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  • I'm going to add more people soon. It's actually been about a month since anyone was added, because I didn't want to break anything during Zilloween. Real life circumstances hasn't left much attention span, but those are finally easing off.

    However, it's also been frustrating to me that I add people and never hear from them, even when I email to clear up some issues, like name preferences. So going straight down the list isn't yielding many new alphas as you might think. So I will be mixing it up as I said in another post, that some general forum participation indicates to me that you're around and waiting. At the same time, I'll add some people in the order they signed up, because I have definitely gotten a response from people that have never posted here. It's just that, for every 15-20 people I add, I'd say the average is 2-4 active Alphas, IF that. It's rather baffling. 
  • @ladyceres Thank you for the update! I hope Zilloween went well :)
    Much to my disbelief- I am sorry to hear that most have been unresponsive- I hope ya'll get more active alphas soon!
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    @ladyceres - Yes, thanks for the encouraging update!

    It's the 20 / 80 rule in action...though you'd think people would at least log into the game if they were tapped for access...wishing you the best for more active alphas in the future.

    It was quite nearly the same on Glitch though...I did a look back in June 2011 of the player stats for the's some of the old stats from what I noticed...(I have no idea how I figured out how to gather these numbers...but I seem to remember it wasn't overly easy, which is probably why I only did it once)...
    Total registered: 13500
    Total that entered the game (level 1+, so probably at least finished the tutorial): 8250 (61%)
    Total level 5+: 3310 (24.5%)
    Total that probably actively played the game (level 10+): 1948 (14.4%)
  • Checking in every day! :)

  • I'm glad to hear that forum participation isn't the only metric by which you're operating, because that's never been a good sign of interest where I'm concerned - there have been games I log into daily and never look at the official forums. Still patiently awaiting my chance to dream with the Giants again.
  • i also tend to be a lurker myself when it comes to forums. even the ones im really active on! so ditto what K`shandra said. that aside, i only joined the forum very recently so i will still understand if it takes a while for me to be added. its only fair to the people who have waited longer!
  • I saw this post on discord, so i wanted to let you know I am alive and able to play :smiley:
  • sorry to hear the active responder ratio is so bad @ladyceres (and apologies for getting your name wrong the other day!) 

    I wonder if for some of those non responders it is a case that the emails go to spam? or some other filtered dusty corner. 

    10% of total registered accounts on an online game/space is not that uncommon from what I've noticed (anecdotally over 15+ yrs) and can in some cases be seen as a win - but I would have expected Glitchen to be more involved - is the nature of the game. 

    Maybe they are waiting for announcements of developments? or assume the game is not playable at present ? Hard to know :( 

    Personally I am waiting patiently for that magic email to play a truly good game once more
  • I'm totally inactive on the forums, only knew that invites were happening again because my partner told me (he's already in and playing most days), but I signed up a couple days ago and am eagerly (with I hope polite impatience) waiting to come play and explore.
  • I didn't comment, but I saw this post when it was only 3-4 days old (there was only half a page of comments then). I signed up immediately, and I have not gotten an email from you all. I've been checking spam but I've also been assuming that you just haven't been sending any out, because teams and situations like this usually take time. I'm now unemployed and have all the time in the world so I wanted to drop by and check progress. I went to re-apply just now and I noticed the "send me a copy" option which I guess I didn't do the first time, but it certainly did send me an Email. I guess I'm just saying that I'm available and I'm keeping my name as it appears here lol.
  • I am also available! I have been registered on the forums for a good bit, my name preference is Cam Cam :)  hahah will continue checking my email in anticipation!!! thank you for the updates, can't wait to jump back in leveling up and chatting in global chat :smiley:
  • I didn't register when I first saw this as I knew I didn't have the time available to commit. I'm heading towards Christmas and a forced 2 weeks off for Asbestos removal (at work), so would love to get a chance to test. Thank you so much to the teams for all the work you have and are putting in!
  • So excited! I can't wait to join you all.
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    I lobe and miss you all dearly. <3 =^.^=
  • I'm here, hopefully on the list, but just introverted. :smile:
  • I was talking to my boyfriend about Glitch and I've come back into sign up...  potentially for a second time!  I completely forgot if I signed up before.  
  • Add me please (Thanks)
  • I can't believe it's happening! After all these years :smiley:

    I signed up & i'm looking forward to joining fellow Glitchen in-game!
  • @ladyceres
    I'm incredibly excited to get back into Glitch! I believe I've signed up already, but let me again say how much I would like to get an invite. I am also a full-stack developer by trade if that would help in troubleshooting. I'm happy to help!
  • I've just applied, it would be amazing to play again.  Crossing all my bits :) 
  • I applied a month after the sign-ups began but still no luck... here's hoping!!
  • I was an active player towards the end of Glitch (it closed just after I fell in love with it), but I have never been much for posting on forums. That said, if it helps even a little to get me one of the coveted golden invites, it will be worth going slightly outside of my comfort zone. 

    I assure you, given an invite, I would jump on it.
  • I would love to be added,  loved glitch before it closed! hopefully soon get to play again :smile:
  • If selected to be in Alpha, how will we be notified?
  • Very interested! I have missed Glitch so much!! Thank you so
    much for this!!
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    Hi! I signed up for the Google Docs Alpha under Moriphaunt, but my username here is Leafy Faun. Did I mess up? Both use the same email address :(
  • Seconded Pickalily's question ー do we get notified by email? 
  • I'm signed up with this account's name and email, but I'm concerned that you may have contacted me and I didn't get it somehow. I'm fairly certain I submitted in August or shortly thereafter, but I haven't been active on the forums.

    If you contacted captain.katu at gmail and I didn't respond, it was unintentional. I'd love to help bug test and stuff. :D
  • I signed up in the beginning and have yet to hear back! I am absolutely dying to be on the alpha team!
  • Hello, I signed up a while back but never got any email after doing so. I'm interested in being an Alpha tester for Eleven if possible. 
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