How did you come up with... Get your username/handle

Like I said in the user name topic it's a long story. Each of us have our own reasons of why we ended up with them.

I'll let something out... my real name is Erwin... you need to be aware of this as it's part of the story how Frashy came about (strange but true). Back many moons ago when I was a younger lad I did a one year university program, a program my father was the dean of. Some of the leaders thought it odd to call me Erwin as it is my fathers name too. I was also called wink or winky or Erwinkle but that story goes even farther back (about 20 years) this one starts 14 years ago lol. They thought Erwi would work for them, and since I didn't object it stuck. It further cemented itself as the airline we took printed my name as Erwii (used portion of my first name and the II from the suffix I have as I am Erwin ...... the second. I was doomed.

As time went on some of my gaming friends though it odd I went by Erwii as a handle and suggested I fix it. I went with capt. erwii as I was going through flight school at the time (now a pilot). Back in my counter strike days I was the annoying guy with the flashbangs (evil laugh). One time there was me and another guy left they had one hit point and I only had a knife and a flashbang. In my shear panic I ended up scrolling to my flashbang and not the knife as they were coming at me. I ended up tossing it and striking them... well they only had one hit point remember so they died by being struck by a flashbang. We all scratched our heads but then over ventrillo they kept on calling me capt.flashbang so I changed my handle to that and some laughter ensued.

As I moved on from CS to FFXI (Final Fantasy XI) the game was limiting in its allowance for names so I dropped capt. and went with just Flashbang. It stuck for a while but in time as one develops friends and such they dropped the bang part and just called me flash. Then a select few of an inner circle who I still talk with started calling me frashy cause they thought the name suited my personality better.

So low and behold this is how Erwin became Frashy.


  • Interestingly enough this is the only place in the world I go by Liza Throttlebottom. It's probably clear why as that's just such a glitchy name ; ) Elsewhere I tend to go by a seriously super old Runescape name that's frankly embarrassing at this point, but it's what I remember so I hesitate to change it! Chaoseater43. If Chaos isn't taken I'll go with that but it almost always is.

    My avatar was originally a very boring male and my Glitch name was originally DaveJohn (After the two characters in Homestuck which I was very into at the time.)

    Then I decided I really liked some of the girlier styles (Glitchen were gender neutral really so it was all kind of confusing!) and so I decided to make an avatar I thought of as a girl so far as any avatar could be any gender. I decided it was super weird to have a pretty avatar running around in a butterfly dress named DaveJohn so I thought of the glitchest lady name I could and came up with Liza Throttlebottom. Then at some point I dyed her hair red, gave her credit purchased pirate clothes and gave her a hilariously terrible pirate backstory.

    (She's a pirate captain, queen of all the pirates of Ur, whose hair was originally a white as bright as fresh snow, until it was dyed permanently maroon by the blood of her fallen enemies. Of which their were many of course.)

    AND THAT'S THE STORY. The story of how a redheaded pirate scourge named, of all things, Liza Throttlebottom ended up running around Ur for oh... I'd say it was about 8-10 months in that same outfit ; ) Not including all the months before that in other outfits : P
  • My turn..

    I start off with Guruzz in my first ever game (Club embarassing) because it was a random name I made up. Next game I moved too was WoW and Guruzz was already taken (-.-') so then I had to think of a better one..
    Decided With MoTioNKi11a, I dunno why..thought it looked cool at the time since I was a killer of motion (yeah I know..go on an laugh some more :) )
    That stuck for quite a long time..until somehow..I don't even know how..that username was taken in yet another game which I was furious about so then I changed to my irl name, Timmy. As you would probably think, Timmy is a common name in games so it was very hard to get that username ever so then I had to think of another one.

    In Glitch I was I was at the username stage I went into the kitchen and my brother thought it would be funny to give me his own username for me so I got stuck with that in my 2 month period Glitch phase.

