Who's here?

Is there a way to see who all of the members are? If not, will there be so that we can search for our fellow Glitchen?


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    Also.. has anyone heard from Lord Bacon-o?
  • You know, I very recently realized that there's no easy way to view all the members. It looks like there are a couple of plugins that will add that functionality so I will take a look at them soon.
  • I Liza Throttlebottom am here under the pseudonym chaos (as if Liza was not already a pseudonym as well, silly me.) lovely to see your name in text again PrincessFi and ladyceres : ) I look forward to seeing who else I knew is here!
  • I'm not here - this is somebody extremely similar to me! (My name on Glitch was 'Mercedes Kimura'.)
  • Hello Mike & chaos! Liza, I believe it was written in the Glitch Book of Not Rules that you may have as as many pseudonyms as you are capable of remembering (at any particular time). :)
  • PrincessFi, I'm beginning to think my neurological limit is two, I am a weak brained individual ;)
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    Is this really happening??? This game I so dearly loved is coming back??
  • @SB1981 it sure is friendo!
  • @PrincessFi, as the queen of alts, I totally agree...though I had to write all mine down...lol...

    @chaos, Hey there Liza...I so remember you from Glitch...and it cracks me up that you chose 'chaos' for here, since that was my first fiance's nickname...yea, long story and yes more than one fiance...he's a good guy now, but whenever I see 'chaos' I think of him (all good at this point...lots of water under that bridge).
  • @b3achy It's funny because a derivative of chaos has always been my username in other places, but I always thought of my glitch as a character separate from myself, so Liza was the name of my dread pirate ;) It was the only place I went by Liza Throttlebottom, and everywhere else is pretty uniform :P Also interesting is that this is the only place where chaos as a username has been free ;) Also interesting co-inky-dink!
  • I was Miss Marmalade back on Glitch, but I figured reincarnation warrants a small change :)
  • I remember Liza! I was Trucker Dave. In fact, it was given to me by another Glitchen (I was October before, but it was widely assumed in Global that I was a dude. I said nay nay, I am a chick, not a dude. Some Glitchen who's name I've forgotten reminded me of the rules of the internet, being that there are no girls on it, just dudes and I was likely a 50 year old trucker named Dave. I promptly changed my name) I'm so fond of the name that I have used it all over the place. It's my new go to username for EVERYTHING.

    And that's the story about how Glitch changed my internet life.

    Thank you.
  • DAVE! Hugggsss.....................
  • MISSY!!! Hugs!!!
  • Since TD came back, I got pulled back in too. We're still not the same person (I dont even remember my name before she switched to TD and I became OB, maybe Khatastrophic? That's my name everywhere else) but yeah.. The day we swapped our names out and caused a huge stink in global was one of the best days of my Glitchlife. That and the day I discovered the bumfeathers :)

    I'm so glad this happening! Has anyone heard from Innie yet?
  • I want all my Lobe crew back. And the great mass Skype calls.
  • Huzzah! It's going to be brill again. I think I remember seeing Trucker Dave somewhere along the way. I'm still the MinjiMinjiMinji green lady.

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    Pretty sure i saw Innie in the Welcome thread, its so long now though!
  • Havent seen Lord-Bacon-o though, not that i can remember anyway
  • Happy New Year Gang! Nice to get back to the community. Same username and all. Seeya back in the Ancestral Lands maybe!
  • hey guys! awesome sauce here (obviously) its great to see you all!
  • I am here.

    This means very little to anyone but acronymph and Jinya.
  • Coolbettycakes now coolbetty everywhere but Facebook and bettybarfield on g+. I hope hope hope everyone comes back.
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    Whoa! Welcome back everyone : ) People I recognize and those I don't ; ) Nice to see you again awesome sauce, and nice to see you for the first time Thraeryn!
  • hi, im tis, i was tis, hi :)
  • Hi I'm Nutty and I used to be Nutty in Glitch also I'm a bit Nutty. :)
  • Hi everyone! So great to see you here, tis!
  • Welcome Everyone! It's so good to see familiar names, I can't wait to see the faces!
  • Hiyas! I was Grizelda before and am Grizelda again. Not to be confused with Griselda, though we both knit. :)
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