The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • I loved flipping through this thread, feeling super nostalgic! I thought I was well-traveled but there are a bunch of screenshots posted here that don't look familiar to me. Just looked at my profile and the highest exploration achievement I received was 757 streets. Can't wait to get back to Ur to see all the content I missed the first time!
  • Unnu Slight was always my favorite place! I would go almost every day just to drop off some food. I loved seeing these screenshots, some got me excited to see them again, and some got me excited to see them at all! I quit for a half of a year before the game closed, and I regret not seeing everything that I could in the time before it closed. It was great to see them here!
  • These new images are great! It looks like some awesome progress has been made! So excited!
  • Woot, I'm getting the traveler achievements - here's the latest one:

    Some fun areas -

    Here's the lone candy cane on Candy Cane Lane in Drifta:

    Here's Fort Aban Don, which is also in Drifta. Wish they had one of these castles made of sand on a tropical island. But it was still cool (pun intended) to find this (one of the Alphateers is using it for their temporary home street):

    And sometimes Rube wants to do a super secret trade...I don't think he had anything good to trade this round, so I'm not sure why he had to meet me here...though I have often wondered if he was a bit of a perv...
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    BTW, Happy Zilloween, everyone!! We can carve pumpkins right now, but can't put them down yet without home streets. Also, can't light them yet until we can do the firefly quest and collect fireflies. But we can carve pumpkins...and that's still pretty cool.

    Here's a few familiar recipes...



    And something to wash it all down...

    Sorry I missed getting the splash screens for the carved pumpkins, but you can see them sitting in my inventory in the above shots! Happy Zilloween!
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    That's awesome b3achy! What can you do to get rid of pumpkins? Can you donate them or are you stuck with pumpkins on hand for the forseeable future??

    Edit: duh, you probably made the pumpkin ale with them ;)
  • @implet, You can smash them for pepitas, but I think once we get past Zilloween, they automatically revert to pepitas (although I don't remember if they do that while in your inventory). Haven't tried to see if we can drop them in shrines or sell them yet. BTW, we are actually able to grow pumpkins out of Zilloween season right now. So that is why I had already made a pumpkin beer and a pumpkin pie. But the other two items require the pepitas, which we couldn't get until we could carve pumpkins (only during Zilloween).

    We have a similar issue with getting rid of gnomes. Back a few months ago, many of us bought them to get the discovery points and forgot that we couldn't drop them on the streets in Ur. So we came up with creative ways to get rid of them - shrines and selling them to the vendors lead the recommendations. Some of us tried to mail them to each other, but unfortunately opening attachments on the mail throws an error.
  • Thanks for jogging my memory about pumpkins, it's been a while since I last observed zilloween!

    That's really funny about the gnomes. Such an appropriate object to get stuck with!
  • I can't say it enough... thank you Alpha testers for posting these pictures. It brings back memories. I know there are other Glitch games out there in a rush to get their game out first, but I have faith this game will be of a higher quality for that very reason.
  • Happy Zilloween, everyone!
  • Ah, Zilloween! I really miss passing out pumpkin ales.
  • I miss carving pumpkins
  • I remember storing jack o'lanterns in my house in those storage thingies on my wall. I swear thy would make snarky remarks as I walked by. They seemed to last after Zilloween if I did that.
  • Thanks for posting all these great pictures--missing Glitch a lot right now and this is just so great! Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone involved in bringing this wonderful world back to us .
  • My heart leaps up when I behold
    some bean trees on my screen.
    So was it when Eleven began;
    So is it now I can't yet get in;
    So be it when I shall log on,
    Or let me cry!
    The Glitch is the father of Eleven;
    And I could wish my days to be
    Bound to my keyboard by natural Glitchy glee.

    With apologies to William Wordsworth.
  • UGH! This alpha testing gets frustrating at times!!
    Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to be an Alpha. Retired old man, got nuthin else to do, lol.
    And it will get better. Our devs are awesome.
    meantime look at this: of the world.png?dl=0
  • I'm feeling particularly reminiscent tonight so rn I'm going through people's snaps on the Glitch website... thought I'd drop this off for all the glitchen yearning for some newer snaps ;)
    Here's an album of all my Eleven snaps that I'm about 68% I haven't posted here yet! [Not exactly sure how to work Imgur, so sorry if this is weird.],gi92E8D,bGnbyeL,2FjvUU4,hSOCNL4,u2I8wDG,DBlBxMt,AlfaTAd,V8q2yer,1vH1idA,JWgpoh7,l2aVZPm,mnISujs,vTDFv6I,XJ7lNkH,msGwST0,12XYi3E
  • Number 11 made me laugh. ^.^
  • How does one get to play? Would bribing with purple work?
  • @twinkletoe oooh... purple... love me some purple :0
    i have no powers of letting you play sadly but i can take more screenshots if you'd wish haha!
  • nice to see the achievements working. Will rack them up when I can get the chance to
  • Is skill tree back?
    Could non alphas start learning stuff in time?
  • @"we are durza" - we have most of the skills back, but many still need to be finished with a work around on our tester tool. Also since we still have regular resets, I'm not sure there would be much use in trying to learn stuff while waiting, since it will be reset over and over before you get into the game to play. Even the Alpha testers don't have the ability yet to set skills outside of the game yet. I think that may come when we get stuff like the encyclopedia back.
  • YEAH! I think you are right B3chy!! I have been testing a theory about learning,,
  • @b3achy resets are a sign of progress, and it's nice to know they happen regularly.
  • image
    Unnu Slight
    for @Sutton :)
  • Thank you all for the photos! Makes me miss glitch...
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    Interesting...I forgot Brillah was only in Black and White - freaky!

    Here's the Rube! He still has some questionable deals :/

    Some fun in Haraiva...(don't think I ever visited this area in Glitch since it was added later in the game)...

    Feeling like a billy goat with all this mountain climbing...

    Ah, darn, the teleport isn't working yet...waiting to go nowhere...


    And then an awesome jump off the top! I always loved jumping off the cliffs in this game!
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