What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • That would work too, always was checking the map alot, would think there should be some way to make it a bit more user friendly at any rate :)
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    Liza Throttlebottom here. I'm sure it won't be long before everyone knows that ;) Just echoing the love for the old achievements. I look forward to re-earning each and every one ;) Some of you may remember I had sort of an unhealthy affection for the silly badges. I hope to see feats again though preferably in a smaller form. Hard to come up with them, but the non-grindy feats were quite lovely. I enjoyed competing in them. Let's be honest though I loved competing in the grindy ones as well!

    Hmm. I always wanted honeybears.

    And this isn't really a feature, but I want humbabella and mathemaglitch back! Though I suppose he'd need a new and snappy name like ElevenIsAPrime or some such. Considering the new name of the game!
  • Hi and I can't WAIT to play! I definitely would like to see the Glitchen be able to use their furniture...sit on chairs, lay on beds etc. I also would like to see WREATHS for the doors.....they could be awards or plateau's or of some special meaning! The Butlers were GREAT! I loved how you could share a home if you wanted and be able to lock others out. Please keep the NOTES and the communication....THAT in itself made this game so unique.
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    I'd love to have the option to splank the Rube, should be not too much trouble to implement I think? If you're carrying a plank, you get the splank menu option and it triggers an event where the Rube splanks back. Then the Rube leaves. All the parts exist and the Rube already checks your inventory.

    I also had an idea about a holiday table decoration that swaps out different image files based on what the is the next holiday in the calendar. So it would be one thing for glitchmas, one thing for Croppaday, etc. but that would be more complex to implement. Plus it would help to raise awareness of the less well known holidays!

    Oh! And a new type of bag, a notebook, that will only hold notes, paper, TP scripts, ... maaaybe tickets and cards. It would have more slots, maybe 32?
  • @ Scarlett Bearsdale-- I really like the notebook idea!
  • My favourite things were my house and garden, having my own little space to do with whatever I pleased and also the achievements. I loved having those to work towards and feel like I was moving forwards - even if was only for mining a certain number of rocks or walking a certain number of steps - I really enjoyed seeing that board fill up as I did more and more in the game.
  • Oh, and something that I never got in Glitch...would love to have some pink flamingo lawn ornaments. Here in FL, when you have an event / milestone / done something stupid, there is a high probably that you could get 'flamingo-ed' by your friends...where they come and put dozens of flamingos in your yard...would love to be able to do the same with some of my very dear friends' home streets! :D
  • I propose 3 new achievements that are wardrobe related:

    3 Glitchen Sitting in a Tree - 3 Glitchen wearing the exact same outfit while standing on tree branches in Groddle Forest Junction.
    19 Friends in FirFire Frees - 19 Glitchen wearing the exact same outfit in FirFire Frees
    71 Slippin' Glitchen - 71 Glitchen wearing the exact same outfit while sliding in Sliding Skimmers.


  • I do like the group achievements, but I would definitely recommend reining in the numbers a bit ; ) 71 Glitchen working together is just unwieldy :P
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    @FlatEarther I suspect 71 is too many--while the servers may be able to handle 71 glitchen in one place without wireframes and lag, I don't think it's a good idea to encourage 300+ to be there all the time, as different groups have each picked out an outfit to match. And it's likely that detecting activity ("standing on tree branches") is a bit too much to ask. I'm also unsure about attaching them to streets, because there'd be no reason you couldn't get the 19 friends before you got the 3 in a tree achievement, if they're location-specific.

    But I love the idea of an achievement for matching outfits, even if it's not tied to a specific location. (And if it starts with three, anywhere, there's a good chance some newbies would discover it entirely by accident.) I'd probably put the numbers for that one at 3/7/13 or 17, probably 23 at most, making the first level fairly easy, the second require some social coordination, and the third difficult, but not a server drain to manage if several groups are trying it at once.

    Would it work for nekkid glitchen? Or would there need to be at least one item of clothing involved?
  • BALCONIES for the houses!! I know they were in the works!
  • Apologies if this has been mentioned before, I come in 8 pages late!

    As much as I enjoyed being able to customize my home street, nothing beat the neighborhoods. Knowing you had neighbors you could visit and run into in the same block, buying a group of houses with your friends, having a part of the map that was "yours," that you couldn't just teleport right to without consequence, that you had to travel to get home. I loved that. I'd be interested in if it could be featured again somehow...maybe you could have a /home or you could choose to buy an address.
  • At a few locations in Ur, a magic hat, manned by one Bunny. Players donate items to the hat, and the Bunny will give one per game day to any passerby who asks.
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    @"Scarlett Bearsdale" That's adorable!

