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Now, I'm sure you've all just ready my most recent blog post (and if you haven't, what the heck are you waiting around here for? Get to it! and are incredibly excited to try and get into Ur again. This is the place, yes, right here, where you can get in!

What I'm looking for are the most creative, Ur related things, that you fine people can come up with. I don't care what form that happens to be in, just have it be creative, in the spirit of Ur, and from the heart, and you may very well be selected to join the ranks of our Alpha team! (Disclaimer: even if you creativity is lacking, an effort will get you entered into a random drawing for a few spots as well.)

I'll keep this thread open for about a week, and we'll inform the winners shortly thereafter.

Happy creating!


  • It has to be a mirage....

    There is no way the portal has opened once more....

    They say the chosen ones will be brought forth to the Gods and blessed with endless joy...

    OH begging wont help. The gods are and forever will be silly aloof giants.

    Maybe they will take pity on this poor little Old Man and let him bask in their glory once more. So that I can run around the world and get all of my lovely sparkly rocks that I have missed so much.

    This Old Man aint much for the jabberin of the youth, he just wishes to bask in the warm and sometimes multi-colored glow of UR once more. To roam and gather, plant and sow, and party till the world collapses.

    Much love for all your work.

    Old Man Knobbins
  • *roars with unbearbearable happiness*
  • Back when Glitch was still around, which I cannot believe was three years ago now, I made a Scion of Purple cubimal.


    I love my Scion of Purple! He rides around in the backseat of my car these days, reminding me of other adventures I once went on in a world that was, well, a little bit preposterous. I hope some day to return!
  • Can I commission one of those elekanahmen???????
  • Oh gosh. I am SO not creative. But I can jump very, very high!!
  • I love Poop.

    Actually if someone gets to get let in Glitch, it should be my friend Natsumi, cuz she misses it (i just miss collecting poop, do you know I had over 200,000,000 individual pieces of poop cataloged in my Poop Hut? Yus)

    I also want nachos, but we can discuss your terms of surrender another time *flies off in search of Llamas*
  • It pains me not to be in there, it pains me to beg, it pains me to grovel, it pains me to try to prove to you how much of an active player I was and will be. I swear on all my weirdness image and my Hobo Army, image
    I will test the sh*t out of your site image
    and make it go to eleven.
  • Quick question: how do we post images?
  • I made this as a Glitchmas gift last year:

  • @bearbear

    <img src="">


    If we're already in the Alpha, can we still submit art and stuff? I want to use this as an excuse to draw.
  • @seeen Thanks! Wasn't sure what html would work.
  • @Seeen

    Of course! We're always glad to provide excuses to art!
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    Hokay, here's my entry. Just made these in Photoshop:

  • My girlfriend and I both played Glitch, so I made her paintings of our characters.

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    From the most un poetic person Ever!! shows how much I want to frolic in Groddle forests or mine in the caves of Karpal Tunnel we go..It's been three long years since our hearts were all broken,Our homes are all gone our gardens forsaken,I wonder what happened to piggies and Chickens no one to pet them or feed them or get Butler is homeless and Oh so sad and what of the Giants our thought must go with them,so here's to Humbaba,Lem, Friendly and Spriggan, And Cosma, and Mab, Alpha and Pot,not to forgetting grendaline, Tii and Zilli, ..I miss you all never forgotten...
    Wanted to post picture of Fuzzbuzz but didn't know how..sob sob..image
  • file:///D:/Janets/Glitch/GlitchinN.png.
    I been on this snowy mountain far to long .
    The time has come. I must pick up my bag.
    Be on my way to Glitchin town.
    I hope I make it all the way and meet all my friends along the way.
    Might even meet Santa.
  • @bearbear

    On the note of Spriggan's, I think that Glitch actually uses the term, "arborology" instead of just, "arbology".
  • @seeen
    I made 11 of them, there was bound to be a glitch ;)
  • wish I knew how to post at least one of my many glitch girly styles.
  • @bearbear And now the word "grows" has disappeared.

    @Mystic_Angel Girly drinks?
  • @seeen Just seeing if you were paying attention
  • once, we had a home
    butterflies, giants, and subways
  • I want to run through the streets of Ur again. Feed, pet, nibble and sing, talk to the trees and the bees, and jump off balconies. I want to run from jujus, and laugh at their antics. I want to play with the sloths who I've named all Jason. Brush all those sly little foxes that peek around bushes. I want to play with gases and bubbles, who knows what I'll discover. I want to grow my own veggies and such, and collect poo very much. I miss my machines, making SDB's and giving them to friends for their needs. I miss my house. I miss my Charlotte, my butler true. I miss my friends. Please sirs let me come home.
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    Right, so this is pretty image-heavy and long; just to warn all of you.

    I wrote these poems and left them in notes all over the Vortex of Random; in my mind, I made up a story. That the Vortex of Random was actually originally a waiting place for Glitchen while we waited for the rest of Ur to formulate; and we grew up in it as dreams, anticipating the time we would become more real.

