Who's here?



  • I;m here, I've stalked forever. It's good to see a few people I knew back then.

    Has anyone seen Loupin?
  • I'm here, although I was only around for the last couple months of Glitch, and my name was vaporfairy, I believe. Funny how many of you lovelies I recognize from such a short time! :)
  • Dragon...I haven't seen Loupin or Amelia, or Ananda or DB or anyone from my dearest group of friends. :( I hope to see them soon.
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    DB recently posted to another thread, so he's around. :) His name on here is apparently DeeBee.
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  • Day 1,149 - the Rubies in the Time Machine finally died out and I appear to have travelled to the Year 2016..... Hi All :) I bolloxed up the account creation hence the _ at the end of my name :D

    So when is that mad mad mad mad game coming back so I can waste inordinate amounts of time again!!!? ;)
  • OMG!!!................ Bumrushes Amelia and Loupin!!!! I Missed You Guys!!!!! Oops... sorry, didn't mean to get you all dirty.. ;)
  • I'm still MysticBell! Doubt anyone remembers me for I was a little lvl 15 newbie haha. If you see Pinkie Pinkston or Kremit tell them hi for me! They were amazing and helped me so much.
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    It's so nice to see the old names here! (And new names!)
  • Amelia-Fae - nice to see you again - checked your facebook from time to time, but it seems that you're not using it anymore?
  • I was Bioluminesce. c':
  • Aww, I'm a bit new here... :( I played a bit before it shut down, but it still left a Glitch sized hole in my blackened heart!
  • aaa!! hi to all the new ppl!!!
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    yay ! more glitchen showing up! Hi! *waves at @loupin_ ( ask around to see if your name here can be fixed!! ) and amelia-fae! * ;)
    ( i am here and for those of you that ask . Piece of serenity from glitch and I are 2 different players , not related to each other. Just FYI. )
  • @loupin you should be all fixed up. you might have to re-log in to the forum to see the change. I deleted the mistake account, so you should be all set.
  • @ladyceres. Bless you, I feel like my mischievous old self again !! :)
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    Hi all....I can't believe you are all here! Reading these names makes me feel like I just woke up from a coma and am trying to get oriented again.....(feeling joyful but a bit dazed and confused)!!!

    How does one go about getting an invite to alpha? Any of my old buddies in it who can offer an invite to an old friend?

  • Welcome home marycontrary. :)
  • Aww thanks so much Lill Missy. It is good to be home!
  • Hey there little Miss marycontrary, how's your garden growing.
  • Hey Ezme, good to see you here.
  • Hello i am jumping and waving and trying to get noticed but i am behind a long list of possible Alphas and Betas so i dont rate my chances very much, but on the bright side i will walk along the streets again and choose a home for myself and sing along with the butterflies, as soon as the game permits , long live Eleven Giants cheers to all of the team...........
  • Mer! How are you?!! (throwing my arms around and you squeezing the breathe out of you). Are any others from the old gang here??
  • I was Limgong. I think i will be again. I used to give out lots and lots of trees.
  • Hello glitchen!
  • Hello everyone! Doubt many remember me but I had a few close friends :) So happy to hear that my favorite game is making a comeback!!! Woo hoo!!!
  • Welcome back all!
  • It's me
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