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  • When I first started playing games I needed a name. The ones I liked seem to always be taken. So my granddaughter suggested the name BoxySister (it was he first stuffed animal)..not a problem as it is never taken and odd enough to be remembered.
  • My name comes from Domenico Dragonetti, an italian composer and double bass player that used play in the orchestra of the King's Theatre (at London) during 18th century. Here's a video in case you want to check it out some of his compositions are amazing.
  • This is a great idea! I love reading these stories.

    I don't have an amazing and very interesting story for mine either. My name is William, so at a young age I wanted to get a nickname because william was too common. Billy was also too common so I went with willy. Well, wuilyl, came from trying to setup a runescape nickname because I was bad at mesmerizing usernames, so i wanted something close to my name, so literally I think I randomly typed it out, I really don't remember off hand. Now, my sibblings think I did it because we pronounce it wooly-ule, so close to my nickname. I do not know exactly. Also that username has now stuck, for sites still accept that short name, though fewer do no, and it is almost never taken. I think I found one site where it was taken.
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    I just used my imagination :)
  • Oddly enough, I've never tried spicy papaya.
  • It was a summer afternoon a decade and a half ago. I had a name I wanted to use, but it was too common thanks to people thinking it was edgy and hip and so I decided I needed a name that fit my demeanor. So, I took the words "See All" and started toying about with the spelling to see if I could find something that would give me a similar pronunciation without calling myself "Seeall" (immediately pretentious) or "Seal" (I'm in the furry fandom, and that feels like a cat calling themselves Cat, though I don't identify as a seal). Eventually, I arrived at Xial (pronounced Zeal; does not rhyme with a brand of soap). :)

    The name has stuck with me, though there seems to be someone out there that has tried to impersonate me a few times, and it's irritating. I even had one of them tweet at me on Twitter, asking me to change my name so they could have it. lol, no, you're a random egg on the twitters that has had an account for three days. not happening.
  • It was the yarn that did it.

    I only wanted to try it out, I started dabbling with inexpensive acrylics and a pair of bamboo knitting needles, just to see what I could do. Found some fingering-weight mystery yarn in a back alley clearance bin, started my first lace project.....and that's really where it started to get out of hand, soon I was using four, five bamboo DPNs at a time.

    It wasn't long until I was using both mine and my mom's credit cards to buy more and more elaborate fiber content, she still doesn't even think of it as a problem. "A lady can never have too many shawls." she said, until the number I had given to my grandmother started making the furniture bow.

    I wish I knew how to quit....
  • Linked to a web domain that was gifted to me (still haven't found a use for it).
  • This thread is great :)

    I haven't played too many games before Glitch and before the name was never displayed so it didn't really matter... As a username I usually use a cuter form of my real (german) name my mom used to call me (Christine -> christinchen, or christinch3n, if there was another Christine using my name already >.< ). For Glitch I wanted something special and less .. uhm .. reality-related! So I googled for a website for "elvish names" and looked at prefixes and postfixes. For some reason I wanted to have a "th" in the name, ... and that's what I settled for :) and it sticks.
  • I think my name on the original Glitch was April Deacon, a derivative of April Diamond: the month I was born in, and its respective birthstone. My username on most stuff was AprilDiamond2001, although I've since graduated to things that make me sound a little... worldlier? Felix is my real name, and since I'm trans and still getting used to it, it felt weird to sign up with a pseudonym. Arclight is a random word, which I once used as a name for a cyberpunk OC. Hence, Felix Arclight.
  • Mine was a change to my initial Youtube/Twitch user name, BlackFenixGaming. Felt like that was really cheesy and decided to change it. Everyone called me BFG anyway, so I based it on that. I change it every couple of years, though, and I'm about due for another.
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