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  • I really need this to happen. I was either Silky or SilkyM. I'm not sure which and my screenies didn't make it off the old computer.
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    Also, I was trying to get 1,000 diamonds and I didn't make it. Wonder if I'll try again. Hi TruckerDave, looking for other names I might remember, but my brain has been savaging itself.... catching up on this, I see my odds of actually getting into the game are pretty remote? Well, tush.
  • Hi @Silky & Welcome!!

    You can still search your player info, (among other things), here.

  • Hi everyone Momomcglitch here aka heathermomo . It's great to see Ur coming alive, can't wait to get back in. (Would you like a GMT tester?)
  • If you don't recognize my name, it's because I only got to play for 4 months before EOW. But even in four short months, I fell in love with Glitch, and can't wait for it to come back 100% And believe me when I say - it will!
  • I was Periwinkle - I see so many familiar names!

    Can't wait to get back to Glitch!
  • MeeMawMoo Want's To Play Again Too
  • Welcome Home!!!
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    @marycontrary, there sure are, a few are in alpha, and quite a few of us are just hanging around in the forums waiting to get in.
  • Hang in there!!
  • OMG!!!! Hi, Elle Lament here. I was Elle Lament in the game, too.
    I just randomly stumbled across this. I swear, I haven't stopped thinking about Glitch since it shut down. I miss it SO much, especially the collaboration!

    I hope that Eleven gets things up and running soon. Until then, I just crapped my pants from this: http://childrenofur.com/


    Also, anyone remember Sir Francis Bacon?
  • Welcome Home Elle!!!
  • So many familiar names. :) I keep checking in now and again to see how far along this has gotten.
  • Hi everyone. I just discovered Children of Ur was up so I have been on that. Am hearing that Eleven is much better. Can't wait til they open up Alpha or Beta testing! :)
  • Just me bindijean from FS and Glitch.
  • @bindijean, hey there musketeer
  • I played Glitch one day(not even a full ingame day), forgot about it, refound it and missed it so much...
    since I didn't meet a single person I guess there's no point in posting here, but whatever...
    also, I'm usually jan6 everywhere
  • Galdrin (from Glitch) is back !!!
  • Welcome home everyone!!!!!
  • Megan64...
  • Teatree
  • Jelee
  • Chaos is breaking loose at work, the network engineers are blaming Comcast, and Comcast is blaming us. But none of that can bother me now. I was wistfully reading the Glitch Wiki page, remembering that great time long ago... when I read about this project. And now, though the network has crashed and the department is one step away from suffering a collective aneurysm... I am at peace.

    Greetings all, I used to be Shrodinger'sPed, and am now MelancholyGateau. I can't wait to see you all in-game some day soon!
  • So fun to see all these names and players finding the forums and staying connected, in a small way, with glitch :-)
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    Ohhhhhh.....I'm stuck on a loading screen, I'm high on believing, I can't get in my house....woooo wooooo... got lips on my teddy, attached a good moon tooooo...game can't finish loading up my house so newwwww....

    (okay, I know, it's a really stale song I'm filking there....sorry, BJ Thomas)

    ooka chacka ooka ooka
  • Ooh. Celebrating your joy and sharing frustration....I begging that the damn red sign gets taken away for me!
  • Hi! I'm Sukistar (Vanessa) I almost died after seeing this was a thing! (I hope I can find Pollen, she was a good friend of mine that I didn't get to keep in touch with after Glitch
  • Hugs and welcome home Sukistar! I hope you find your friend also.
  • Hiya~ I was Zelda Mikiki a long time ago. (but I'm pretty sure no-one knew me back then anyway). It's so nice to see everything here start to come back together! I've really missed this place.

    Okay, I'm going back to lurking now.
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