The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • Sorry I missed the spelling party!! Been busy since Friday evening. Hope to get in on the next one...that looked like fun!
  • We'll have to just have random Alpha parties! What a way to test the server!

    GUYS I GOT TO PLAY WITH A SIOBTG AND IT WAS THE MOST MAGICAL MOMENT! I can also confirm that it works and will teleport you across the world.
  • Very nice SB! I love the effects ; )
  • *presses face against the screen* COOOOOOOL
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    @Artemis - I miss Mr. Funpickle...I see you have a dusty stick too...very nice!

    Aw, I always had fun searching for the Kukubee heads...they are still around in the typical odd places...

  • @B3achy I'll drop him off at your place so you can play with him and the dusty stick (wow that sounds perverted)

    Speaking of the dusty stick

    All too soon it was gone...
  • LOL! Now that is the sort of humor I miss with you all........... Thank you. ;)
  • @Artemis - Aw thanks so much! Such sweet memories since I had both having been a beta tester and a victim of the great loss of 2012 (though it was almost embarrassing to have the dusty stick since it created such an uproar with those that didn't lose anything and didn't get it). I returned them to your temp home street, and messaged you with the specific location.

    It was great to play with the funpickle and launch the apology gift from the devs...if you haven't done it yet...keep playing with that pickle! ;)

    I was pretty stoked today because I saw where someone left a plate of beans in Gregarious Grange...I promptly had to overthink it about four times in a row before putting it down. :)
  • I am crying......with great happiness....Thanks for the pics
  • I had some fun poking around some of the newer areas I'd missed exploring in detail. While wandering around Firozi I particularly liked this late evening moon in Venkate Kate image
    and this rather singular tree in Leffe Weff image
  • Okay so rook attacks aren't exactly working but I still managed to get this screen cap of when it started

  • Looks amazing, can't wait to get my Ur back on
  • Zilloween in New Ur:
    pumpkins planted in Community Gardens; bag full of Zilloween foods
  • Keep em coming, LOVE seeing all these wonderful pictures.

    And a big THANK YOU to those testing right now. It's fun, but it is also not easy. LOL amazing how hard it can be to break things sometimes. Or, reproduce the bug.
  • All this makes me smile deep inside....... thank you everyone.
  • ::sigh:: It'll be so good to get back.
  • Did you get Secular Holiday Eggs too?
  • great stuff! fantastic! incredible! exciting! keep going! *wipes tear, hurries off to get back in line....
  • We do indeed get Secular Holiday Eggs!
    Egg Trophy splash page
  • Oh yippie for the holiday eggs!!
  • Even the cubimals like to donate to the giants! I might have tried to skip them...

  • Artemis, They seem very polite & orderly in their queue! :^)
  • The snow vendor tried to jump infront of the emo bear cubimal but I politley told him that cutting wasn't in the spirit of the game. Everyone else was well behaved.
  • @Artemis, I'm surprised it was the snocone vendor and not the juju bandit that was acting up...oh, well, it's always the quiet ones that you have watch like a rook.
    four trees growing in one spot

    Frankentrant, in Great Hole to Ix.
  • It's a hybrid!
  • @b3achy I had to politley ask him to get out of line. He tried to take some donations. He's with the cubimal police now.
  • -cries silently-
  • Ohhh don't cry Artemis, it'll be a new day in 4 hours or less!!
  • image

    Bouncing around in May Soup, my temporary home street :D
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