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  • @EiraFae oh gosh, thank you so much! I left a lot of poetry notes scattered around Ur. Some of them were original, some of them were just poems I liked at the time. Anyway, it means a lot to me that you enjoyed them and that my writing affected you so strongly that you can even remember them up to today!! Seriously, that made my day. <3

    Also, on a sillier note, I now want pot brownies.

    @Seeen Reading a recipe like that really takes me back. Plus, I liked the memories you wrote.
  • OK, so this is a bit of old creativity which many of you Glitchen have seen before.. BUT.. I have a problem. For those of you who keep up with that most intriguing of SF TV series Doctor Who... Clara has gone (histrionic sobs). So I can't actually return to Glitch any more (more of the previous sobs).
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    Found Again

    There’s a feeling that rises
    When I think of this world:
    A clench in the chest, longing unfurled
    For a place that prizes
    Something nobler than most.

    Something subtler than strength,
    Something bolder than winning,
    No race to the top
    For achievements to boast
    But leaving behind competition
    And beginning to think
    About kindness, compassion, fulfilling
    A challenge to self, to be better than before –
    Not to want more.

    It’s a fierce, aching hope
    That this world will return;
    It builds in the chest,
    Pools behind eyes, as the thought
    Of this world rising up from the deep, from its –
    Not grave, let us say sleep –
    To resume its place in our hearts as a friend,
    An old flame, a romance once lost
    But is, at last, found again.
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    Does starting the Glitch Forever Slack group and making 360+ glitchen happy count as creative? Maybe. Maybe not. It's my only hope!
    P.S. If you haven't joined the Slack group for all homesick glitchen, send email to and I'll send you an invite!
  • 100 is fine.
    101 is divine!

    100 almost.
    101 we can boast!

    100 is a crime.
    101 is prime!

    100 so close.
    101 you're the most!
  • Haiku:
    Three years since the end
    Glitch vanquished, error-reports closed
    Worst bug-fix ever

    There was a fine game once called glitch,
    Whose ending left me with an itch.
    After all of these years,
    I'm encountering fears,
    That the Glitch-itch has turned into a twitch...

    I'll try again when I feel awake...
  • I thought I'd come in and share a little bit of writing. The characters and story are fictional, but the feelings that inspired them are real. I give you...

    *** One Last Time ***

    We walked the familiar path down into the Deeps, no sound but my footsteps and those of Ara behind me. She made the big jump over my head, up on to a ledge, like she'd done a thousand times, coming back down with a manic grin and a large, heavy key. We were doing this, tonight, for the very last time.

    This was always a strange and wonderful place, but it wasn't quite how I remembered it. The door clunked, creaked open, and we followed it through. Fifteen rocks sparkled, each in its place. We hopped over the gaps and up the latter. A single pig waited for us there, keeping vigil over this nearly forgotten shrine to avarice.

    We sat together and looked out over the cave. I idly scratched Piggy's ears as I pondered.

    "I remember," I said at last, "this place being busier."

    Ara nodded. She used to practically live here. "There were dozens of us on a good day, jumping from rock to rock as fast as they appeared. It never looked like this. You were lucky even to find a triangle key." She took the spare one she'd brought out of her blue mining bag. "I didn't even need this extra one."

    "It was all a bit too much for me," I said. "I used to do the circuit round the main Deeps, or fuss around in Groddle. Couldn't quite keep up with the big train of miners going through here."

    "There was a rhythm to it, if you knew what to watch for. It was something we all did together."

    "So what happened?"

    "Home streets. We imagined streets of endless sparkles, linked by signs and more signs, and we didn't need this place any more. Home streets killed Ajaya Bliss."

    I reached for my mining pick, just for old time's sake. When I went to get up, Ara nudged silently against my side. I sat back down. She was right. Now was not the right time to disturb the silence here.

    "They're all going to be coming back here soon," she said.

    "Why? What changed?"

    "Well, the world's ending. They're coming for the same reason we did, to see this place one last time in all its glory. Some of them were born here, many more of them lived here - so they want to die here."

    "So why did we come early?"

