The chronicles of Alpha Testing



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    A little song for our world being painstakingly patched back together by the Devs...

    For a really long time...
    Several Devs looked around...
    They saw broken things...
    So they brought them back to life...

    And that's what this game is!
    They're fixing giant thoughts!
    They're going and making them bigger!
    So we'll play for a long time!

    I hope you appreciate my massively cheesy poetry.
  • @B3achy it's Cinnabar Chibe in Kloro!
  • Love it, @seeen *:)
  • Ah thanks @"Scarlett Bearsdale" - didn't recognize it without the bouncy pads/trampolines in the original picture. Thanks for the full snap of the location...definitely remember it now.
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    I've been listening to the Glitch soundtrack lately, and something unfortunate dawned on me; I never actually payed attention to Glitch's beauty until the shutdown was announced, and I only played for about two days after that.

    Kind of makes me sad.
  • Haha @b3achy, the fireflies/whistle were a failed attempt to get you guys to be able to light your pumpkins during Zilloween. We need the quest behavior to allow the whistle to be taken/swallowed, frustratingly!
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    Oh, and I had tweeted this, but I didn't post it on the forum...the fireflies were in sync when I reloaded the game.

  • I don't intend to be a bother—that's the last thing I want—but when do you think we'll see a fourth Dev log? I'm kind of itching to get a good idea of the progress.
  • Kaiyon is working on another state of the project address, so that should give you a better idea of the status of things. There's another server release coming up, and every step like that we take sheds more light on what needs to be focused on, so just rest assured that we're not stopping just because the first idea didn't pan out exactly the way we'd hoped. Once we gather more data on these continued releases, there will be another dev log, I'm sure.
  • Ah, cool @ladyceres - so much better with the movement...they were pretty synchronized when I saw them too, but not quite as in formation as you had them. I love how you left it all in place for us to find even if the experiment didn't work. It really made me chuckle stumbling on it...and just seeing the mound gives me hope for the days when we will have home streets and can have our own firefly mounds in our yards.

    @Seeen - thanks for asking that of the devs...I'm often the one asking when the next update will be and I've been sitting on my hands waiting for someone else to ask this round. :)
  • @Scarlett Bearsdale Is that one of the endgame dragons? How many of the weird endgame things are there?
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    @"we are durza" - it's one of the endgame dinos that lead to Asslandia* (can't remember the new name though it meant the same thing, and I'm being too lazy to look it up right now). They are in world, but you can't get to Asslandia* yet - guessing it's an instanced location (and we can't get to any of the instanced locations yet - like the shady alley, our home streets, the firefly whistle quest location, some of the basic skill tutorial streets, etc).

    ETA: *Asslandia was renamed Shim Shiri and is in the region of Moshi Moshi Oshilatis
  • Interesting. Can you go inside them?
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    Yes. It was a method of travel.
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    You could jump down their throats and go through their internal organs (mostly intestines) to end up in Shim Shiri. However, it appears Shim Shiri is an instanced location, so we can't currently get back there right now in Alpha testing.

    While I think the dinos are cute, I wasn't a fan of them being out in Ur because I didn't feel their look blended well with the look of Ur, so they always seemed garish and out of place to me. While I'm a huge fan of KT's work, I thought some of his work was a bit too different than the Glitch art. I think I would have liked it better if the dinos blended better with the landscape they were in...I think a region of just KT's stuff that would have expanded Moshi Moshi Oshilatis past Shim Shiri with additional streets of KT's art would have been more to my liking. I'm all for expanding Ur to include more artists than just Kukubee, but when it's so different, I'd like that art to be a part of different regions to explore. Using KT's art for some of the additional games was so much better than just plopping stuff down in Ur that didn't blend with the surrounding area. I loved the games that KT came up with and thought they really expanded the fun in Ur.
  • Absolutely agree with this b3achy! I didn't think they fitted in at all, but your idea of a separate land would have been great. They are more suited to the Seams I think.
  • @Cassandria - yea, I think if the dinos were made out of the elements in Ur, as the entry point to the cartoonish land it would have been cool...for example a sleeping dino carved out of rock for the mountainous regions, made out of wood for the forest areas, a sand dino for the ancestral lands, etc. I think I would have found them quite charming then, and would have been happy to stumble on them in Ur.
  • Yes, that would have been very good. I would have liked that better. I was trying to think how they could fit in, this would have been it!
  • I agree with B3. I know that B3 isn't the intended name, but I like it as a name, so I'm using it.

