First Alphaversary Creativity Competition



  • I finally finished my contribution - I made an embroidered felt portrait of one of my favorite inhabitants of Ur, the Sno Cone Vending Machine! I loved Glitch for so many reasons, but I especially enjoyed the beautiful artwork. I have never really been into gaming, but when Glitch came along, I felt like it was made for me!

    It would be amazing to have the opportunity to be an alpha tester because I want to help with this project in any way I can!

    Sno Cone Vending Machine
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    Thanks for all the entries! We look forward to going through and picking out our favorites.

    Edit by ladyceres (12/22): we are working on picking the winners, fear not! The holidays seem to have approached us more quickly than anyone could have anticipated, so just bear with us as we all reach our holiday destinations and can get the winners added.
  • I admit, we all kind of scattered over the holidays! However, we are back at it, and starting to invite the folks behind some of the winning entries. Since we're all over the globe, these conversations can take a while, so we're still deciding on a few! There will be another post when all the invites have been sent out.
  • All invites have now been sent! Congratulations to all the selectees!

    We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered - it was so hard to choose our favorites! Twelve entries were hand-selected by the development team, and then we added the rest of the posters in the Alphaversary thread into a random drawing. For those who were not selected, please don't lose hope; stick with us for more opportunities to join, and let's all hope that 2016 sees those wandering Giants fall asleep soundly at last.
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