    "I wanted to tell old Ajaya that I always remembered her. That some of us always held the torch. Coming back just for the end..."

    "It cheapens it somehow, doesn't it? It makes it less personal."

    Ara smiled. "You get it."

    "A lot of glitchen are going to disagree with you."

    "Let them. That will be their party. This is ours."

    I asked her, "Do you want to watch the end here?"

    "I don't know. Hadn't thought about it. This was something I wanted to do while I still could, that's all. What about you?"

    I thought about it for a moment. "I'd like to go back to Groddle Forest. That's where it all began. That's where it should all end."

    Without another word, we got up, left a little food for Piggy, and leapt back over to the door. Ara paused, dropping her spare key just inside the threshold. This was our last time. She wouldn't need it again.

    The door closed behind us, leaving just a memory. We wouldn't be the last to see Ajaya Bliss. Others would come and see it as it used to be, celebrating the end of the world together. But we were the last to see what it became.
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    hi. it's me, coolbettycakes, beta l heir apparent to nanookie (the veal of trees, founder of all that is be-the-tree, grand mentor extraordinaire who forged the first bond between glitchen and tree) faithful student certified in be-the-tree and a 3rd degree black belt in "pssssssssssssst, c'mere". i'm Legacy "back to beta" ll. survivor of the great reset. decorated rook defender, professional glitch specializing in stoot crush, stoot stalk and a humble student of soon!

    i too have put some creative energy into expressing my love of ur. i made the "waiting on giants" header for my twitter page because i missed ur so much and needed to create something that reflected my sorrow mixed with the hopeful glitch heart that waits patiently, forlornly, silent screamingly for the next coming of ur.

    and another creative endeavor inspired by this forum thread and the land of ur, it's an adaptation of Trees by Joyce Kilmer.

    i think that Ur shall never see
    a poem lovely as be-the-tree.
    be-the-tree whose sheltering trunk is thrust
    against groddle forests grass covered crust;
    be-the-tree that looks at clouds all day,
    and lifts leafy arms to swat rooks away;
    be-the-tree that may in bortola wear
    a nest of chickens in her hair;
    Upon whose bosom sloth has lain;
    a tree who laughs as juju's complain.
    poems are made by fools like me,
    but elevengiants can make me be-the-tree.

    long live trees! in honor of national be-the-tree week, i invite you to spend more time with a tree :)

    ahhh ur, how creatively do i love thee? my love of ur can also be measured by my 74 assorted glitch video playlist on youtube, a very creative collection of glitch the game videos generously shared by other creative glitchen around the world. the list captures the wonderful charm and splendor of life in ur and preserves glitch history for future generations. cause i care about stuff like that. cause that's how much i love ur. check it out here:

    last but not least i leave this: a sample of a creative note i had written in ur. the responses from the equally creative glitchen who found the note were priceless.

    note: lost! one fancy red and green hula hoop, somewhere between kalavana and ix. it's not a christmas hoop, it just happens to be christmas colors. it's easy to tell the difference! if you have a red and green hula hoop that's not yours, count the clockwise revolutions that the red stripe makes 3/4 of the way around the hoop, hula side up. if there are 19, you have not found my hoop, you have what we in the business call a "holiday hoop". sorry but it is one of the more common hoops a far as hula hoops go. mine of course is rare making 23 revolutions. so if you find my hoop there is a small reward (i mean besides actually getting to look at it). please note: you may not use it without a H.U.L.A. license and a xerox copy of your library card, no card no hula. if the library's mad at you so am i, if you dont return your library books on time you can 't be trusted to handle my hoop. sorry. if you find it, don't touch it. just call me. thanks.

    a for effort? b for beta! c for can i please? thanks for the fun! good luck to everyone! <3
  • Reading this thread while studying for finals...
    This is such an awesome idea, I've loved seeing everyone's submissions so far!