    I eventually came up with CoduX, as I've been successful with any game I've played with that username (so far after...2-3 years of using it.)

    Wonder how on earth did I come up with CoduX?!? Well I was playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent (an extremely scary and jumpy Steam game) and was wonder how on earth to find the Codex so I could find what I was supposed to do.
    It was around 1:30amish I think with all the lights turned off and my headphones on (was recommended for maximum scare) and I was walking around and suddenly one of the monster came out of a door (with caused me to jump like a foot out of my chair) and started running at me so I was running around, scared as hell from it yelling "I need the Codex", "I need the Codex", "CODUX CODUX CODUX!!"

    and then I died..

    Whilst I had a break from that intense scariness my brother was cracking up laughing at me saying I was screaming Codux repetitively.

    After that my brother would find it a massive joke randomly saying Codux to me afterwards and that's how CoduX was born :)
  • In the Czech Republic there's a phenomenon of the 19th/early 20th century genius Jára Cimrman. For example, he helped Eiffel with the design of his tower, inspired Marconi to invent a wireless telegraph after accidentally breaking down his telegraph poles, advised Chekhov to write Three Sisters rather than two ... He also invented the light bulb, dynamite, and so on (but arrived at the patent office moments after Edison and Nobel, respectively). You may have guessed by now that he doesn't really exist, and you may well be right; he's the subject and purported author of the plays of the Jára Cimrman Theater in Prague, founded by Zdeněk Svěrák and the late Ladislav Smoljak. (To quote from one of the plays: Had Cimrman never existed, we'd have to invent him.)

    When I was a high school student, a Cimrman CD came out. There was a newspaper article about it which recounted the CD's claims: Of course, the true inventor of the CD is Jára Cimrman, and the abbreviation really means "Cimrman's disk". Unfortunately, he made them using wood and wax, and as a result they weren't very durable. Later, Mic Rosoft took hold of the invention... (Microsoft was the producer of this CD.) And that's when my nickname 'Mike Rosoft' came into existence.

    My character's name in Glitch was 'Mercedes Kimura'. As I said in another topic, I am a fan of the anime 'Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha'; one quirk of the series is that most characters are named after cars. (So we have Fate Testarossa, Vita, Signum, Subaru Nakajima, Teana Lanster, and so on.) So I took the car Mercedes and combined it with a Japanese name Kimura.
  • When we decided to get a laptop for me, we went to the store to "just look" - but found one right inside the door, on sale, last of that model, and just what I wanted. Since I am also a fan of Dr Horrible, I said, "What a crazy random happenstance!" I have always been in the habit of naming my computers, so I was going to name my computer CrazyRandomHappenstance, but that was too long, so I went with ZanySerendipity. Shortly after that, I was invited to join Glitch, so I chose Zany Serendipity as my name, and it felt just perfect to me. I had never - and will never - use that name in a game other than Glitch or one of the Glitch spin-offs.

    I created a second account on Glitch to use for my personal research and for times I wanted to be a bit more anonymous (since many people know me from being a Greeter and Guide). A name came to me in the middle of the night for that account - Odd Won Out. It also fits me perfectly, as I have always felt like a square peg in a world made of round holes. You might find me in other games using that name (usually OddWonOut or Odd_Won_Out). And I have registered here with that name as well.

    Interestingly, I was able to put Zany Serendipity as my "other name" on Facebook, but it would not let me use any variation of Odd Won Out, as it said it was abusive. I'm not sure how calling yourself any name is abusive, but... that's Facebook for ya!
  • I was Alice Marie in the beginning (Alice because I like the name and Marie to bring a part of my family's name into the game) But I terminated my Alice Marie account for reasons that I don't even remember. So then came the opportunity to have a new name. So I looked to my right and saw a greek mythology book and I was like, "AWWWWW YEAH IM GOING TO BE ARTEMIS AND I'M GOING TO BE A GODESS" and that's the story. Also, my family has this thing with greek mythology and Artemis is all our favorites. So that's how I came to be. Except Artemis was taken so I used a different language. But that's why Alice Mariee was in my description on my profile.
  • My story is pretty boring compared to y'all.

