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  • KeeKee
    edited February 2020
    I'm also not sure if my entry went through, or if I might've put the wrong name ー would the form give me an email after I click submit?

    / oops, checking the form again it seems there's an option to receive a copy of the application.. I didn't notice that before, somehow must have missed it. 
  • I signed up last November and I'm still hoping to hear more about it!
  • I'm mostly a lurker on forums myself, but I've been signed up for the Alpha in September and am still hoping to hear! 
  • Testies, testies; 1, 2, 3..... is this thing on?
  • Whatever you do, don't let raiderpb in here. 
  • Did yall receive a confirmation email of some sorts after signing up? I check my email every day in hopes for an invite, but now I am wondering if my initial information went through. I signed up back in September
  • I signed up a long while back :/ Hoping to hear soon! 
  • I think I filled in the form a while back, so if you're still adding people  :D :D :) :)
  • Did I sign up already? If not, please let me join y'all. Tonya in game. <3

  • yes please!!
  • I'm closing this thread. Please post in the other one now.
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