Who's here?



  • Hi there! I was FlameCascade in Glitch. I’ve missed this game so so much, it was such a memorable part of my teenage years. (I use he/him!)
  • I was also Elyn in Glitch! https://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PHVPR7VODU72HNT/ I miss everyone.
  • I am Here! Is anyone else here?
  • I'm still here.  Mostly just lurking.
  • Lurking as well on and off!
  • i'm here :) same username now & then. i usually sink a bunch of time in and then take a long break, lather, rinse, repeat.

    whenever i see a new name come up in global i click on the name & add them to my contacts. if i'm traveling through homestreets and come across a new one, go over to their butler and ask them to "tell you about..." and then when they say "this is [username's] home street," click on the username and add to contacts that way. (mostly this is good for making a note of home street resources when your signpost is full, so you can visit these streets again easily whether the person is online or off by opening your contacts list & clicking the desired name.)

    unfortunately still no way to search for friends, but if you know a friend has joined just find a time that the two of you will be on simultaneously. have them type something in global (or vice versa) and then you can click on their name there and add them. :)
  • hey guys, I don't remember my old Glitch name, but I'm here now! it's actually lovely to see the old community again after so long <3 
  • I was mac the knife.

    Can't wait to get into this game again!
  • I'm here! Can't remember my Glitch name but now I'm SonnyStar! It's amazing to see that Glitch is not gone forever ^_^
  • I'm still here.  :) humm, or am I still there.  Either way,  Hi hi hi folks.  Hope to see some of you in game soon.  Like jerk nugget, I play for a stretch of time then take a break.  Come back and play a bit.  Hope you are all staying safe and finding something to fill your time.
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