The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • I used to litter the hall often in my rebellious phase.

    It was not a very long nor a very strong phase.
  • I always felt guilty dropping the cups on the ground. LoL. Thanks for the updates!
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    To elaborate, my rebellious phase started when I entered the hall, and ended after I littered it and left.

    I had to give tribute to Lem to apologize.
  • It would be great to have my herb garden back. When I was a little glitch I started my first patch in the basement of my bog house. Those were the good old days.....
  • i just wanna squeeze chickens!!
  • Just for you @"Herb Herbally" !! Sorry it's empty, with the update came a bit of a reset!! It'll be full by tomorrow! Also, yes it's zoomed out. I wanted to show as much as possible!!

  • I like how TinySpeck actually did stuff like putting community herb gardens in locations. I like even more that they weren't always barren when you find them.
  • @seen About 15 hours later and it's almost full!!

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    Here's my first little piglet. @Ann_DramaDuh & I got to watch him grow up. Still working to get him some siblings.....

    Thanks @smallchalet for the pic-posting tutorial!!

  • looks so cool. How is the skill tree(I ask because I see they've gotten to near the end of the animal one)?
  • @"we are durza" currently all skills but the Bureaucratic Arts are do-able, although some need some help with a special function put on the tester tool (some quests can't currently be completed in game, so they added a function on the tester tool to allows us to complete quests, so we can get their dependent skills queued up). It's a pretty exciting update since we also have achievements now (though a few seem to be operating a bit quirky if a player has to be reset). The special tester tool function and achievements working have opened up the rest of the skills tree which means we can do a lot more things in game. It's keeping the Alpha testers pretty busy this week.

    BTW, best as I can tell, Plez is the only one so far that has been able to incubate an egg and get the resulting baby back...most of the chickens right now are stealing our eggs...leading to some interesting naming of chickens.
  • image

  • LOL, I always suspected they were drunk or running some illegal moonshine operations back there...
  • image

    Bouncin' around my temporary "home street"!


    Elsewhere, ATTACK OF THE IMG! Everyone run for your lives!
  • Any context behind that pickle just sitting there?
  • Who needs context? A pickle is free to lie where it pleases.
  • pickles are important!! just like everything, pickles deserve to live long and prosper!!
  • I need to know how the pickle got there so I can make a movie production about its life.
  • i heard a rumor the pickle is on a life quest journey to the birth site of the original betapickle
  • So I was already feeling sort of down back when Dev Log 3 came out, and then I wasn't seeing anything at all about alpha testing in the various Glitch groups I'm on in Facebook and G+... I assumed that Eleven had just sort of faded away...

    ...and it turns out that 1) The depression I'm now getting treated for had me seeing the worst possible thing, and 2) alpha is still going strong, and I am SO SO HAPPY about, well, both of these, actually, but yay, Eleven!
  • @Seeen: There were pickles all over the street. Just... everywhere. So many pickles. There were some pickles on surrounding streets too. It was like the end of days had come, and it had come riding a giant pickle which had exploded into dozens and dozens of smaller pickles. The Picklepocalypse (Apickleypse?).

    I don't know why they were there. I didn't put them there. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma rolled in a riddle and preserved in a tasty dill-flavored brine.
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    @Kyleri - I know the devs were planning to publish an official update or report at some point - soon, but then they get too busy doing what devs do...always check this thread because we'll try to post new things for the waiting players to enjoy.
  • Thanks @b3achy -- I'm gonna start hanging around here in general again, too. Hanging around with fellow Glitchen is a vital part of my depression treatment.
  • Y'know, I just realized something... What is the team that's working on Eleven going to be called, in the end? Glitch's team was TinySpeck. What's Eleven's?
  • @Seeen, I've always thought they are either "The Eleven Project" (as per the copyright below) or "Eleven Giants" (as per the URL), but maybe they have something else up their sleeve...
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    And who else used to like to "dance with" the subway maintenance bot?! (Quest isn't doable due to needing an instanced location, but the bot appeared, and I may just have to leave this one in my queue so I can dance with him in the future)

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    I wish I could remember how to post pics on here
  • I am so glad to see all this activity on here... I was afraid it had all stopped and my whole live would remain Ur-less. Keep at it you guys.. i cant wait till LS is able to get back to growing bubble trees
  • Aaah! So many updates! I've been busy with IRL stuff [ugh, summer camp. ugh, friends. why do i need to be social?!] so I haven't seen Ur in a while and OMG!
  • Y'know, I haven't actually looked through all of the pictures in this thread yet. I've been saving them for a time of withdrawal.


    Guess that's now.
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