street Views -

    Here's my new home facade and a full street view (still working on getting the right trants planted):

    And here's a full street view of my backyard so far:

    It has been super challenging trying to balance using iMG for upgrades vs. cultivation items for the streets. Prior to homestreets, it seemed like I had so much extra iMG, now it seems like I never have enough to do all the things I want to do. But I have to remember, I'm just level 13 or so, and with higher levels, it will get easier.
  • Thank you! I will be home tomorrow and able to finally get back inworld and break new things!!!!
  • @"Lill Missy" - we have been missing you in game. You are going to be amazed!! Lots of issues (more than normal OMG boots, but we've been talking more in global also - just so much excitement), but lots and lots of pure delight. I'm so excited for you!

    I am chuckling as I look at these pictures because I don't know what to do with ALL the space in my 16 slot cabinet (I think I have one full small bag and 4 empty small bags in there)...however, I remember in Glitch where I had over 50 SDBs mostly full of various resources, plus 5 storage containers...all chock full of large bags of things. That doesn't even cover what my tower had in it. Sadly, we can't currently have towers yet. I was hoping to set up a market, but maybe next update.

    I've been hoping to see more posts of some of the homes of others 1) to see their decorating styles and 2) to see how much crazy resource hoarding has ensued already; however, everyone has been so busy getting skills, leveling, gathering resources, and collecting iMG for street upgrades.
  • Story time!!

    So Aphelion (My butler who I feel a strong desire to protect because she is my sweet little helpful Aphelion and I'm attached to her) complained about having no friends. We don't really have a strong resource route going yet so I figured hey, Aphelion has a firebog head so why not get her a Firebog cubimal? So naturally, I bought 20.


    I got the firebog cubimal on the third try! Woo! But why let those Cubimal boxes go to waste? All 20 were opened!


    Aphelion now has two firebog and two phantom cubimals to be her friends!!

    Anyways, last time we left off I had just finished expanding my house a bit more. I could really use some design help! My girl @Phoebe used to help me back in glitch.





    Notice the two hitch hiking gnomes! Any decorating advice would be appreciated! Thanks guys <3
  • I'd consider the campfire fireplace, and maybe the treestump coffee table or small cabinet. The glowing mushroom floor lamp would also fit in pretty well with this decor - maybe try it in the foreground.
  • It's not my Glitch house (and it never will be, quite honestly, some of my stuff was irreplaceable), but it's starting to feel like home! Little Eleka finally gets to sleep in a bed tonight!


    For reference, here was my house in the Beforetimes:
  • image
    I'm a master at inventory management obviously.
  • Oh Wow!! i can't believe this game is coming back! this is great! im dancing in my chair with excitement!!
  • I think I've pretty much got my house the way I want it! The upper two floors are very much how I had them in Glitch (see link to snap a few posts up, I don't have a current pic right now but it really is closely duplicated), though I think I managed to get the house a segment wider than it was and I am flailing a bit in the extra space. The first floor is a bit different, but delightful! Partly I just don't have as much stuff hoarded, so I don't have as much need for storage and can decorate a bit more for now.

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    You guys sick of my screenshots yet? Because here's two more.

    This is one of my favorite spots in the house for some reason. I have no clue why,

    It looks better in game, trust me! I tried to keep the furniture black and white and bring out the colour with the added decorations. You guys like?

    Note: Not seen in any of these screenshots is the chatting going on in global from my fellow alphateers. I've never met a group of people as cool and friendly as them.

    Shout out to @Loupin for posting a picture of his shower in glitch. I really liked the design so I recreated it with a bit of my own design. The original design is at this link:

    Hope you don't mind! The fertilidust will be swapped for sparkle powder the moment I learn to make it!
  • @elekanahmen, this is a masterpiece! Nice job :)
  • Home Streets + Zilloween = fun!
  • All of this looks SO SO SO amazing!!!! You guys are all fantastic!!!!! I can't wait to play again :)
  • How exciting! All of your houses look amazing, and it's filling me with such a warm sense of nostalgia. I'm so eager for this game!
  • I think I finished my house. I took multiple screengrabs and tempted to put them together in a seamless picture. I tried my best!

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    @Artemis and other alphas: you should be able to get a snap of the whole location by using the dropdown menu in local chat!
    Love the house by the way!
  • @artemis WOW! That is amazing!!! I kinda want to live there myself :)
  • @"Elizabeth Bennet" Thank you so much!! Feel free to stop by anytime!!
  • I didn't even know this was a thing until today! D; I had put Glitch out of my mind because it was too painful to remember, I thought I'd never see it again. I'd kill to be a part of this project!
  • Welcome Home Amber Guity !
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    I felt very much the same way, @"Amber Guity", but a friend of mine mentioned the creativity contest to me and I entered something I had made years ago on the off chance. Being back in Ur has been so amazing!

    Here's a whole house snap of my new house in Eleven!
    (I don't know if this link works, but try this for a bigger view: )

    This is the link to my whole house as it was in Glitch:
  • I'm getting REALLY amped up to play again! I MISS UR!!!
  • I am obsessing with the new housing update! It seems old habits die hard.....


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