Post here for a chance at an Alpha spot!



  • Please consider my interest registered with feeling.
  • Rolling the dice, good luck all!
  • Yes please!
  • I've been waiting for sooo long, good luck to all! :)
  • oh oh me me please please! <3
  • **Does fancy cubimal magic tricks** I can come play please? :-)
  • i really want to be an alpha tester!
    i played glitch as htebazile and i am a guide for Children of Ur and i have a technical background (java / c++ programming) and software testing background.
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    I'm going to lock this post at 8:30 EDT (so, about 35 minutes from now). Anyone who wants to sign up, please do so before then!

    ETA: We're done! I'm going to do the drawing and I will update when everyone has been contacted.
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    The numbers have been drawn, and the seletees have been contacted!

    If your number didn't come up this time, we will continue to seed the Alpha with people who have posted in this thread. We will do this as often as possible!

    If you're not the sort who checks in on this forum regularly, make sure you have email notifications enabled for private messages. That will be the easiest way to make sure you're notified when you're added to the Alpha.

    ETA 10/28/16 - this is not the last chance anyone will have to get into the alpha. Our selections won't be exclusive to this list; it's just a tangible resource we will use when we need to fill up slots. :)
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