    When I was logging in for my first online gaming account, I wanted the name "Beachy" - since I grew up near the beach, and as I tell people, sometimes I can be a bit 'grumpy' or bi+chy. Also thought it was cute because it rhymed with peachy which is what I used to say a lot at the time when people used to ask me how I was doing. However, my username was already taken.

    Since back in the day I used to do some white hat hacking, I took the idea from the community and changed the E to 3 and thus the name b3achy was formed - true hacker replacement would have called for my user name to be something like 834chy or 63@c4y, but I figured those would be way too confusing, so I tried to keep it simple. I used it for beta testing a Big Fish Game site called Big Seas Games (which is long gone), but a dear friend from there convinced me to start playing Faunasphere. When our dear Faunasphere was shut down over corporate ego issues, many of us jumped into Glitch as Alpha and Beta testers. Not wanting to change to my desired name of beachy and confuse people, I just kept the b3achy name. I use it on a lot of game sites now - Steam, and just about anything that I sign up for with other MMOs, since it's never taken (and beachy often is already taken).

    It does crack me up because some will call me b3 or achy...guess they can't see the 'beachy' in the name. However, over the years, folks have gotten used to it.

    As the queen of alts, I also would use names like beachgirl / b3achg1rl (the b3achg1rl name actually predates b3achy, due to needing a userid for a mail program) or Beach Bum or ~Pink Flamingo~ or Uniquely Prime (a reference to my personal beliefs and my math background).

    If you ever see an account named BCWillie, that is me too, but playing in memory of my Dad (and likely needing some alone time with my thoughts of him). He was terminally ill when I started to play online games, so I couldn't get him into them, but he loved his Freecell, playing on the Wii, and I even got him into Geocaching. It was his Geocaching name. I know he would have loved Faunasphere and Glitch (he would have laughed his a$$ off over the double entendres in Glitch). Once he passed, I started to make accounts with his name in games that I thought he might like and would dress the avatars up like he would have dressed - I really liked Glitch because I was able to get an avatar that actually looked a lot like him. Here's his old Glitch profile:
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    Im not even sure to tell you the truth. It was a long time ago. But i either go by Lyrical, Lyrical Dejavu, Elated, or Elated Contradiction, and sometimes Eilifynyr, but thats only in fantasy games or if the other names are taken(which Eilifynyr is NEVER taken). I write poetry and the Lyrical names came from that and As for Elated, im bipolar
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    norsegodofmischief - In memory of Shawn Teeter, a close friend of my son. Shawn died tragically at the age of 17. Shawn was an extremely intelligent and endlessly curious young man, a best friend to everyone who knew him, and one of the things that had caught his imagination at the time of his death was Norse mythology. He had named his white German shepherd "Loki". We took Loki in after Shawn died and loved and cared for her the way he would have and in his memory. Since it seems there's hundreds of Loki or variations thereof throughout the gamer world, I went with "norsegodofmischief" as one of the two gamer names I use.
    I was Talaria Wingfoot on Glitch, in the Civility Group. I was trying to come up with a character name that would sound like a real life name yet be unique. Talaria is the name for the strap on Mercury's winged sandal, and so Wingfoot as a last name was a logical choice.
  • mine is pretty boring. when I was younger, I was obsessed with minecraft and fairies lol. So when I got minecraft i google-translated "snow" into french and I then named myself EiraFae, which was supposed to mean snowfairy. but google translate was wrong... so it's just kinda random lmao

  • Reference to the Pixies album "Doolittle". I love the Pixies. <3
  • Gave up smoking by way of vaping/ecigs around the same time I discovered Glitch. The "fairy" part is secretly ironic, since I am so not a fairy-girl. *nods* very amazonian chick over here. But I do like fairies, so there's that...
  • I was originally CountScapula, which is the name I use for almost everything online. (That name originated from a Pez dispenser I had in high school - a skeleton that had a collar reminding me of Count Dracula. Scapula being a bone that happens to sound like Dracula, CountScapula was born.)

