First Alphaversary Creativity Competition



  • it's dark
    here in the
    nothing with
    nothing no
    music nowhere
    to explore please
  • I call this lovely creation "Emo bear painted on white board". It's a bit like Mona-Lisa isn't it?! :-D

  • that time I ran a glitch memes blog


  • Wow, I'm having a blast reading through this thread... seeing some old familiar names, being astounded by your art, feeling that wistful lump in my throat. Damned onions!

    I'm afraid I have nothing to offer other than my experience in Ur Prime... alpha and beta tester, greeter and guide, and pilgrim to Tiny Speck's San Francisco offices (where I was happily drafted to help with the rollout of Housing 2.0, and so excited to observe the devs in the natural habitats).

    It would be an honor and a pleasure to help with Eleven, but in or out I shall be cheering you on lustily!
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    Here's something I put together remembering a loooot of Glitchens :) image 4096x768px
  • I made a bunch of Glitch stained glass.

    I did this one for a Secret Santa right when Glitch ended:

    I did the following cubimals as well. I still have the first two (rook and squid), but I sold the Ilmenskie Jones.
  • I doodled some characters a little while ago.



  • MuppetHead!!!! I have your stained glass Glitch hanging in my kitchen window! Thank you so much! I look at it every day while doing kitchen chores and it makes me smile with a deep warmth inside. Yours, is the most deeply loved of all my Christmas gifts, I am forever grateful to you. Please, feel the warm loving hugs that I am sending to you right now.
  • Sir, we have just got word that the gates
    to Ur have been opened once again!

    photo glitchnews_zps42ola0tn.jpg

    photo glitchplease_zpsv3ju5tiv.jpg
  • Kipple in the sky with lemmings. I might color it someday, but I'm a very lazy person and so I'm equally likely to just meebleforp.


    No giants were harmed in the making of this doodle. Except for maybe Lem, and then only in reputation after having been depicted in this very silly manner. Sorry Lem. The fact that I can't draw tentacles isn't even the first of my problems. And, no, I have NOT seen enough anime to know where this is headed. Please elaborate; my purple is wearing off.

  • I've stared at this open window for 3 days.
    Waiting for the creativity to come.
    What did I enjoy in Glitch?
    Music. That first.
    The delicious scenery.
    As I got older in Glitch, I liked the social aspect -- being the wellspring of the metal route - that was cool.
    What I really liked doing was being a citizen of Glitch.
    Wandering about. Gifting people. Being a source of knowledge.
    But fundamentally, I really just wanted to be there every night.
    See who was there. What they were doing. How I could help.

    I was never the most popular person. I was never the most vocal. I was never the most anything.

    I was just there, from beta, until the end.

    I never stopped thinking about it.

    I never stopped missing it.

    I would tell my friends, those that would listen, how special it was.
    How it was the only game I ever cried over.
    This happened more than once.
    This happened for years.

    No one, except my fellow Glitchen, understood.

    No one at work understood why I burned rubber when Danny did that livestream concert last year.

    No one in my life understood why I was so magnetized to a game, of all things.

    But it wasn't a game to me.

    It was a city. I was a citizen. My city was destroyed. I had to move.

    And then I realized the other day this was not the first time.

    When the planes hit the towers, I left New York, a city I had fallen in love with and lived in for more than a decade.

    I have been wandering, ever since, until my recent move to Seattle.

    What does all of this mean?

    It means, I guess, I am a refugee from spaces physical and digital.
    It also means I care about my neighbors, then as now.

    None of this is creative. It's not a confession. It's not even storytelling.

    It's a love letter.

    And it's the best I can do.
  • Hugs my dear Crash, for moments... I understood you and for moments.. we connected.
  • I miss you too, Miss.
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    You might not recognize me here by this username. I was formerly known as Glitch E.

    Welcome to the Animal Crossing town of Xalanga.


    Don't let that snow and fancy looking train station fool you, it's still the land of the Jujus.


    Let's take a look into the lovely home... err, tent, of one of Xalanga's residents.


    Umm... on second thought, maybe there's not much to see in here.


    The resident in question seems to have some sort of fondness for stationery and has been seen chasing after everyone in town yelling, "I'll get you, and your sheet of paper, too!" What they do with all of that paper is still a mystery.
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    Hello Glitchen,

    My wife gave me permission to post a virtual Valentine's day card I slapped together for her last year:


    I felt the chicken was very important.
  • -.- i dont even know how to upload photos to here so ill just post to facebook ...
  • Lill Missy! Hearing you say that means more than you know. Thank you. <3
  • @muppethead WOW that stained glass!!!!!!!
  • WOW!! The Animal Crossing town made my heart flutter- I just got back into it after a few months aa
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    My beautiful stained glass Glitch gift from MuppetHead hanging in my kitchen window. It's quite a conversation starter! :)


    eta, for some reason my image isn't showing, I'll try again.

  • I really missed playing this game. I have played other mmorpgs since but this was by far my favorite. I would welcome another chance to play it again :)

  • Is this still going on? I made a fellow Glitchen a Christmas card..

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • I crocheted some butterflies! The first one was just me trying to figure out how I was gonna do this. Once I figure out how, I'm gonna attach them to barrettes, so I can take Glitch with me everywhere.

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  • @Csophae - THANKS! I have a few other Glitch stained glass patterns ready to turn into glass, but right now, I can't work with the lead as I just had a baby and I'm breast feeding.
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    Ok now this finally worked and i know how to upload this picture i made by paint tool sai ...
    I only design or make stuff that art art related, i could do 3D but not very realistic like your standing there in real life
    I have other pictures and a deviantart but anyway my picture is here ~


    Like this one ........................... which isnt glitch related but i will just post it ...


    Not sure if this'll show up but I've been working on an amigurumi of my Glitch for a bit. I have part of her hair done now.
  • @Adamina @jamginary oh my god, those are both adorable! I love crochet, I'd have tried to crochet a Glitch for this thread if I'd had time :)

    (also, for anyone having trouble posting pictures, [img src="IMAGEURLHERE.JPG"] worked ok for me, except replace the square brackets with angle ones like <>)
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