    I'd love to see more and unexpected uses for basic items like milk, meat, and cheese outside of the cooking realm. I want to combine 100 meat into a meat brick and use 25 meat bricks to build a meat igloo which I can then use to decorate my house : ) Or perhaps if you build a meat igloo you can place it on a street and it creates an instanced location of a generic street called Carnivore's Respite that has some sort of interesting resource inside, such as denser piggies that drop more meat, or simply a nicely meat-themed inner-igloo where a party could be started anytime!
  • @liza, I will be taking my pillows and blanket and making a meat-themed inner igloo tonight. I can only hope my family understands...
  • @FlatEarther I sure hope they understand because the cozy interior of a meat igloo is the single most comfortable place on Urth ;)
  • It was long my desire to make art in Glitch not creating codes but actually painting on canvas or on walls or building a structure, I believe Kukubee's stacktus? . . . was a nod in this direction, also Stoot agreed at one time that the possibility for players to be able to produce art in game might be possible with a certain shelf type block we could place in our towers. Thing being the old shelves allowed some limited art works but they were notoriously hard to juggle, items wouldn't always remain where placed after reloads, and of course griefing was always a possibility, It would be amazing to be able to say craft a pot decorate it and gift it to a friend for their birthday, or build a statue, or capture a picture/photo in game and put it on your wall . . . heh
  • @Faereluth One of the things you mentioned was actually implemented, but never released. We tested it out and it works. ;)
  • squee, I wonder which one . . hahha but also yay and can't wait to try it out :D
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    I'd like to be able to buy a moving box for storage. Key is, you can't look into it, once it's closed its contents are hidden from the server/don't load with the house, and it has to be unpacked all at once, all over the floor. You also don't know how full it is while you are filling it. They can be stored in the attic. To fill, move it from your inventory and act on it to open it. Then fill it by dragging items over it or from your inventory via item menu.
  • Moving boxes would be cool to have again, at least for attics, even if we cant fill them
  • I always wanted the gods to have more of a presence, have more of a direct interaction, perhaps their own levels, or levels / streets of the gods that you only get to when you have donated a certain amount. Praying for the gods who may give you some awesome artifact specific to that god, a lot like the collectible dolls.
  • Get rid of flash, make it all CSS and canvas draws. Flash kills my computer.
  • Single sign on for both Eleven and childrenofur.com ;) so I can be on both and have a synced profile :D
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    @wondre I'm sure the staff will be able to reply to this better, but this entire thing is Flash. I don't think they're going to switch any time soon.
    Eleven and COU are also both completely separate games, and teams. They might work together on some aspects later, but it's not going to be integrated.
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    @wondre we had the starts of a praying to the Giants....thing...to an extent anyway in Glitch. If you had enough favor you got a painting like object you could put on youre street or in your house, for each Giant, and it had various things you could activate from it. The robes we had of the various Giants were originally meant to go with adding temples/rebirth system. Which we never got temples but they had been discussed at one point. also discussed was a rebirth system where you became a priest/priestess of a different Giant each time you started over.

    As a side note id like to see in Eleven additional lvls and skills vs. a rebirth system. The option of being able to be a Priest/Preistess somehow would be great. And a temple for each Giant, somehow maintained by the followers of the Giants or at least by players. Even if the Priest type idea never developes, i still think it would be a great addition to have a temple for each Giant in world, if nothing else for roleplay, giving the Giants a better presence in world, and holidays
  • @wondre Eleven and CoU are seprate projects and both chose different formats, for a variety of reasons, but it is unlikely that either will change formats any time soon, nor will they merge. Both are volunteer fan projects not associated with Tiny Speck, and took a ton of work to get to where they are currently.
  • I'd like to see some side tables become a new kind of storage furniture, specifically for keys, with enough slots for every kind of key in the world.

    Why side tables? A lot of them have drawers, and I'd like them to be "real", and keys, well, you can fit a Ot of keys in a drawer.
  • Please bring back strawberry seeds! - nuff said :D
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    I liked both types of houses, the newer ones, the ones where there was a lot more customization, and the older ones, like the beehive houses or apartments. If both could be accessed, that would be cool! Also the separate page for buying houses, as in not in game. Also the talking rock, skills, public gardens, if apartments had more gardening/herbal space (even though it isn't too realistic), if there were cats, definitely sloths and foxes, if you could make your own furniture and decorate it with metal bolts and fox fur, but a lot of the stuff I may or may not have just said (:D) was in the game at closing. And distilling. And the little alligator creatures that you had to buy a house/subway permit from. And the subway. And teleportation skills, so you and your friends could click a button and *poof* you are at your house. So much to include in this comment...
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