More Gemstones!

So right now we have four gemstones. Pleasing Ambers, Showy Sapphires, Moderately Sized Rubies, and Walloping Big Diamonds. However, not only is this too low a number of gemstones, it is also not even a prime number! This is a problem that must be rectified! How can we show our respects to the Giants if we can't even prime number?

So I propose the addition of no less than thirteen gemstones to the lineup, bringing up the count to a nice, prime seventeen. One follows the pattern we know, while the rest are all based in a different way. Without further ado...

Pearlescent Pearl
It's a pearl. It's pearlescent. Or perhaps opalescent, if you want. What more could you really ask for? Take a hop around the oceans of Jal and look for one, yeah?

A light, oceanic gem of water and splashing and splooshing. Donating it to a shrine gets the most favor from Grendaline!

Logical, crystalline, and beautifully cut. One of these three things does not belong.

For the gemstone collector on the go.

It gets pretty good air if you throw it just right.

Unfortunately, it isn't rock candy. You're welcome to bite down on it anyway, though!

Unfortunately, it does not have legs. Fortunately, you do! Help it get to a shrine, won't you?

Cubic. A wonderful shape, like that of industry and machines.

Now, now, I know what you're thinking. But I assure you, Zille loves all rocks equally, even if some are named after her and others aren't.

This green rock is not a tree, nor does it grow on them.

It looks kind of like a marble. A mabble?

Dark as the night, the venue of the party.

Pointy! Collector discretion advised.



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    Don't forget Luminous Moonstone! 5 gems! So we only need 12 more gems to make 17 total.

    I'd kind of like to use the crystamalizer and different recipes of the 5 gems we get as bonuses to make the Giant Gems you have come up with!
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    I did forget Luminous Moonstone! Oh no, now the total is 18. I am a failure.

    Discard the Pearlescent Pearl, pearlhaps? Or mayhaps add a new gem for a 19 total?

    Decisions, decisions.

    Also, I think it'd be interesting if things like Friendly Acid and such could be combined to form the imaginary molecules like Inspiration, Love, Ideas, and such, which could be further combined to make gemstones and other things!
  • But I like Pearlescent Pearl! There should be more to find in the ocean than salmen
  • Seeen, this idea is BEAUTIFUL. And i think chilirlw's idea to keep the pearl but make it a thing you find in the oceans (so it's not really counted in the 17 gems) makes sense... pearls aren't mined stones anyway, but they're lovely.
  • yeah, nice idea
  • This is a wonderful idea! Your sketch is really nice and I love the descriptions.
  • As a collector of gems and minerals outside of Ur, I love this!
  • I love your idea! Yes yes yes :)
  • I would dare the Rooks' wrath for a hunk of Rooksidian
  • Seeen it was delightful to see(e) your post! Wonderful idea!
  • As the real life daughter of two geologists, I loooooobe this!! The names are so wonderful I can't even pick a favorite.

    Caiyot is going to need a special case for gemstones, though , haha :)
  • Yes, please! To both new gemstones and a case for them!
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