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  • My Glitch name started when I needed a short, easy name for Puzzle Pirates. I thought it would be funny to use the name of a desert goddess from an obscure web-published novel series I'd found back in the days of Geocities. Somehow the name has stuck ever since.
  • riscy is a nod to my first computer, an Acorn. It ran the BEST Operating System ever, RISC (reduced instruction set computing) OS, hence the name
  • Random name that I created for Faunasphere and migrated to Glitch with the same name :) I've been called a lot worse though ;)
  • My name is Sean. People tried to make fun of me by calling me Seeen, emphasizing the "ee" sound.

    So I adopted the name into my being.
  • I like the symbolism of the chimera (both mythological and biological): a creature made of multiple contradictory parts who still manages to get along pretty well in the world. It fits me and my many different interests, it fits my game-playing style and (although I didn't know it then) it really fits Glitch.

    It's also pretty obvious name choice so I usually have to get creative with spelling (kaimera, kimera, chaimera, etc etc). Can't remember why I chose Chimeric in particular, except that it was one I hadn't used before and looked fairly gender neutral. Post-Glitch I've used it for other online games where I craft and explore and wander around wearing bright clashing colors (purple and green, anyone?).
  • My name was pretty simple hehe. I've used the same two usernames since I was about 15, though Hurr Durr is not one of them. Neither of them seemed to fit the theme of Glitch though, so I cast around in my mind and landed on a screen grab I had found a long time ago, in which someone had edited a page on Wikipedia to read "Easter Sunday, also known as HURR DURR how does i edit wikipedia". It cracks me up every time I see it, so I became Hurr Durr. :)
  • In years past, when I first started my online "life" elsewhere, I used to go by another name, but I wanted a fresh start. I wanted something that wasn't my real name (and Mollianne isn't even close to my real name!) and I had a thing, at the time, for shoving two different names together. I nearly went for another name (that technically held more significance for me heh), but in the end, Mollianne just won. At the time it was the only online name I had, but I since go by many others. Oops. :P
  • "prince" is something i pick when i can because i enjoy the feeling of royalty but hate the responsibilities of ruling (hence, i am not king)

    usually its taken though. on glitch i was yupui, which was a random name i made when i was an obnoxious 14 year old and someone typo'd "ypu" for "you" in chat and i decided it was my name just to rub it in
    but it needed more vowels

    and it has stuck with me

    for more than ten years
  • mine isn't that interesting. my original glitch username was Spark39, and its got two connections.

    i used to be a minecraft server admin for The Aquabats Super Server! it was one of the best times of my life i gotta say. and my username there, which i then used for a good few years before "Coelpts", was Cadet Sparky.

    but as per usual all the basic names were taken so i added some numbers on the end. and at one point there was a Kids Next Door promotional game set where you played a 'find the hidden objects' game, and if you did it in a specific amount of time you got your official KND numbah. i got in just as it was closing up shop, i think, and i became Numbah 389.

    mashem together and yehaw you got a name
  • You can guess.
  • Cool thing about it is in glitch some people would try to run away from me yelling "Shade!!". Also having a recognizable name makes you more likely to have strangers give stuff to you. I got an entire giant token thing(It's been three years okay!) once.
  • My name came out of the blue. My mind works in mysterious ways. I thought, "A name. Gotta come up with a name. But what?" Suddenly my mind showed me galaxies in space, and whispered "Andromeda." I thought, "I'm not going to name myself after a galaxy." Then it hit me: Ann DramaDuh. And so it came to be. :)
  • mine goes waaaay back to the preteen neopets days, I was trying to make an alt account or a new account, in either case I already knew the neopets species names and kacheeks were a favorite of mine. I wasn't too sure how to spell it though, so I mispelled it kachek, but that was taken, and the site suggested kachek47, and WELL. Ten years later and the name's stuck hahaha
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    I used to play a fantasy MMO called PlaneShift and when it came time for username creation I attempted a fantasy-looking name that was actually just a normal word spelled really oddly. At that time in my life it was a fascinating concept to me that in the world of unique names anything could become a name, such as "Sofa." Which is essentially what my name is. Cs for S, oph for of, ae for a. Generally I pronounce it like Sophie but I also take Sofa and So-fay just as well :) I use it lots of places since then but definitely in games!
  • Funnily enough, I think that just Sofa would be quite the Glitchy name.
  • Comes from my heritage and musical preferences. I'm mixed (African American & Caucasian), which means I've been exposed to two different cultures. Made me real open minded. I'll listen to just about anything with a beat.
  • Mine, Sutton, is actually named off of a character from a show, and I kind of regret making it something so impersonal. I'm hoping I can think of something more original and close to me before the game comes out!
  • Such interesting and fascinating stories, thank you for sharing everyone.
  • Wow, um. Mine is very uninteresting.
    I made my character, looked at them for a second, and I decided to name them January Thistlewart.
    Yep, that's about it.
  • I used to play a game called RuneScape, which is also an MMO. There were these things called auras that you could buy with in-game points and they would boost certain aspects of your character (damage, accuracy, exp gained, etc.) One of them was called Invigorate and I really liked the sound of it. I also like the meaning of the word because I like to be somebody who helps others or "give them strength or energy." That's pretty much how I ended up with this username.
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    I've been a game designer and producer for eight years, and when Glitch game along I was skeptical. I'd seen the "appointment mechanics" in Farmville, and the freemium and subscription models of other MMOs. I wanted to check out this new one, but was expecting gross exploitative addiction-bait. So I created a character named "Skipho", which is a phonetic spelling of a slang word for 'really disgusting' in parts of Italian. I decided to just have fun with it, so I played up Glitch's gender neutrality and made a character that looked _super_ androgynous (and super cute!) and waded in.

