The chronicles of Alpha Testing



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    Y'know, looking on this image, will the Glitch logo on those games be replaced with an Eleven logo? Or will it be left as Glitch to honor those that came before?
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    @Seeen I vote on keeping in!

    now where is wally? I mean... zoom?


    edit: guess I should add that it works better if you are just awaking up and glare to all that shiny white as I did, the only thing I was able to see was the baloon saying "new day bla bla bla" and realized that my tiny zoom vanished..uh wait..maybe not
  • Well, you should get some clothes on! I told you that the other day! ;-)
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    Needing Glitch. Requesting screenshots. Speaking like Fruit Tree.
  • @zoom.b - I used to love to make myself blend with the background from the wardrobe/vanity and take snapshots. I have some from Uralia and a couple from one of the fox brushing streets...some people would claim that I was 'off screen', but I was always in the pictures...if you could find me. Love that you were able to get close with our default character while we don't have wardrobe or vanity yet.

    @coolbetty - great bot dance! Better than mine.

    @Seeen - thanks for a mission...will go take some snaps of something...I have had a hard time with a focus lately in game, since we've reported most of the new broken stuff thus far. However, more snaps is a good mission to have. :)
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    As requested...some more pictures... :D

    The bad boy is still in prison in Doolshe Teff...the vendor and I have our eye on him...

    Having fun in Gregarious Grange...

    The testers have been playing with doors (that currently go no where) -

    A Hidden Feast in the Towers Basement -

    Some old and new items are back in play in the game:

    Notice Boards are back, though they also caused a major problem with the update, so they have been disabled for now. But, we can at least read the message the QA team left for us!

    Remember Random Kindess?

    Mmmmmm, Bacon!!! (I never knew this made it into Glitch - first time I saw it was here)

    We have higher level skills with this update thanks to a work around from the dev team. Makes skill learning management challenging again. What to choose next...
    Am I the only one that wants the bonus "thin gummies" from AK VII? ;)
  • Great post, b3achy! *:)
  • Thanks, B3! Got a warm fuzzy already.

    That would make a nice item for glitch. A warm fuzzy. What would it do? I'm not sure. Maybe by doing nice things for others, such as giving out random kindness, sharding quoins, cooperative mining, and giving a little lobe, it grows and gets warmer. When it reaches a certain point, you can maybe activate some area-of-effect buff that gives you and all nearby Glitchen a little boost of something such as imagination, energy, mood, or all of the above while it's in effect. It may also last longer if there are Glitchen nearby, because sharing it with them by staying close to them is also a nice thing to do!
  • Like the warm fuzzy idea. We had those somewhere...thought it was Glitch, but maybe it was another game.

    Couple more pictures:

    My temp home street (we are just picking dead end streets to call home and drop stuff) - have a big buffet out for anyone who wants to come by:

    Unnu Slight - always have to visit the dragon head at least once per update and leave some goodies. This is one of the streets that I helped to 'open' in Glitch when we still had street projects. By default, it has become one of my favorite locations in the game:
  • @b3achy I'll try to stop by later and bring some food!!
  • @Artemis, you are only allowed to come by if you TAKE some food! :)
  • I guess I can indulge in a bit of lovely home cooked food!! :D
  • do you remember the baby animals?

  • I remember visiting the Unnu Slight dragon and adding a firefly jar to the many already memory of something-or-other which I have (natch) forgotten.
  • @Kyleri, I seem to remember there being one of the 9/11 remembrance days being there (as well as at the Tower). But it might have been another event.
  • @b3achy, that sounds about right.
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    On the way to visit b3achy, I got a certain achievement that I never got before :) I got sidetracked and still havn't made it to B3achy's. Oops!
  • HolyCrud! I just found this whole effort and am giddy with excitement! WOOOHOOO!
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    Ah sloths! They've been a bit standoffish for me, but one of the other testers let me in on a secret so they'd stop telling me to "Sod off"... ;)

    Feeding the sloth:

    Happy sloth:

    (as you can tell, these streets haven't been QA'd yet, so the trees look a bit off)
  • Hmm. I wonder if I should see about joining up with the QA team.
  • I am so giggling out loud. Thank you for posting those beautiful memories!
  • I've missed this so much. I can't wait to get an invite or to have the game open up~ You can bet the first thing I'll do is get my friends begging to play. Glitch was so charming, I was so sad that I had only gotten to play for a few months before it was terminated. SO EXCITED <3
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    "You have reach the unfinished part of the map that you feel mysteriously compelled not to explore."
  • OMG, ELF, you reached the end of Ur!! Sweet sweetness!
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    I never knew about this place while Glitch was open...found it in Alpha for Eleven though! :) It is one of the seam streets called Namaste!

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    The picture of Animal Kinship made me squeal like a mouse. That and cooking were my favourite skills way back when. So stoked this game is coming back to our screens. There is nothing else like it in the gaming world, unlike most that can IMO be easily replaced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I have a little request of the folk lucky enough to play the game at this stage. For some reason the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Glitch is the train. It was so fun waiting a little real time to travel and then possibly boarding with another player. I'd love to see a picture of it again. That's my request. :)
  • Ohhhh I loved Namaste.
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    @KittenOnACloud - sadly, we can't give you a picture of the train is an 'instanced' location, and those aren't available to us yet. The closest thing we have right now is the subway station (and the only one right now is in Groddle Meadow, which we just got with the last update because it was the first region that was QA'd and we were asked to check it). Trust me I regularly push the red subway button (which does work - and tells me I need my papers), just to be annoyingly hopeful. I still dance with the maintenance bot too, FWIW.

    I have a funny feeling there may be a train party when they are running I'm sure there will be lots of pictures. We all want them back because our poor Glitchens' feet are sore and tired from all the walking we do right now. Thank goodness Teleporting has been relatively easy to get, and they have some predetermined teleport locations on our tester doll too.

    To give you an idea of some of the current instanced locations (and other locations we can't get to yet since they don't have doors that work yet), here's a list of some of these locations (likely incomplete) -

    Subway trains
    Home streets
    Hell (so we have to avoid dying right now, else we often get locked out of the game until a dev can rescue us)
    Party Pack locations
    Game tutorial (Gentle Island)
    Initial tutorials for LGT, SA, EZC, AK
    Some quests - Ilmenski Jones, Numismatic Hustle, Back Alley (for getting papers), etc.
    Some of the locations behind locked doors (like the ones in the basements of the towers)

    No doors:
    The rook museum
    Some of the rooms in the tower
    Some of the subway stations (other than Gregarious Grange station)
    Some of the machine rooms (other than Otterlane and one other that I found)
    Some of the bureaucratic halls (other than Gregarious Grange)

    There is soooo much the devs have done!!! Ur is a delightful place already! But they definitely have a long list of things to do...however, every day it gets a little bit closer to the Ur we remember from Glitch...but there is hope that it will be even better in Eleven since it will be able to grow and develop further once they get the baseline rebuilt!

    ETA; Added Hell as an instanced location, have been so used to avoiding it that I had forgotten that major location in our list of places we still can't access yet. Also added Asslandia (don't know why I can never remember the updated name), so no jumping down the dinos' throats yet. And remembered Party Packs are also included too.
  • Oh that's okay. Thank you for explaining b3achy. Gosh I'm so jealous you're able to play, even if it is an incomplete world. I've downloaded some of the Glitch music off Youtube just for the memories. The fact that I played this with my now-ex husband and still remember it so fondly is quite a testament to it's greatness. All hail Glitch! :)
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