    Shivering Isles


    Apt Tree Basement


    Savanna Sunset


    Snowed In


    Downside Up


    For my last poem, it won't have anything to do with the Vortex. I wrote this in Samudra, one of my all-time favorite places in Ur, part of a series about falling in love in Ur.


    Sorry it's so long! I hope at least one of you enjoyed reading, if you read any of them. I'm pretty proud of them, even 3 years later.
  • ... I suddenly feel inspired to write up some lore for the Eleven world. I doubt it will be official or anything—just a fun little activity.
  • Okay, here's a bunch of "lost memories" I wrote up. They're based largely on how a bunch of Glitch's inhabitants have widely different stories about the world, often contradicting one another. I've found one thing that links all of them, however, even with the contradictions.

    Memory 1:
    "I have discovered words. There are many types of them, in many languages, but these are the ones I have chosen to use. I find that I now understand everything a little better... but still not much. I am alone. I don't like being alone. But it's been a long time, and nobody has come. Why do I feel the need to be with others? I have never seen any others. All I have seen is. And yet, I've imagined so many things that aren't, and given them all names. But they're still not here. They're not with me. They exist only in my mind. All around me is nothing but. is difficult to talk about. I don't know what name to give, because doesn't really seem to match anything. I can't seem to call anything."

    Memory 2:
    "Something exists now. It's the ground. That is the name that my mind says it has. Is my mind right? Did I come up with this? Did someone else? Does someone else exist? Is this a coincidence? I don't know. I am glad for a change in scenery. Sitting alone in is very frightening."

    Memory 3:
    "There's a sky now. I don't know what's happening. I'm afraid. But I'm also curious. Maybe I won't be alone much longer."

    Memory 4:
    "It's been awhile. Lots of things exist now. Some of them talk to me. They use the words that I made, but they say that they made them. I'm not sure if they're wrong. There are trants and rocks and pigs and chickens and butterflies and batterflies. I love all of them. I don't feel alone anymore."

    Memory 5:
    "They tell me about giants. Some insist that only one exists. Some say there are eleven. Some say other things. Some say there aren't any. And the things they did. How they were created. Some of them say that one imagined all of the others. Some others say that they've always existed. Some say that we imagined them. It's all very complicated."

    Memory 6:
    "I'm lost. is all around me. I'm calling for help, but nobody comes. I catch little glimpses of things that aren't, but they go away before I can reach them. I'm afraid. I don't want to be in again. is lonely. is frightening. There is nobody in to keep me company."

    Memory 7:
    "It's been a long time. Through the little glimpses, I've seen the world going on without me, in little scenes that I can piece together. Nobody remembers me. Not even my closest friends. Is this what is? Does everyone forget you when you're in? Or am I in because everyone forgot me?"

    Memory 8:
    "I found a strange place. It's not, but it's close. It's like a blurred line betwen reality and. It's frightening, like, but also reassuring. It feels like it has more substance than, yet still none at all. It has the potential for substance. Something could arise from it. I think... that it's nothing."

    Memory 9:
    "I don't remember who I used to be."

    Memory 10:
    "I feel like it's going to be over for me soon. I'm not going to be anything anymore. Maybe I'll become nothing, but maybe I'll become. I hope that I don't become. I would rather be nothing. I would like to have the potential to be something again."

    Memory 11:
    "A vortex appeared in the nothing... but the being that was once here in nothing doesn't seem to exist anymore. There is no identity. Maybe they have become. But maybe not. Maybe they are now nothing, to ultimately become something once more."

    Memory 12:
    "Words are disappearing. It becoming harder describe things. Forgotten? Maybe. Maybe no. Some words lost meaning. Apples. What are? No know. Forget."

    Memory 13:
    "Less word. Less know."

    Memory 14:

    Memory 15:

    Memory 16:

    Memory 17

    Anyway, there are a lot of ways to interpret this. Go wild, I guess, or don't. Your call.
  • @"Maria Diatorre" Oh my giants!!! I've seen those around! I thought they were so beautiful, oh my gosh. I cried reading them to be honest.
  • i don't need to get into the alpha as i already am, but this is a great opportunity to post this thing i photoshopped a really long time ago..


    no regrets. ok, i might regret this a little bit.
  • Pet nibble milk sing
    Climb run jump all of the things
    I so miss my Glitch
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    Pot Brownies

    These first-class, Grade-A brownies can only be made by the greatest of chefs in an Awesome Pot. You may think that a pot would not be the ideal tool to make brownies, but really, why else would it be attainable only by a master chef?

    >3 Desssert Rubs
    >5 Butterfly Milks
    >3 Eggs
    >11 Cinnamon
    > 5 Allspice
    > 7 Lumps of Loam
    >3 Purple Flowers

    Made in an Awesome Pot and requires Master Chef II.
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