Post here for a chance at an Alpha spot!



  • oh I would love to come back :) I'm justwillow and Glitch was 2 years of my life that the world just cant even come close to matching. I miss the game but more than anything I miss the people, the community, the whole unique ethos. I have all the time and the enthusiasm to help bring it back, but equally I am happy to wait, for always :) xXx
  • My name on Glitch was TeenyDratini! Really hoping I win a spot.
  • I WANT IN! :D
  • OMGiants...I would love to play, I miss Glitch sooooo much
  • Priestess Mint returning with a vague desire to get in, o/!
  • Absolutely keeping my fingers crossed, I would love to play, I miss Glitch sooo much
  • Me please omgosh I adored Glitch after my friend showed it to me when Tinier Me was gonna close~!
  • I look forward to possibly being able to play again! <3
  • Glitch I miss you lots
    When you vanished I was sad
    Pick me, Eleven!
  • This would make for a very awesome birthday present if I could get to play Glitch again!
  • Meeeee pleaseeee (:

    Good luck to everyone haha <3
  • I only discovered glitch 2 weeks before it closed down and loved every moment of it. It would be awesome to see this game come out again.
  • Hi, my name is Caiyot! My Glitch claim to fame is that I posted an idea in the original Glitch forums that lead to the beads as prizes for the Feat events - hence one of them being caiyotite, haha :)

    I miss Glitch dearly, and I've been playing Children of Ur, but I'd love to go back in and play with housing, etc. Keep up the great work!!
  • Glitch was really enjoyable for me and I played it quite a bit many years back. It's very nostalgic for me and it would be amazing if I won. I'll definitely show the game to my friends when it's in open alpha/beta, but again, it'll be amazing if I get in and get to experience the world that is Glitch again! Thanks so much for this opportunity, Eleven devs, and good luck to everyone!
  • I was an alpha (and beta) tester for Glitch, and I do so miss my Stoot doll and my music boxes and the end-of-the-world parties with jumping conga lines! But mostly I miss the like-minded people who just wanted to be silly and have fun...
  • What I'd give to return to Ur! (a whole dang lot)
  • I'd love to have the chance to play again!!
  • Aw man I would love to join the Eleven Beta :) I know I'm super new but a chance to experience the game I've heard so many things about would be incredible, thank you so much for the chance :)
  • Gimme dat alpha, show me da alpha! (Seriously I miss that game so much, my town had a power outage and I got someone to drive me to the library so I could play glitch.
  • This would be the best. I miss Glitch!
  • *crosses fingers*
    *crosses toes*
    *uncrosses toes because it's bloody uncomfortable *
    *wishes on a star*
    *reflects on all the icons of the giants*
    *hopes beyond hope*
  • Would love a chance to go back!

    both my partners chipped in to raise my tier on the art book kickstarter as a birthday present, and it's still one of the most prized things I have. I sooo want to milk butterflies again!
  • I miss the sparkly and the way it would flirt. Oh the parties we had!
  • I still miss Glitch so much, and I'd love another chance to wander around in Ur (and leave more bad poetry in treetops, if note-leaving is a feature yet.) Thanks for all your hard work so far, and good luck to whoever gets in! :D
  • I would Love an alpha spot!
    Miss Glitch sooo much
    Never found a game since that compares.
  • It would mean the world to me to be able to get inworld again!!!!!!! Nothing compares. I have tried and tried, there is a huge blank void empty spot in my heart, that only Glitch can fill. Of all the games I've played online since 1996, this was the one I was attached to the most. I had spent so much time and money and love in it.... Well good luck to everyone, and see you in Eleven sometimes!! n___n` <3
  • A chance of getting back on the game would be a welcome addition to my days, especially when one stressed so much about school stuff.
  • Oh gosh yes please! So excited to play again ♡
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