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  • I signed up, hoping to get into the Alpha testing!
  • Can't wait!🌈❤
  • Yes, you are notified by email. I am sending them by BCC in small groups to not get caught by any spam filters.

    Several HUNDRED people signed up the first few days after the list went up. As it stands, I've invited over 200 people.  As you may have seen here and in a few other places on the forum, many invites are going unanswered. People were just not ever logging in after I manually enabled their account. So I started picking some more active people on the forum since it was clearer who was waiting (which kind of goes against the spirit of the list, but it is still helpful). I really thought the list would help with getting active testers, but I'm assuming that people are busy, and/or use a special email account for games and haven't been checking it...or other reasons. I don't think there's any truly fair way to add people after doing this for a few years now. I am trying the best I can to get people in the game, I promise. 

  • KeeKee
    edited January 2020
    Thanks again for the update! And for clarifying on the emails. I tend to clear up my spam so I was afraid I might've accidentally deleted anything I shouldn't have.

    Will be excitedly waiting to get back into the dream 💕
  • Just so you're aware, @ladyceres , @brainbody  is a close friend of mine - never played Glitch but they're super excited to check out Eleven, as it's a big part of my life! So I'm very much looking forward to sharing it with friends. :blush:
    Obviously no pressure, I know you're trying to get people in - I just wanted to assure you that they're keen and will be an engaged tester!
  • @ladyceres thank you for the update! Do you know what the email address is for these invitations? I want to make sure I whitelist it so it doesn't go to spam and I lose it! Thank you!

  • @Loud_Abby - It'll come from ladyceres at elevengiants dot com. 
  • Thanks for the update!
  • good to know that about the emails :>
  • This makes me so excited! I've never posted before on the forums, but if you happen to see this, consider me a dedicated player that's ready to finally be able to try out the game again! 😄 
  • Thank you for the update!
  • Just posting here to reaffirm my interest after filling the form out some weeks ago. I loved Glitch!
  • I is posting to get in! I hope to score an invite to be back playing the game again. Have missed it.
  • Hellllllooooooo?  *knocks* anyone here?

  • I've signed up! I really want to see the world of Glitch again, I'll wait however long it takes.
  • Still waiting :(

  • Hi, I'd like access to the alpha!  Also, I was wondering, are there plans for what to do with this project when Flash is discontinued at the end of the year?
  • I have been waiting a long time for an invite... sill waiting.

    Meanwhile I've been in Children of Ur playing all alone. Someone come visit!

  • I've been playing in CoU for a few weeks and haven't seen anyone.  I'm there as Whitley
  • usually no one is on when i check in too. cant blame anyone though, life gets busy. im sure the world will be more populated when the game is in a state where things are permanent though.
  • i meant to fill out this form when it initially came around, but then a lot of stuff happened at once to keep me from it. no more! im going back to mining shiny rocks gosh darn it
  • Sign me up! B)
  • ok, signed up! Can't wait to see yáll in Ur
  • @spindrift how did you get childrenofur to work? I tried to sign up via Chrome and Firefox, no bueno. :(
  • @shabzatron I ended up using Opera, but it seemed like it had more to do with auto login working.  I was able to get it working in Chrome later by doing that
  • Really excited! Can't wait to revisit some good memories :smile:
  • @Whitley ooh nice, I finally got to login via Opera but now there's a message stating the server is down D:
  • I couldn't remember if I had already signed up via the form or not, so I may have just duplicated my entry - really wanted to be sure I was on there! Also whitelisting the email address for invites now :)
  • I am pretty sure I signed up, but I'm going to do it again because I've really wanted to come back for so long. 

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