Post here for a chance at an Alpha spot!



  • I'd love to be play in the Alpha! Whoever gets to be an Alpha tester should do the best they can for everyone's sake. <3
  • Oh pretty please let me in. *donates all the contents of her bags to the shrines*
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    Oh man! How serendipitous! I was just explaining to someone how awesome Glitch was and how much I wished it would return. Would love a chance to play again!
  • OOOHhhhhh...aaahhhhhh...ooohhhhhh!!!!
  • Hey! It would be great to get in this. Before there was the whole revival movement for Glitch. I would cry thinking about it.
  • so it's been what? since 2013 when my beloved game Glitch closed its doors? I was never much of a gamer, but Glitch was different. I would sometimes spend hours just running around talking to friends and in the global forum laughing while joining group mining groups and always, always changing my outfit daily. I miss it dearly.

    So I throw my hat to into the contest!
  • Was just singing the groddle theme yesterday. Gosh I miss Glitch!
  • An actual dream ^_^
  • I would love to get in on the Alpha. ;w; I miss Glitch so much. It was such a delightful game. Good luck to everyone.
  • Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I have SO MUCH free time. Take it. Take it all! I'm comin' back to ya, Zille!
  • I'd love to start romping around in my wolf hat again!!
  • Yes please! Was an Alpha in Glitch, would love to play again.
  • I would LOVE a spot in the alpha. I do so ever miss Glitch.
  • beep boop
  • Oh it would be so amazing to be able to really play Glitch again! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!
  • I have been waiting for this for so long, I'm so excited about this new chance. Good luck everyone :D
  • I would love to get a chance to try the alpha. I loved Glitch so much and have been mourning it ever since it went away. I look forward to playing Eleven for many hours a day, whenever that is possible. Thank you for doing this drawing!!
  • Been following updates on Eleven for a very long time! Thanks for all your hard work!
  • Missing Gliitch so much! Would love to help it get back off the ground. I was a part of the original alpha and beta testing.
  • Ooh, me! Me! I miss Glitch often.
  • ooh, pick me pick me! glitch was one of a kind for me, a non-gamer. i miss it dearly and have been following this journey with anticipation :)
  • Oh, I miss Glitch. Alpha would be fabulous!
  • Oh oh! Pick me! Pick me! Pleeeeease!?!
  • Excited for a chance to get in! :) I've been following this project a long time!
  • Hi Everyone! I hope I get in,I am Priscilla Parsley from Glitch beta. Okay,I'm holding my breath.
  • Can't wait for Alpha.
  • Oh goodness, Glitch was what dreams were made of! I miss it so much..
  • Oh it would be awesome to have this in my life again.
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