    I cannot wait for the day that I get to enter the world once again. Keep up the amazing work devs, testers, and all you creative Glitchen!
  • Holy Humbaba can it be true? Can I really get into Alpha? I've been good all year, PLEASE can I be in Alpha? It would be a dream come true.
  • Love the game, love the beta on Glitch, and now I must be on Eleven Alpha. Happy Alphaversary!
  • Well, if you go to and look at the right hand column, you can find my Cubimal Racetrack, my Piggy Petter, my Glitch Die, and most of all my "Mysterious Thing". Crime Simulator, likewise in the side bar, is not Glitch themed. And boy do I have some very complex half-finished messes that never came together to go along with those.
  • In the spirit of Glitchmas (which I miss wholeheartedly), something I came up with when drinking with the Rube.

    All I Want for Glitchmas (with apologies to Ms. Carey - sung to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas is You")
    inspired by my crusade for fertilizer, and a severe lack of sleep

    I don't want a lot for Glitchmas
    There is just one thing I need
    I don't care about the presents
    Underneath the Glitchmas tree

    I just need some more guano
    To make my herbs grow and grow
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Glitchmas
    Is poo

    I don't want a lot for Glitchmas
    There is just one thing I need
    And I don't care about rare dollies
    Underneath the Glitchmas tree

    I don't need to find a cubi
    Rares that cost me lots of dough
    HSP won't make me happy
    Or eleven icons in a row

    I just need some more guano
    To make my herbs grow and grow
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Glitchmas
    Is poo
    Poo, baby

    Oh I won't ask for much this Glitchmas
    I won't even wish it snowed
    I’ll keep on feeding batterflies
    Until they drop a 3-stack load

    I won't make a list and post it
    To the Forums and keep it bumped
    I’ll just keep on making food
    To feed those batties ‘til they dump

    'Cause I just want my herbs tonight
    So I have got to expedite
    What more can I do?
    Baby all I want for Glitchmas is poo

    Oh all the lights are shining
    Outside everywhere
    But I just can’t see it
    I’m in a cave again somewhere

    And everyone is clapping
    I hear those batties flapping
    Santa won't you bring me what I really need?
    Won't you please bring my guano to me?

    Oh I don't want a lot for Glitchmas
    No Awesome Stew or Veggie Juice
    I just want to see those batties
    Drop a heaving, sighing deuce

    I just need some more guano
    To make my herbs grow and grow
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Glitchmas
    Is poo
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    Daffy Lurksalots 1, 2 and 3 have been patiently, until now, waiting to visit Ur. Unfortunately, I've had a few other things on my mind recently and, while I have been missing Glitch and Ur terribly, have been unable to post here and having to make do with keeping up on the news. Now that things have quieted down, Daffy Lurksalots 1, 2 and 3 (though 3 to a lesser extent since they don't have a mouth and sometimes their signs are a bit on the kooky side) have been nagging me about Eleven and Ur. So you guys have no idea how glad you're thinking of opening your doors again! Hoping to be in Ur again soon! <3
  • Sitting at the keyboard (portal to the world so real)
    darkened room echoing with sad cries of farewell and grief-

    will I ever see you again... how can this be ending... make it stop... don't leave me here alone

    will it hurt

    Tears dripping down on pale, stricken cheeks
    Then the last tinkling sounds, as we sing to Ur good night
    and the sparks go out
    Good night Groddle, good night.

    Please, bring it back.
  • My creativity is lacking. Does this post count as an effort?
  • Hello, I wanted to write an appropriately math-ey poem for this occasion. (hint hint syllables)




    Tick. Tock.

    Rattle. Hiss.

    The wheels are spinning.

    The Great Machine UR churns again.

    Tii's long sleep has ended and the universe is known.

    Red. Green. Shiny. Blue. Elements awaken. Crystals align. Potions and Tinctures brew.

    Eleven Giants roam the land an imagine all anew. Odd and Prime divide, order returns, reason dispells chaos. Ti'ites rejoice.
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    I am not good with poems. I am not very good with rhymes. I know that I want to be back in Glitch tho as I have this itch on my backside and it appears that it is only in Glitch that it is polite to scratch that in public cuz all i'm getting out here is stares and glares! My DH is tired of me making cabinets and collecting all of the same things and stuffing them full. I think the final straw was the allspice...but on the good side...I think I can feed all the piggies this winter if it gets bad!