    Not long into the game I became frustrated that no one was getting my gender right so I changed to theCountess.

    Eventually I realized I didn't care about the gender of my Glitchen and was even becoming annoyed at people accurately saying she and her, etc. I needed more fluidity for my little Glitch. I've also never been one of those princess type gals and this was a little too close to that for me so I changed once more to CadmiumBlue, a name I'd long ago used on livejournal (again, in high school).

    CadmiumBlue sounds (and is) so poetic and appropriately ambiguous. That name is from a poem called "Homage to Paul Cezanne" by Charles Wright. The passage from which I got the name is as follows:

    "The dead are a cadmium blue.
    We spread them with palette knives in broad blocks and planes.

    We layer them stroke by stroke
    In steps and ascending mass, in verticals raised from the earth.

    We choose, and layer them in,
    Blue and a blue and a breath,

    Circle and smudge, cross-beak and buttonhook,
    We layer them in. We squint hard and terrace them line by line."
  • I picked the name of my pet squirrel, who I named after a nickname the character Sawyer gave someone on the tv show Lost. It seems really stupid now that I've typed it out...
  • In real life I am actually a purple bunny. Or I like purple. And bunnies. Something like that.
  • I actually use multiple usernames for different things.

    Back in the day I was a massive Minecraft addict.
    (Like: enormously)
    So I stuck with the alias: "thecreeper" for a damn long time.
    After a while I lost interest in minecraft so I was looking for a new username. Which became "the bullsh1t overlord for reasons beyond my memory.
    On skype I met with pals from my niece (I dont really have any pals myself) who were into roleplay and larp.
    I found thks interesting so I asked to join their little gang of geeks, elves dwarves etc.
    I had to pick q new alias.
    And since neither The bullsh1t overlord nor thecreeper are suitable for whatever we were doing back then I once again had to pick a new alias.
    So I came up with Oswald the lyrical.
    Which I changed into outofthelyric for the
    use on forums and such.

    (Are you bored yet?)
  • When I started playing, we were watching the wire and loved the name Avon Barksdale. Say it: BARKSdale. Very satisfying. Also we talk about bears a lot in our house.
    I wanted a glitchy firstname-lastname sort of name.
    I asked my husband, and joked about being Someone Barksdale. He suggested Bearsdale, and said he liked the name Scarlett (with two Ts!). Thus my moniker was born.
    Then as a way to restrain my credit spending in the wardrobe, I decided to wear only red and neutrals (black/white/grey and sometimes brown or navy.). So my alts were born so I could wear more clothes: Midori Bearsdale (green) and Violet Bearsdale.
  • I am Ellen Fremedon pretty much everywhere. It's line 3b of Beowulf.
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    Mine's from a Nietzsche quote I found while reading Twilight of the Idols for a class I was taking at university, a book which I was surprised to find very poignant and moving.

    From Maxims and Arrows:

    "That is the kind of artist I love, modest in his needs: he really wants only two things, his bread and his art — panem et Circen."

    At the time I was doing research on an allegorical painting by a Renaissance painter called Dosso Dossi, who was the court painter at the Este ducal court in Ferrara. The painting has had many titles, and some identify the woman in it as Circe. So it all kind of snapped into place for me.

    Also, I was a poor student, so I was eating lots of sandwiches for meals. So though I was not an artist, I was training to be an art historian, and I was definitely surviving on bread and art.

