What are you snacking on :3

Browsing through the Off Topic forums, I see a lot of threads that are actually on topic xD

I've decided to mix it up by asking everyone what they're eating! I'm a big fan of organic, non-GMO food (a big fan because it's all I eat).

Right now I am having Thai sweet potato-coconut soup, Taro Mochi and a bai5 wakiki coconut drink :D


  • I'm being a fatty! A chocolate chip muffin and a glass of orange cream soda!
  • leftover french fries
  • Relaxing with a glass of red wine...
  • I didn't realize so many of us would all be snacking at once :D
  • Salt and vinegar poato chips and pizza......yeah i know i know its not a salad....or whatever........lol
  • hehe, i'm eating trader joes' cookies butter ice cream :O
  • chocolate digestive biscuits! omnomnom :)
  • Coffee, but I may eat a few chocolate with it. I love that
  • just had lunch, leftover meat dumplings

    "I didn't realize so many of us would all be snacking at once :D "
    many people = many snacks xD
  • @schiehallion23 I had to google that, because I thought you meant the cat breed xD

    (im currently eating a cheese stick)
  • goji berries mixed with cacao nibs. some pumpkins seeds, while sipping on a red maca, moringa, chlorella, wheatgrasss drink. :)
  • Dayquil and antibiotics due to my 3 year old nephew getting me sick and it turned into bronchitis.

    I try to go non GMO as well but its hard sometimes. (Looks at Lay's roasted garlic potato chips)
  • Honey roasted pecans XD
  • Honey roast ham, sweet corn and steamed potatoes. More of a dinner than a snack :)
  • Frozen cherries... even though it's cold!
  • @Kassutera have you ever tried Kettle brand potato chips? They're non-GMO project verified and easy to find!
  • This variety of food everyone has is interesting! It seems chocolate is a popular option amongst Glitchen :P
  • A hard apple cider tonight...had some thai garlic chicken with veggies earlier.
  • @b3achy That sounds really good! I'm going to be getting more Thai style foods after that sweet potato coconut soup last night. I haven't had hard ciders in a while, but I do drink small, local brews of IPAs relatively regularly (in moderation, of course).
  • sourdough baguette with Irish butter.
  • @Sanotsuto - Kettle brand sea salt and vinegar are the best! So sour and delicious.
  • @Sanotsuto - we have the best Thai restaurant nearby, though I think I'm getting predictable...I walked in tonight and when I hesitated, the hostess/waitress asked me if I wanted exactly what I ordered...lol. I love the hard ciders - no gluten unlike most beers, though I found out they are nearly twice as many calories as a glass of wine...
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    @Sanotsuto I have and I should switch to them!

    As for IPA I like Clown Shoes! It's great!
  • @Meagan64 those and the Cracked Peppercorn mixed together make for an interesting combo!

    @b3achy For all the different styles of restaurant I've been too, I've never been to a Thai one. I am typically predictable myself, I walk into my local bagel shop and they already know what I want. I just figure out what I like the most and then I go with that! I haven't ever much concerned myself with gluten (although I also don't have any diseases that would require me to avoid it). I've seen gluten free beers, but never tried them. I recently tried gluten free cookies and dispelled my misconception that everything gluten free tasted like dirt. Have you tried gluten free beers?

    @Kassutera It's a good switch! I've never tried that IPA, but I'll give it a shot, there's a beer shop with over 1000 different kinds near my house.
  • @Sanotsuto I have never had a beer that tasted like it had elements of pineapple in it. I am picky when it comes to beers but this one had a subtle pineapple taste that I thought was great. A friend of mind thinks it has more of a subtle grapefruit taste but I think it is pineapple. It was an interesting combination
  • I am savoring the warmth of harvest spice tea (a trader joe fave of mine) interspersed with large glasses of water.
  • Okay, so this is supposed to be just like Glitch?
  • Giant brand root beer and a healthy dose of progresso canned soup ; ) Living the high life.
  • @Kassutera I've never had a pineapple element beer, either. I've had hefeweizen beers, which have undertones of bananas. Given that I don't like bananas, nor do I like fruity beers, yet for some reason I like hefeweizens, I'd presume they're easily likeable!

    @FlatEarther I am usually a big fan of herbal teas, trying to steer clear of greens and blacks due to the fact they contain fluoride. What's in that tea?

    @SB1981 Do you mean this game or this post? If you mean the game, yes, it is a revival of Glitch guided by the tender, loving care of our developers. As time goes on, I'm sure it will evolve along a path of updates similar to that Glitch would have taken had it lived. If you mean this thread, imagine it as an IRL version of the "Appreciation of Food Variety" upgrade xD

    @chaos I find your choice in brand of soda ironic and applicable, I like it :3
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