    A week later, having bought a (game) house with my (RL) wife's help, having gone on a few adventures with a bunch of really charming loopy Glitchen, and having written a blog post about how Glitch was doing all the bad things in the best, most wonderful ways possible, I gave Skipho a new lease on life. I changed up its costume (but kept the androgyny), got a subscription, and played on. Eventually, I got commissioned art of Skipho as a birthday present!

    It was the first MMO that I played whole-heartedly, and the first I paid money for. I stuck around to the very end, and while Skipho can't really go over to another game -- what other game will let me play _that_character_?! -- well, I'm here.
  • Glitch has been my one and only MMO experience. My daughter sent me an invite--she was early into Glitch and sent me an invitation as soon as they were available. I was slow to take her up on it and wound up going through the whole profile set up process alone--absolutely no clue what I was doing. I settled on Axa for a few reasons. First, a client of mine's name was Aska and I simply liked the sound of her name. Second, Axa was short and would not be a pain to have to type, and I am the world's worst fat fingered typist. And finally, having absolutely no idea what other names were like, all I had was my daughter's character name as a guide, and hers was Xev. I loved hers. And I still love mine . But since we are on the topic of Glitch names, I just want to mention one I particularly adored among a lot of great Glitchen names: Voluptua Sneezelips. I am just happy to have been in a game with someone named Voluptua Sneezelips.
  • @"January Thistlewart" That's a lot more interesting than you may think... Seems to me like you have some innate whimsy about you, and I can appreciate that.
  • Axa, I was instantly drawn to Voluptua Sneezelips by her name alone! It didn't take long to discover that she was an exceptional person in her own right. ;) Yes, by far, the best name ever!
  • I was in a roleplay group on Tumblr where I went by "Scribble". One day I was on cam with a friend, and she brought her four-year-old brother on camera, and she introduced me as Scribble...but he kept mispronouncing it "scrissle". Thus, Scrissle I stayed.
  • I just started really like 'a' and 'e' together and I came up with Aerelle a while ago and I've used it for most of my games. It's not very clever or such but I find it a pretty name anyways! It's not a glamorous story or anything but oh well.
  • I got my old Glitch name (ItsShoop) because I was somewhat influenced by Shoop da Whoop and I wasn't very creative three years ago. And Shoop was already taken. Spoonerino originally derived from spoon55, the username of an old Minecraft account that some dude on the forums of an old server I played on phished up. I claimed it because my sister didn't like how my cheap arse hogged her account. I capitalized it, took off numbers because I think numbers are cheesy, and added "erino" for originality. I use this username for most accounts and whatnot now.
  • @spoonerino ooh- weird coincidence, i think i originally joined glitch with the username sh00p!
    for a different reason, but still. kinda cool!
    (my dad called me schmoop as a nickname when i was little and for a while that was my go-to name for things. of course, because 9-year-old eira loves misspelling things, i thought it was shoop. but that was taken... so i had to go with sh00p. and yeah. most of my childhood internet history was under that name.)
  • modorrelin is the name of a character in my favorite webcomic muZz.
  • Wilmuth is the name of an unimportant character in Skyrim who was killed by a dragon attack in my friend's game the first time I saw it played. I complained that she didn't save him and asked her to reload her save to let him live.
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