How did you come up with... Get your username/handle



  • IUP is the college I went to. So boring of me!
  • My name is just based off of the Pokemon with the same name
  • Mine is based off a domain that my boyfriend bought for me. No exciting back story here I'm afraid.
  • My name in glitch at the end was Piece of Pixieboots, but pixieboots came from another game, whose name was that, so I basically just stole the name.

    Not exciting at all.
  • Interestingly, Glitch was the first place where I used the name "Dr. Foxsocks," but now I sometimes use it in games (depending on the game). I usually go by either "tentacleonastick" or "paperjellyfish" (which have their own stories), but when I was going to start playing Glitch, my significant other and I wanted to create entirely new names. (I don't remember why at the moment.) The doctor part is because I am in pharmacy school for a Pharm. D., and it has the benefit of being gender neutral, which I really like. The foxsocks part comes from having some excellent socks with foxes on them.

    Regardless of my username, I would really like a long Glitchy name or title. I love super long names, and would be open to suggestions!
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    @"Dr. Foxsocks"

    Here's a suggestion, with a gender-neutral first name to boot.

    Dr. Emerson Dawaco Murdoch Terrienniak Urocyon Cinereoargenteus Sword Polyesterion Olefin Acrylon Lintington Sammitch Depladisc Lee Mourguet Foxsocks

    Every name in there has some sort of meaning. And no, "Sammitch" is not supposed to relate to the almighty sammich. You want to try to figure out the reasons behind each name? I'll start you off by mentioning that "Polyesterion" is based on "polyester". I only revealed that because it's one of the obvious ones.

    I can also just tell you the rest if you want, though.
  • @"Seeen"

    Thanks! I'll figure it out! I have an idea of what some of them are too.
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    Gallium is a soft metal that has a melting point slightly above room temperature in its pure elemental form, so you theoretically could, as a prank, make spoons out of it that will quickly melt if you stir them into hot drinks.
    I have not yet actually tried to do this.
    Maybe having Gallium as my username will remind me to try it someday.
  • My name was Mr. Jupiter.

    I took a class in college where my lab partner and I looked at Saturn using a big fancy telescope. The lab manual had directions for both Saturn and Jupiter depending on the time of year you were taking the class. For some reason I kept accidentally telling people that we were looking at Jupiter and my partner kept correcting me.

    With this memory in mind as I was creating my Glitch account I realized that my name could be whatever I wanted. I added "Mr." because I liked the idea of having a mysterious first name.
  • Way back when I was still playing MapleStory, around when Private servers first started popping up (~2008) there was a person with the name Retribution on the MapleGeek server (?). I liked the name, it sticks out as a one word name without being too complicated. I then just started using the name on future servers I played on, and it's what I decided to use for Glitch. (I think the name Picasso was already taken when I joined too, which is what I usually use)
  • My story is pretty boring. When hubby and I first met, he called me his Mermaid because I could swim and he couldn't. So when I started gaming I became various versions of Mermaid (mermaid17, mermaid172 and merbinsan in Faunasphere and just plain old Mer Maid in Glitch).

    I did eventually have an alt in Glitch for when I needed some quiet time to myself by the name of LostMyMarbles.
  • Mine is the name of a Self song. The girl described sounded awesome so I decided it would be my name.
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    many years ago while I was on holiday in Mexico I used to email my daughter and told her about a wonderful trip we had snorkelling - her reply to me was "I would just love to snokkle!" It made me laugh so much I used the name in Neopets then later in Faunasphere and it seemed natural to continue in Glitch.......not sure if I would answer to another name lol
  • I love hearing all of the feels behind the names.... thank you, keep em coming!
  • @snokkle

    So does your Glitchen wear a snokkle and mask?
  • I created crashtestpilot as a testing name for alpha projects, and 10 years later, it's still me and I identify with it sometimes more than my own name.
  • I am a huge Jane Austen nerd (and a librarian). There you have it!
  • Glitch was the first MMO I ever played, so it was the first avatar name I ever needed. I don't know why I thought of it then, but I remembered the name Ananda, the family dog in the book A Wrinkle in Time. Not because I identify with the dog ;) but because the characters explained that the name was a Sanskrit word meaning "the joy without which the world would cease to exist." I was captivated by the definition, loved the sound of the name, and the book sealed my lifelong love of science fiction and languages. I'm so glad it came to mind when I needed a Glitch name.
  • *Tacklehugs and Smooches* Ananda! I always wondered where you came up with that name. :)