    Also, my usual nick on the net is Kill, short for the first online nick I ever chose back, in 1995, Killarney, and neither seemed right for Glitch.
  • When I first started playing, my name was pscindy, because that's the name I use everywhere, since basically forever. (It's short for Psychosonic Cindy, which is a Transvision Vamp song, but that's another story.) After about two months of play, I decided I wanted a more gender-neutral name, but I didn't know what to pick.

    One day at work, I ran across the town of Bexley, OH on an application. It just sounded right, so I went with it.

    (OK, there's a little more to it than that. In college, I watched a lot of Red Dwarf. Bexley, of course, was Lister's second son in the parallel universe they went to that one time. When I rewatched that episode months after picking the name, I knew it must have been my subconscious reason for liking the name all along. If anyone asks, I will probably claim that my full name is Bexley Lister.)
  • For a long time, I went by Lithea wherever I was on the internet. It was a combination of two characters from my favorite book series -- Liahan and Althea. I continued to use it as my handle until some sneaky bastard took it from me on a large MMO (believe you me, I was quite shocked, as I had made the name up myself, and never imagined I would run into a situation where someone else had already taken it). So I just took the Liahan part one step further and added the 'A' in, and there ya go. It's what I use most often for games these days, or if a site doesn't seem like the right kind of place for my other handle, which is TrixieBastard.

    Plus, Liathea lends itself to a nickname a bit easier -- I usually end up going by Lia relatively soon after joining a site/game.
  • You guys have great stories! Mine is so boring...... I was making my little Glitch and trying to think of a name. My mom walked by, saw it and said "awee what a cute little missy she is".................... Annnnnndddd there you have it. lol
  • Enjoying your stories so much! I decided to come up with a superhero name, and then I thought, I'll tweak "superhero." Supershero. (I'm a she.) I had great fun in-game; people would call me "Supers" for short, as if the "s" were just a plural, and that was great. Everything was great. Even when I occasionally ran into lousy people it was easy to brush off as the majority of people had the real spirit of the game. So much beauty, whimsy, fun, and MISCHIEF!
  • MISCHIEF................ You called my name.... *sniffles* thank you
  • Mine is from I, Claudius.

    I thought Glitch would be as good a place as any to make myself the next Queen of Heaven, and to ensure that Rome would never be a republic again.
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    My username is based on my real name. At first I was simply Janun, but I felt it was missing something.

    I thought about it for a while and in fact I originally wanted to steal a name from a friend's character, but it was too long. In the end I just figured 'Eh, my glitch is kind of grey-ish' and I stuck 'harmaa', finnish word for 'grey', at the end. Thus I became JanunHarmaa.
  • Me and my friend liked to pretend that we were mermaids in Elementary school so my mermaid name was Mystica. Later on, when I made the glorious discovery of the internet, I had to come up with a username. I dropped the "a" off of Mystica then added Bell for no particular reason other than thinking bells are cute ^-^'. I've pretty much had this name my whole internet career!
  • In college, we had message boards on our dorm room doors, so I'd leave notes for my roommie, signed with my initial K with a long swooping tail, then 2 dots above the swoop to make a smiling face. She began calling me Koo, seeing the eyeballs as Os. Then we decided it was an abbreviation of Katy-Roo because our college mascot is the Kangaroo - I've been Katyroo on games/BBs ever since.
  • When I was a 12 year old, just starting out on the internet, I was thinking up an email address for myself, thought there should be some mileage in combining the words 'sophisticated' and 'cat' and then turned that into sophistikitty.

    Which I'm still quite pleased with, actually, and have used it for every username I can ever since.
  • I have actually wondered about some of these in the past but never asked...thanks Frashy for getting it started!

    I don't really have a terribly interesting story for mine though. My meatspace name is Liselle, which frequently gets shortened to 'selle. That gave rise to Selly, which became Sellybeth (or occasionally Sellybean, Sellybaby, Selle-o-tape, get the idea. :-) ) which is my username most everywhere online. Except for my actual email address because somebody had the utter cheek to nab it on gmail before I got a chance to...I'm still bitter!
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