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  • Yikes, I feel like I'm late to the party! I only just realized this forum was here and IMMEDIATELY signed up! I miss this game so much! Can't wait to rejoin the world of Ur!
  • @Chikooeep you're right on time! Hopefully we'll all see each other in game soon.

  • Can I ask when next adding wave is

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    Oh wow, this is promising! Glad to see they are finally letting more folks into the game! How exciting is this?!

    Will people be notified by their email or via the message center here or both? Since it will apparently be nearly a year before I'd get in (if you have 500+ on the list and letting in 10-15/ about 50 weeks or so...), just wondering where I should be watching for notification in a few months - a year. Thanks!
  • I'm so glad to see so many familiar names around here, and that progress is still being made. I do miss this game, so much! Nothing has ever quite been able to replace it. I hope all of you have been well, and I look forward to the day that I can join in!
  • Everyone who is added will get an email from me at elevengiants dot com.
  • Glitch has been the only game or community which I mourned when it ended so I've been so happy to see Eleven and co making progress.

    Waiting patiently to get back into the only game that really FELT GOOD to play and interact with.
  • Hello! I just signed up on the google form - the email address I entered on the form was the same as my forum account, but the username is different (I can't seem to change that in the forum settings). I was "houblon" in Glitch, and I'd like to stick with that in Eleven if possible. Can I update my forum name to match, or does it not really matter?
  • Came across my "art of Glitch" book again today and spent some good time missing this game SO much! I thought I would check here to see if there were some new updates and omg this is the best one!! I hope everything is going well with adding people, because I'm dying to play again aaaah!!
  • @ladyceres Can you confirm whether I'm on the list of not? I can't remember if I signed up and I didn't want to apply twice. Thanks.
  • Although I check everyday, I'm waiting patiently. 
  • Just managed to get my act together and sign up properly.  I'm not always very chatty but I'm excited since I'd really been missing Glitch again just recently.  Thanks to chimeric and all the folks on the Slack channels for helping me get here.
  • I can't believe I found this tonight from searching 'games like Glitch' in a moment of wishful boredom.  Are you guys really back in Ur?  with piggies?  omg
  • Very excited to get to play after so many years
  • Not excited.  Only checking email like 14 times a day.  Totally calm.
  • So excited! Cheers from OMG BACON!!
  • I remember that the stuff with the Rook(s?) and Martial Imagination was just starting when I fell off the wagon. Finding out that the game closed down later and that I never got to experience all that content made me so sad. I hope that this project can one day get to the point where we can defend Ur again!
  • Unrelatedly, I am not a Rookist and I totally cannot invite interested Glitchen to a Rookist cult cell.
  • MMM  fireflies and peat moss
  • Wow I feel like I'm the latest to the party 😂 when I found out about the wait list today I excitedly got my best friend to add her name too!! We're so excited ❤️
  • Well, I registered, here's hoping I'm selected.  I miss pestering chickens, nibbling pigs, and enjoying the unique meals one could make with Ix flora and fauna.

    Praise be to Pot, may the snacks never cease!
  • Hello all.  I use to play Glitch years ago!  I cannot wait to play it again.  Always loved it. 
  • Anyone invited since start of Oct?  Not sure registration went through (no email sent to me)
  • I'd love to be part of the Alpha for this. I miss this game so much.
  • No Email set to me either Squibb
  • last I heard ladyacres was adding ~10 people a week and has 500+ on the list - so might be some time before we get emails - unless the dev stuff gets to the point they can bulk add more at a time. Hang in here, or on COU, or in the discord, till we get back into the best game ever made!
  • All signed up. Thanks
  • @Quad - good, glad there's so much interest!
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