    Soooo heart all these stories.
  • My real name is Jessica and I liked Enya (the singer) a long time ago... so I just put the two together and it sounded kind of cool.... I needed something different. Can't wait for the cubimals!
  • Jess!!! Hugs!
  • Well. Daddy Bunchie was a name given to guys who helped people out, locally, and I used that. Kinda like a nickname, since I like to help people out.
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    @Seeen - well she didn't but now you mention it .......:)
  • I've used this name since 2000 when I bought my first computer .I've always loved wolves.......still do. It's just a fitting name.
  • The only other mmo I have played is Second Life and on there my name is Addison Mortlock. Addison is my Grandmother's maiden name. A good friend in SL called me AddiBeeButt one day when I was at a very low emotional spot and I changed my name to that on Plurk (where a lot of SL folk reside, instead of Twitter). When it came time to pick a name for Glitch, I believe I was originally AddiBeeButt (or maybe it was Addison - I don't really remember) and somewhere along the way I dropped the butt and added the ~<3 because I used to sign my name with that after it when I was a wee teen many, many years ago.
  • The first online game I played was VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) and Pirate Apples was the name the game generated for me. I took that along to Faunasphere and then to Glitch.

    Ta da.
  • I was imagined in Salatu, but I didn't lose my whole heart to Ur until I wandered into the bogs and marshes of Shimla Mirch, onto a street named Ortolana. It was the place I stood as the Giants woke up; my final memory is of that deep blue green horizon. When I need to find some peace, I'll sometimes think of Ortolana and take a swim in her ocean sky.
  • Zarniwoop is a character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I needed a name for a random forum once, and that came to mind as amusing to use. Ended up morphing it into Zarnia instead, to sound a bit cuter/feminine-ish, I guess. Never posted on the forum, but kinda liked the odd name. Ended up reusing it for other things, including Glitch, but pretty sure any connection to the original inspiration is lost.
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    Strange, thats how I felt when I spammed my keyboard with random letters a few years ago:


    Nothing really usefull...
    Names? Usernames? Nicknames? Real Name? No. Someone I liked with a cool name? No. Theres no way I will ever find a fitting name for THIS awesome game!

    No, Im not talking about Minecraft. Not WoW. Not CS 1.6 or whatever.

    RUNESCAPE it was!!! Called Oldschool Runescape today, was playable in the browser back then. But back to the name.

    Since Im Swiss, I wanted something international. Just a cool, short Name which doesnt have to say much about the person behind it. I went through a list of names on some baby sites. Kinda funny I came up with/found the name Josh. Sounds boring just how it is, but I like simple stuff.

    Continuing the registration on the Runescape website, "surprisingly" enough, "This username has allready been taken". And I said to myself, what a complicate world.

    Kinda angry cause I couldnt come up with/dident want something else, I continued playing a diffrent game called Habbo Hotel. Dont really wanna talk about THAT game cause if I look at it today its quiet embarassing how many hours I wasted playing it.

    My name was: holzier77

    Translated from german to english: woodbeer77

    Dont ask, I got it from a random name generator. The 77 got added cause the name without it was allready taken. Thats were I got the 77 from....

    So, we have Josh and 77.

    All of a sudden at the Runescape registration page I came up with the filler inbetween. Ki!


    To me, it looked ok enough to play with it. Today, I wouldnt choose it again. The numbers feel wrong and without the numbers it would feel kinda naked, if thats even a possible word to use when describing something. So I just sticked with it.

    Games or other stuff Im called or was called Joshki77:

    Habbo Hotel
    Glitch (Eleven ;)
    League of Legends
    CounterStrike GlobalOffensive

    Every game I ever played, every forum I signed up, just everywhere....

    Have been thinking about changing to a better name, what do you Glitchens think about Skoll?

    Thats my story, sorry for wasting your time.

    PS: English is not my native language, I learned it by myself.

  • its the name i have used since my palace days so long ago lol then in to there and through lots of other games
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