    It would actually have been interesting if the... ahem... tunnel was also carved out of stone/wood/etcetera, but slowly transitioned into KT's style.
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    @Seeen, that is fine...truth be told, I like "b3" better than 'achy'...though it's supposed to be 'beachy'...but I'll answer to just about anything that isn't overly offensive. Like the transition idea, which would give the feel of leaving Ur and heading into a KT cartoon land...which I'd be cool with...I love cartoons...and while Ur is cartoon-ish, it has a different cartoony feel than KT's stuff.

    ETA: though it just struck me, I have a friend who is referenced as B4, because he has the same name as his father who is the third...not sure I'm on the level as his father, who is a pretty well known author, but I'll take it anyway...never dawned on me to tell B4, that I do get referenced as B3 in games, but I think he'll find it hilarious.... :)
  • Oh my

    I just discovered this

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    Here's all the trophies currently available. When I was in Glitch, I was never able to get the two cubi trophies due to the huge amount of currants it takes to get them...always had other things to spend my currants on. But finally got them here. Currently, music block trophies aren't available yet because not all the blocks are available in game yet.


    We have a couple streets in Ur right now that set off the Rook Attack...sadly though the skills we need to defend Ur aren't available to us yet...


    Finally, I was playing hide and seek with one of the vendors today...these types of things will be adjusted by the QA team at some point.

  • Just another little reminder about the next Dev log. Again, I don't intend to be a bother, and I'm not trying to rush anyone. This is just a reminder in case it's slipped someone's mind or something of that sort.
  • Umm, I did reply to you @Seeen. Did you miss it?
  • No, no, I saw it. I've given a reread and found that I didn't process the information properly the first time around, so I missed key details.
  • I get the feeling other players have been here before me. I wonder why... wait, what's that sound?
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    LOL...I actually missed @ladyceres ' post about a post it was good you asked the question again for me too @Seeen...I was able to scroll up and read the mini-update. I think she and I posted the same time and I missed her original post.
  • All of these snapshots are lovely. <3 Keep 'em coming!
  • image
    Test of butterfly glitch. Successful. *:)

    ◑.◑ Jumbled street vendor.

    ’Case of the Disappearing Emo-Bear’

    Testing, testing… “KFC” :)

    Lunchtime, in Ur -Maburger Royale -"It's not just seasoned beans in a bun smothered in stinky cheese - it's so much more than that. Oh no wait. It's just that." ◐.̃◐

    Cubimal parade, in Tejj Trades, Tamila.


    My temporary homestreet, in Ur. {Dhab Habit, Salatu}
    -Made it my mission to capture as many of these home type areas…

    Ariaste {May Soup, Vortex of Random}

    Rascalmom {Kelba Vallu, Kalavana}

    –Glitchen, finding a place in Ur. Here are more of what I have gathered so far: :)
  • Delightful recent update with a couple of new places for us to visit (lots of pleasant surprises with this one that shows the team continues their progress with improvements to the code)!

    We get to view the subway now (though we can't ride it yet), since subway stations are now open. At least the homeless players have a place to sleep again when they are able to get in the game.

    Bureaucroc Halls are now open...though the bureaucrocs are currently ignoring the players...gave me time to sneak behind the counter :)

    And I feel there will be lots of trashed water cup art springing up this session...just saying...water cups are back! Maybe if we trash the hall enough, the bureaucrocs will start to pay attention to us...well, at least the ones not playing farmville.
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