    Oh how I miss petting, nibbling and watering everything near me...taking all I could carry home to sooth my hoarding soul!

    someone sooth my need for glitch and let me in.....

  • I never really played games, really but I loved Glitch. I filled streets with butterflies, hundreds of them, I loved the butterflies. The day it shut down I cried, I was inconsolable for days. I still miss it like crazy, there's a gap where Glitch lived. I'm not sure I want a place on the Alpha, I would be too disappointed if it doesn't work out, gets shut down or something and I'd got used to being home; so I'll just say, please make it work.
  • There is this website called Whirled where you can play games and create rooms. When Glitch assets were released for the public to use, we uploaded them to Whirled's shop so everybody could use them, thus keeping the Glitch spirit alive. Here are some of my rooms as an example ; ;

    Whirled players seem to love the Glitch furniture and I'm sure they'd love to play the game some day. Even if that is not possible yet, I'd like to thank all of you for bringing the game back and for all of your hard work.
  • image

    Dear Santa,

    This is a picture of the joy of Glitchmas.
    This is what I want again.
    That is all.

  • On the day that the world ceased to exist I went to the gathering point and stood there contemplating the future when my friend appeared,he had arrived for the ending just in time,the countdown began and we decided the best place to be at this time would be my home,so away we went,Alas to my despair there was a GLITCH,i never made it and the lights went out and blackness enveloped the world. I am still lost,cant find my way home,everything is dark and my friend is still waiting for me to arrive.Please help me find my way home.
  • I wander lost, searching in my dreams for a dream that was home. I will know it by its trees of crude humour, its vistas eerie and melancholy amidst landscapes bright and gay, its gods of fevered hues, its creatures atune to inhuman rhythms.

    How do I find it, this place of solace - up the rainbow, down the ladder, between the purple. Fly with me as i earn my imagination and come home to my glitchy reality.
  • naturally, the instant someone wants creativity out of me, my Muse packs her bags and runs off to the Ancestral Lands to give all the Juju Bandits atomic wedgies or something. But oh, my giants, I miss it so.
  • So many people wrote beautiful things.
    I only have limericks.


    There once was a land we called Ur
    Where preposterous things would occur
    The dream had to end
    But we all hope to send
    the giants to dreamland once more


    If you see a sloth, I implore
    Don't think that his life is a snore
    If lazy to start
    Just look in his heart
    There's metal right down to the core
  • Flaming Humbaba Recipe
    Obligatory Do NOT try this at home warning: Lighting fire to your drinks is only advised if you have necessary fire training (or are Humbaba incarnate).

    Alcoholic Version: 1 part ghost pepper vodka, 1 part cinnamon bourbon, a splash of cherry juice for color. Shake in cocktail shaker over ice and pour into a martini glass. This drink causes Flaming Grinder buff- you will be able to mine ore without energy by breathing fire.

    Non-alcoholic version: Blend watermelon, lime, and lemon juice to create a nice punch. Place punch in a saucepan and add 1-2 chopped jalapeños (remove seeds for a more mild kick). Simmer punch and then strain to remove jalapeño pieces. Add sugar as needed. Serve over ice.

    Hopefully this picture posts as I have never done this before. I'm sorry for the very wrong glass but I do not own any martini glasses.

    flaming humbaba
  • A land that once was bright, inspired,
    Failed and left us sad, expired,
    Glitchen lost and homeless wandered,
    Searching for a home we squandered
    Time and and patience looking
    For a place no violence brooking.
    Time was taken, patience faltered,
    And by many worlds we halted.
    To many calls we Glitchen harkened,
    As our world lay sadly darkened.
    Lost and lonely we all scattered,
    Our hearts all sadly shattered.
    Into many worlds we hurried,
    And out of them as quickly scurried.
    For those who were in such a time of sadness and regret
    We felt there was no place for us and yet…
    Eleven came, a project started,
    And all of us, though broken hearted,
    began to hope once more,
    We all await your open door.

  • Glitch Bottlecap Magnets image
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